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In Norwich, there are dozens of restaurants to choose from when it comes to food. These 20 Best Food Restaurants In Norwich offer everything from classic pub Food Restaurants In Norwich to haute cuisine. You’ll find something here to satisfy any craving or taste preference at any time of day or night. The next time you’re looking for something delicious and satisfying, one of these places should be your first stop! Norwich attracts the most visitors for two reasons: the university and Alan Patridge, one of the most popular attractions.

Yet, there are a lot more things to see and do here than you may think. There’s a gift shop with many items with Colman’s brand. The museum is also the home of Colman’s Mustard. Additionally, it’s absolutely stunning. You’ll work up an appetite strolling through the historic architecture, cobbled lanes, and lush riverside. Norwich has plenty of great restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat. You’ll find everything from sushi to tacos to critically acclaimed bobby dazzlers on our list of the best restaurants in Norwich.

1. Namaste Village

A new addition to an ever-growing Indian Food Restaurants In Norwich scene, Namaste is a locally owned eatery that features Food Restaurants In Norwich from all across India. The restaurant opened in 2014 and since then has received generally positive reviews with an average of 4.5 stars on Facebook with over 550 likes. The owners pride themselves on their superior service and work hard to provide customers with a fantastic dining experience that is not found elsewhere in town. It should be noted that although the food is quite good, it does come at a cost – especially for those looking for vegetarian options or spicy fare; for example, a curry dish of choice can set you back anywhere between £8-£16.

Namaste Village is a family-run Indian restaurant with fine dining, located right in the center of Norwich in a beautiful historical building dating back to 1887. Namaste Village is a theme village decorated with an Indian village theme that serves Indian cuisine, providing guests with an authentic and rich Indian cultural experience. Owners of Namaste Village hail from Gujarat, and the chefs who prepare dishes from Rajasthan, Kerala, and Gujarat are also from these regions. Because it is not just another curry house, but a real Indian restaurant, this restaurant is different from others.

2. Saporita Norwich

Serving up some of their favourite pizza recipes from all over Italy and Sicily, Saporita offers delectable thin-crust, wood-fired pizzas made with fresh seasonal ingredients. The menu also features a range of antipasti, salads, and desserts to accompany your meal. From gluten-free to vegan and vegetarian options, there’s something for everyone here. Finish your experience with one of their signature cocktails or a selection from their extensive wine list. To make sure you don’t miss out on any mouthwatering dishes, why not book ahead online? And don’t forget to check out their upcoming events calendar!

There are regular special events hosted at Saporita including dinner parties, live music, and art exhibitions perfect for Food Restaurants In Norwich! Book now and start planning your next night out in Norwich. They look forward to seeing you soon! Saporita is situated on St Benedict’s Street, just a short walk away from Tombland and Cathedral Close. The restaurant is just 5 minutes walk from Tombland bus station, which serves various routes throughout Norwich city centre. If you prefer to drive to Saporita, there is parking available nearby along with Prince of Wales Road. For more information about directions and local amenities, call them today!

3. The Tipsy Vegan

Even if you’re vegan, you might find yourself heading to a Food Restaurants In Norwich with friends or family who have different dietary preferences. There are still plenty of restaurants that cater to vegetarians and vegans, although not all of them will be suitable for your diet. Asking about vegan options ahead of time is probably a good idea; in fact, most non-vegan restaurants will provide one or two options that work for vegans as well.

Still, there are always some questions you should ask to make sure your meal isn’t going to lead to serious problems down the road. The following are 20 good questions for making sure you get a safe meal when eating out at a non-vegan establishment While it’s true that many non-vegan restaurants offer one or two items on their menu that can be made vegan, they may not be prepared safely. Here are some questions you should ask before ordering:

What kind of oil do you use? This question may seem like common sense, but it could save your life. Vegetable oils like corn oil and soybean oil can sometimes contain traces of gluten from cross-contamination during processing. Many people don’t realize they’re allergic to gluten until after they’ve eaten something with traces of it and those trace amounts can cause severe reactions in sensitive individuals. If a server doesn’t know what kind of oil is used in cooking, then chances are it’s probably not safe for vegans.

4. New Sole Plaice

The Plough at Sole is a fantastic food Restaurants In Norwich and sits right at the center of a small city, making it easy to stop by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Enjoy traditional fish and chips with beer-battered haddock fillets and be sure to include deep-fried breaded scampi in your meal as well.

