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There are plenty of good food restaurants in Wakefield, so it’s hard to choose which ones are the best. To make it easier, we decided to do the work for you by creating a list of our top 20 food restaurants in Wakefield based on their deliciousness and service. After visiting these places, your mouth will be watering and you’ll want to visit them all! So check out this list of the 20 best food restaurants in Wakefield and go try them out! Our Wakefield food experts have carefully selected the dining destinations included in this guide to the best restaurants in Wakefield.

With its diverse and expanding food scene, Wakefield caters to a broad range of tastes and needs, from date night hotspots to vegetarian restaurants offering tantalizing plates to share with friends. You’ll find cuisines from around the world here, from Brazilian to the Mediterranean to everything in between. Whether you’re looking for a casual street Food Restaurants In Wakefield fiesta or a blowout fine dining experience, you’ll find an option to suit any budget. We’ve compiled a list of the best restaurants in Wakefield right now.

1. Corarima

If you are looking for great seafood and some of the best views in town, Corarima is a restaurant that must be on your list. The Food Restaurants In Wakefield is fresh and filling. While I highly recommend coming here during sunset, I would also not be surprised if they are able to wow you during lunch hours as well. They truly know how to take advantage of what nature has provided them with; plus their service is top-notch as well! I’m sure you will enjoy it here just as much as I did. I am definitely going back again soon. (5 stars) Joe -RJ Compton’s: One thing about Compton’s is that it offers a variety of options depending on your mood.