Fish cakes made from local fresh prawns are also available if you prefer shellfish over sea creatures. It doesn’t matter what time of day you choose to visit The Plough, but be aware that it can get busy; arrive early for breakfast or late for dinner to avoid disappointment. Reservations are not accepted so expect a wait when dining here on weekends. If you have children in tow, feel free to bring them along.

5. Ruth’s Kitchen

To make sure you get plenty of treats while still sticking to your diet, visit Ruth’s Kitchen on West Town Street. Serving up healthy Food Restaurants In Norwich made with fresh and natural ingredients, Ruth’s offers a wide variety of options for every palate. The restaurant also offers several gluten-free dishes as well as vegetarian meals. Start off with one of their specials like steamed mussels or crispy fried shrimp before moving on to something from their extensive menu of freshly made salads and sandwiches.

20 Best Food Restaurants In Perth

20 Best Food Restaurants In NorwichChoose from traditional favorites like tuna salad or chicken club to more unique creations such as crab cake or BLT. For dinner, try out one of their many pasta dishes served with either meatballs or sausage and finish it all off with some delicious dessert Ruth’s offers an assortment of cheesecakes that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. In Ruth’s Kitchen, fresh ingredients are used to prepare healthy, nutritious, delicious falafel, Grilled Meat, Hummus, and Middle Eastern salads. These dishes are made at the restaurant from scratch daily.

6. Brick

One of my favorite Food Restaurants In Norwich, Brick offers British-style foods that are fit for kings. The prices can get a little steep, but their servings are never disappointing. Brick’s menu boasts over 80 dishes that change based on what’s available and in season. Pizzerias like this one are so serious about their pies that they don’t sell anything else. There are no sodas. With all toppings sourced from Italy or local suppliers, this pizza has a soft, squishy texture that will satisfy your cravings.

The H&M sandwich has tomato, mozzarella, Norfolk ham, and mushrooms. Budget-friendly. Budget-friendly. Less than £10. If you want great pizza without worrying about being nickeled and dimed, head to Pies & Thighs for some of the best Food Restaurants In Norwich around. The decor is minimalistic with exposed brick walls and plain wooden tables, but that’s not why you’re here anyway you’re here for chicken sandwiches served on a potato bun that’s right topped with homemade pickles, jalapeños, slaw, and more sauce than necessary.

7. Woolf & Social

Every small town needs a neighborhood pub where folks can come together, share some stories and enjoy great Food Restaurants In Norwich and drink. Woolf & Social embodies everything you’d want in such a place. Just walk through their door and notice all of their award-winning art hanging on the walls from local artists! The bar itself is just lovely, with plenty of windows for natural light and fresh air to breeze through because who wants to be cooped up indoors?. For something lighter, you can order one of their handmade sandwiches or salads.

Don’t miss out on dessert here: They have incredible scones as well as locally made ice cream that is so good you won’t believe it doesn’t contain any dairy products! The perfect place when you’re looking for good music and tasty small plates. A hip, stripped-back restaurant inspired by social clubs, this place specializes in small plates to share. Breakfast is fantastic don’t miss the bloody mary laced with port and lemon bitters. Highlights include an upcycled bar and a dish of smashed cucumber. Price range: mid-range.

8. Rabbit Coffee

Whether you’re looking for a sit-down dinner or a quick lunch, Rabbit Coffee is an amazing place to eat. The restaurant has been around since 1994 and they pride themselves on using fresh, local ingredients in all of their dishes. They also have some awesome specialty drinks that will keep you coming back again and again! I recently tried out one of their coffees and it was so good; I’m still thinking about it! Also, don’t forget to check out their brunch menu on Saturday morning! You won’t be disappointed. Overall, Rabbit Coffee is definitely one of my favorite places to grab Food Restaurants In Norwich!

It’s a great place to hang out with friends or take your significant other on a date night. If you want something really special, ask them about reserving their private dining room it’s truly spectacular! Hugh Acheson’s Gage: Hugh Acheson’s Gage serves up farm-to-table Food Restaurants In Norwich made from locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. This popular spot has received rave reviews from critics like USA Today, Food & Wine Magazine, and Conde Nast Traveler, just to name a few. If you go there during peak hours, expect quite a wait but trust me when I say it’s worth every minute!

9. Benedicts

This restaurant is one of Norwich’s newest Food Restaurants In Norwich but has earned its place on many best restaurants in Norwich lists due to its quality cuisine and drink selection. Known for their Benedicts, which come with your choice of either salmon or avocado or both, as well as some seriously delicious cocktails! Recommendation: Try their martinis they’re highly rated!

If you’re looking for a Food Restaurants In Norwich that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner then Benedict’s should be at the top of your list. ‘Great British Menu’ star Richard Bainbridge runs this tiny, stylish restaurant. It’s a true English experience. Blickling Hall Estate Aberdeen Angus Sirloin is among the dishes served, and everything is executed beautifully. There is also Nanny Bush’s Trifle to delight guests. Luxurious.

10. The Bicycle Shop

Bicycle repair shops are a staple of most cities. If you’re in need of a new saddle or a tune-up, you can trust that your local bike shop will have exactly what you need. And, if not, they’ll at least point you in the right direction! For those who enjoy riding their bikes for fun and fitness on weekends, but don’t want to deal with bike shop prices during business hours or any time, there is an alternative: your own bicycle repair shop.

20 Best Food Restaurants In NorwichFor under £100, you can buy all of the necessary tools and parts to start your own DIY cycling business from home! A great beer place with mismatched furniture and Bohemian decor. For 82 years, The Bicycle was a bike shop. When it opened as a three-story café and bar, it was not a bike shop anymore. You can order brunch here, but you can also order mains and tapas such as whole baked camembert and pan-fried prawns with mango. Make sure you try the Earl Grey beer. Prices are mid-range.

11. Bishop’s

Located on a bustling street in the city, Bishop’s is known for its delicious pizza and elegant atmosphere. It’s one of those places that has become part of many local families’ traditions. You’ll enjoy great Food Restaurants In Norwich, drinks, and even a few games while sitting around big tables with your friends or family. If you’ve been looking for a place to go with co-workers after work or to take your parents out to eat on their anniversary or any other occasion, then Bishop’s is for you!

And if you’re just looking for a good time, Bishop’s is definitely where it’s at. The restaurant has an open kitchen where customers can watch as chefs prepare Food Restaurants In Norwich are fresh from scratch and there are also TVs throughout so no matter where you sit, you won’t miss a minute of your favorite sports team playing live. Whether it’s lunchtime or dinner time, there are plenty of options on their menu including appetizers like wings and calamari; salads; pizzas; burgers; sandwiches; pasta dishes; seafood dishes; steak entrees; desserts like tiramisu and gelato; and more!

The restaurant also offers gluten-free options so everyone can enjoy what they want without having to worry about eating something they’re allergic to. There are few places more romantic than this ‘informal’ fine dining restaurant, with its upscale white and gray decor and glass chandeliers tucked away on a cobbled side street in the city center. Local produce is featured in dishes such as poached monkfish with tomato and capers and trout with aubergine and miso compote. Prices start at £31.

12. Wild Thyme

Head to Wild Thyme for a taste of award-winning cuisine and mouthwatering local flavors. This restaurant specializes in real homemade Food Restaurants In Norwich that you’ll never forget. Diners say it’s hard to decide what to get because everything on Wild Thyme’s menu is just so good! If you’re trying to go with something classic, try one of their signature sandwiches or wraps you can’t go wrong! And don’t worry if you’re having trouble making up your mind:

Wild Thyme offers an all-day breakfast menu. There is something rustic yet refined about this vegan and vegetarian café in the city’s center, with lots of bare brick, and a row of arched windows with leaded glass. Evening à la carte menu items include Moroccan-spiced pulled jackfruit with hummus, pesto-baked chickpeas, pickled carrot salad, chermoula, and toasted wholemeal pita. The main course starts at £9.25.

13. The Vine

This recently refurbished gastropub and grill in London Road has quickly become a favourite of locals and visitors alike. With beautiful views across to Thetford Forest, regular live music nights, and an extensive range of both local and international beers, it’s no wonder that The Vine has such a good reputation. It’s definitely one to try if you’re looking for a foodie experience in Norfolk. This restaurant is among many others on Thetford High Street, which is home to a variety of interesting places to eat; you should be spoilt for choice whichever cuisine you prefer!

If you are looking for something more authentic then why not visit a traditional Chinese or Indian restaurant? You can find these along with Italian restaurants and Thai Food Restaurants In Norwich establishments too. If you fancy something sweet then there are also plenty of cafes where you can enjoy delicious cakes, pastries, and other desserts. Norfolk’s smallest pub, rated in the Good Beer Guide for its hand-pumped real ales, also serves some of the best Thai Food Restaurants In Norwich. This restaurant, owned by Thai-born landlady Amy Allen, offers authentic Thai dishes such as larb – a salad made with minced pork, chili, toasted rice, lime, and coriander.

14. Rooftop Terrace

Looking for somewhere to eat in Norwich? Look no further than Rooftop Terrace, located on St Julian’s Street. Serving up some of The City’s best pub grub, you can enjoy great Food Restaurants In Norwich and a beautiful view of The Cathedral. On sunny days their rooftop terrace is definitely one of Norwich’s hidden gems. With lots of seating and space for kids, it is a great place to relax with family or friends over dinner.

Their locally sourced ingredients are a big part of what makes them such a success try everything from burgers to chicken schnitzel! If you fancy something sweet then try one of their desserts we suggest trying a Chocolate Pot! With a glass of fizz in hand, you can enjoy the best views of Norwich and its cathedral from the heated terrace at Norwich’s only rooftop restaurant. There’s no shortage of delicious Food Restaurants In Norwich on the menu at this blingy restaurant, including dishes such as sticky ginger and chili tofu kebabs served with Asian noodles. Entrees are priced at £13.

15. The Fig Bar

We’re all about simple food here at The Fig Bar: our philosophy is to only serve what we’d eat ourselves. We pride ourselves on making our Food Restaurants In Norwich from scratch, using only high-quality ingredients. That way you know what you’re eating is fresh and tasty – just how it should be! Whether you’re popping in for a bite or getting takeaways, we hope to see you soon. Oh, and if you like your food spicy, then check out our chili section… but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

20 Best Food Restaurants In Newry

20 Best Food Restaurants In NorwichBelow are two descriptions for two different blogs that I’ve made up. Write an outline/blog post of between 400-500 words based on these two descriptions. I’ve also included some keywords that can help get ideas flowing: sexy blogging tips; blogger success; blogging advice; blogging strategy; blogging tricks; blogging resources. Note: Don’t use any of these keywords in your actual post unless they are relevant and make sense.

Keywords were added so as to get ideas flowing when writing your posts so try not to overthink them. You can have multiple blogs if you want – up to 3 per person. A dessert-only restaurant, Fig Bar is the creation of Marcus Wareing-trained pastry chef Jamie Garbutt, whose dazzlingly original creations include the ‘Ambrosia’ which combines blood orange poached rhubarb, lemon & camomile mousseline, coconut yogurt sorbet, and tarragon meringue. Desserts start at £6.

16. The Wine Press

Love wine but don’t know how to choose? Head over to The Wine Press, where you can order a glass of wine by flavor. Whether you like floral, herbaceous, or fruity flavors, they’ll pair you with a delicious wine that matches your taste buds. Their menu is extensive and ever-changing; if you see something on it that strikes your fancy, don’t hesitate! Call ahead to make reservations before heading over for dinner. You won’t be disappointed.

This 12th-century hotel located next to Norwich Cathedral features a private ‘snug’ with dark wood paneling and an open fire, making it the perfect place for a romantic dinner in historic surroundings. Gordon Ramsay-trained chef Marcin Pomierny’s Food Restaurants In Norwich, however, is far from dated. Scallops come with pig cheek, fennel salad, cauliflower, and apple, while maple-braised brisket comes with hazelnuts and chickweed. The prices start at £17.

17. Warwick Street Social

An 18-hour happy hour with free tapas that showcases an interesting mix of cocktails and Food Restaurants In Norwich from pretty much any country in Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe. The Social represents a new era for themed bars – ones where we’re less likely to wear funny hats and play silly games. The menu includes dishes such as Piri Piri chicken wings with baby corn and basil; spicy shrimp masala; karahi lamb chops with minty yogurt; pharma rice noodles with shredded duck breast, green beans, garlic oil, and peanuts; chili pork gyoza;

Prawn red curry rice cake dumplings served in a mini wok pot or spicy aubergine masala bhajis. It’s a great idea to start your evening at this handsomely converted corner-site pub in Norwich’s upmarket “Golden Triangle” area with an Aperol spritz in the buzzy ground-floor bar, then go upstairs for dishes such as crispy cod cheeks and smoked Gressingham duck breast with ginger, butternut squash, and roasted almonds. The main course starts at £12.

With its relaxed, friendly atmosphere and beautifully designed interior, it’s easy to see why The Social is fast becoming a firm favourite among city-dwellers in Norwich. Its menu includes staples from any country you can think of, with dishes changing daily. Whatever you end up trying, it’s likely to be well worth your while. You may even want to head there before work or study one morning as they serve breakfast all day long – if you like.

18. Roger Hickman

Roger is one of the 20 best chefs in Norwich. With 15 years of experience, Roger strives to make you his special hamburger! This is just one example of how wonderful Food Restaurants In Norwich from the Food Restaurants In Norwich can be. Start learning more about everything they have to offer. You won’t regret it! 1. Crêpe: French for a wristband, crêpes are thin pancakes that are traditionally made with wheat flour and milk or water. Crêpes can be served sweet or savory and are typically used as a wrap for various fillings such as fruit and/or cheese. A classic breakfast crêpe filling is sugar and lemon juice with no additional toppings.

While a savory option might include ham or sausage along with shredded cheese and other seasonings such as pepper and nutmeg. Try making your own homemade crêpes today! The restaurant Roger Hickman’s is where Norwich gathers for celebrations. We suggest reserving a table on the ground floor of the split-level dining room for a culinary tour de force that might include a leg of loin and confit rabbit with Iberico ham, pea purée, and potato, and that’s just for starters. Lunch menus offer great value, so you don’t have to save these for special occasions. Prices range from £21 to £26, so their value doesn’t change.

19. Grosvenor Fish Bar

A modern fish and chip shop in St. Benedict’s Street, serving fresh never frozen haddock, cod, chips, and mushy peas all freshly cooked to order. It’s a particularly popular spot with children (the misspelled graffiti art on their outside wall doesn’t hurt), though there are plenty of other options if you don’t fancy battered fish. There are also gluten-free options available for those that require them.

Grosvenor Fish Bar is open for lunch from 12:00 – 14:00 Monday to Friday, dinner from 17:30 – 21:30 Monday to Saturday, and 19:00 – 20:30 Sunday. This restaurant has served classic fish and chips for nearly a century. They reinvented the traditional fish bar five years ago into a ‘grotto’ with an Airstream caravan and a revamped menu that includes spicy cod and salsa, Wako Tacos and a Loony Toony battered tuna steak roll with wasabi mayo. A large cod or haddock costs £6.50.

20. Shiki

This Japanese restaurant is in one of my favorite areas of town, and it features excellent sushi and ramen. The restaurant has a rich history that dates back to 1896, which you can read about on their website. What really made me fall in love with Shiki was the freshness of their Food Restaurants In Norwich. You can tell by just one bite that everything is prepared using only high-quality ingredients.

20 Best Food Restaurants In NorwichI strongly recommend Shiki if you’re looking for some great sushi or other Japanese dishes. Located opposite the Cathedral, this contemporary Izayaka-style restaurant serves some of the best Japanese cuisines in the country. Here you can watch the chefs prepare sushi and sashimi, including cucumber and sesame temaki hand rolls and octopus nigiri. Vegetarian options like ‘otsumami’ sharing dishes are available among the shared dishes such as yasai age gyoza deep-fried vegetable dumplings. The prices start at £3.

21. Blue Joanna

Despite its charming cobbled streets and historic architecture, there’s nothing more exciting than discovering a new restaurant in Norwich! Whether you are looking for a treat with friends or trying to impress a date, these 20 restaurants will offer you culinary experiences like no other.

The variety on offer is wide enough to suit everyone’s tastes if all you want is an authentic Italian meal then ‘Joe Murphy’s Enoteca’ is ideal; if you prefer American-style burgers and ribs with all of your favorite sides then head over to either ‘Big Easy Burgers & Ribs’ or ‘Rocking Horse Cafe’. Take a look at our list below for some unique suggestions. Let us know which ones are your favourites!

22. The Assembly House

The Assembly House serves Modern British Food Restaurants In Norwich in a relaxed dining environment. Their focus is on quality, not quantity and they really know how to use their seasonal ingredients. The atmosphere and menu at The Assembly House make it a good place for both dates and family gatherings alike. They have a children’s menu that is reasonably priced and made with fresh ingredients. They also have an amazing selection of wines from around the world.

You can choose from one of their set menus or order off of their regular menu; either way, you will be sure to find something that you love! The Moon & Sixpence: If you are looking for somewhere quiet and intimate then The Moon & Sixpence might be just what you are looking for. This restaurant has great service along with amazing Food Restaurants In Norwich! They have an extensive wine list as well as several cocktails if you are looking for something different than wine.

23. Farmyard

A more casual, yet still delicious option for a meal, Farmyard is a bright and warm restaurant in Bishopgate that specializes in gluten-free Food Restaurants In Norwich. This is especially helpful for those with coeliac disease who are not able to eat gluten. However, even if you don’t have an allergy to gluten, you’ll love that all of their dishes feature fresh ingredients and tasty sauces.

They also use organic produce when they can! Another unique perk of Farmyard is their selection of breakfast options; whether you opt for scrambled eggs or pancakes, your plate will be piled high and delicious every time. From omelets to toast soldiers like bread rolls but with nicer names, there are plenty of ways to start your day off right at Farmyard!

24. Hawthorn

There’s a lot of talk about clean eating at Hawthorn, so don’t expect anything that you wouldn’t find in your grandma’s pantry. This restaurant is definitely among Norwich’s most reputable Food Restaurants In Norwich with dozens of options for meals, including chicken and pasta, salad, and soup. For vegetarians, there are plenty of hearty options to choose from, such as grilled vegetables or falafel served with tabouleh. If you have room for dessert afterward we sure hope you do, try their homemade ice cream: three scoops for £4.50.

25. The Iron House

This American grill has a large selection of dishes, many of which are steaks. People come here to get their fill of chicken, beef, and other meat-based dishes. The atmosphere is lively and friendly with good music playing overhead. They also offer a long list of drinks, including wines, beers, and spirits. It’s hard to go wrong at The Iron House – they have a great selection and do it all well. There’s something for everyone on the menu! Plus, they have an impressive view of the town from their restaurant so you can enjoy dinner while watching people walk by below. Check out The Iron House if you want excellent Food Restaurants In Norwich in a fun setting. You won’t be disappointed.

20 Best Food Restaurants In Newport

20 Best Food Restaurants In NorwichThis pub and restaurant is a classic British boozer with a distinctly local feel. The menu covers all of your standard pub fare, from burgers to bangers & mash. The real treat here is in their specialties: pies! With an extensive list with two pages of combinations beef & ale, lamb curry, pork sausage, etc., you’ll have no trouble finding something you like. If you’re looking for fish and chips or any other classic English dish, head here; they’ve got it all covered. And if you need a break from eating at so many Food Restaurants In Norwich, stop by on Wednesdays when they offer free pool table time between 8 and 10 PM! Check out their full menu here.

26. Ten Bells

One of my favorite places to get a drink and some good Food Restaurants In Norwichh is at Ten Bells on St. Giles Street. This bar/restaurant offers a huge selection of menu items, including cocktails and appetizers for two people to try their BBQ platter. You can also play board games with friends or watch sports on one of their televisions while enjoying your meal. The service here is always great and I love coming here when I’m feeling hungry but don’t want to spend a lot of money! Prices are pretty reasonable and you definitely get a bang for your buck.

The Food Restaurants In Norwich itself is delicious, especially if you like American cuisine, and I highly recommend stopping by if you’re ever in town! They’re open every day from 11am-midnight. For drinks and dinner, head to Ten Bells. This cozy spot serves up what might be some of Food Restaurants In Norwich. The menu has everything from light snacks to whole meals, but if you’re looking for something lighter, stop by during happy hour for half-price bottles of wine. To get to Ten Bells from downtown, just head down King Street and make a left on North Market Street; it’s a few blocks ahead on your right.

27. Bure River Cottage Restaurant

Located in Wroxham, Bure River Cottage Restaurant is a family-owned Food Restaurants In Norwich. The menu offers meals that are prepared using locally sourced products and offer seasonal dishes. The restaurant won a Michelin Star within its first year of opening, making it one of only six restaurants to have ever done so in Norfolk. It has also been given five AA Rosettes as well as a score of 14/20 on TripAdvisor. They are open Tuesday to Saturday and serve lunch and dinner daily except Sunday when they just serve dinner between 5 pm-8 pm. A three-course meal costs £45 per person. Booking is essential. Call 01603 626 061 or visit their website for more information.

Nestled within a quaint English village, Bure River Cottage Restaurant features locally sourced ingredients on its menu. The establishment is highly regarded in its community for using only fresh and seasonal produce. Whether you’re looking for traditional English favorites or looking to try something new, Bure River Cottage will not disappoint. The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating with both offering beautiful views of the quaint village located near Norwich, Norfolk County. This restaurant is perfect for visitors and residents who are looking to spend an afternoon dining alongside the beautiful landscape of England’s countryside.

28. Gem of Norwich

This is one of my favourite restaurants in Norwich. I would recommend trying it for lunch because their three-course lunches are exceptionally good value for money. They serve amazing pizzas, some of which are baked in a traditional wood-fired oven and use local ingredients to create a unique pizza menu. With seating available inside or outside.

It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for something a little different from ordinary pizza places. One thing that sets Gem of Norwich apart from other restaurants is that they have an ever-changing menu, so you can be sure you won’t get bored of eating there. It might take a bit longer than usual because they make most things by hand, but it will be worth it! There’s no better place to relax after a long day at work.

29. Goulash House

For a more authentic taste of Central Europe, look no further than Goulash House. The restaurant prides itself on serving goulash and other hearty European Food Restaurants In Norwich. It’s hard to go wrong with these meals, but two options that shouldn’t be missed are either goulash or Wiener schnitzel the latter is veal cutlet breaded and fried until golden brown. From there, diners can enjoy their food with a side of beer for a meal reminiscent of Germany and Austria. Many consider Goulash House to be one of the best places in town for meat lovers, too. On any given day, it offers up beef, pork, and chicken dishes from several different countries.

Those who like Food Restaurants In Norwich also have plenty of options at Goulash House. Evan’s Café: There are many reasons why Evan’s Café has become such a popular spot among locals in Norwich over time. One reason is its friendly staff, which has been serving people since 1986 hence why some call it The Original Evan’s Café. Another reason might be its wide selection of classic American breakfasts and diner-style entrees, including egg sandwiches, pancakes, and even French toast casseroles which come highly recommended. And yet another reason could be how affordable everything is here; most plates cost less than £10 each!

30. Brasteds

This is a great place to head to when you’re looking for something different, but familiar. Brasteds serves up good quality American fare, with a friendly and professional staff. There are plenty of specials to be had here, as well as an all-day breakfast menu that’s served in both the morning and afternoon. If you’re looking for a venue in which you can feel relaxed and at home, Brasted’s won’t disappoint. They’ve got two options for seating: inside or outside on their patio during warmer months.

20 Best Food Restaurants In NorwichEither way, your Food Restaurants In Norwich will be prepared fresh for you and served quickly by smiling staff members who’ll do anything they can to make sure your experience here is pleasant. As far as prices go, it’s not terribly expensive with most entrees costing less than £15. You’ll find Brasted’s just off Eaton Avenue near Northwood University. It’s open Monday through Saturday from 6 am until 2 pm and Sunday from 7 am until 1 pm. It doesn’t take reservations, so expect a short wait if you come here during peak hours. But don’t worry it’s worth it!


Last but certainly not least, we have included The Brocket Arms 20 Best Food Restaurants In Norwich list. This delightful and refined eatery serves up a fine selection of delicious dishes, including some of your favorite desserts and drinks. For those who are still looking for a place to dine with friends or family that will offer you excellent Food Restaurants In Norwich at reasonable prices, The Brocket Arms Restaurant is an excellent choice.

The kitchen and wait staff aim to please, giving each patron a culinary experience they won’t soon forget. Add to that friendly service, clean surroundings, and comfortable seating arrangements, as well as convenient hours for dining in or out-of-town guests alike, The Brocket Arms Restaurant is without a doubt one of our top choices for quality Food Restaurants In Norwich.

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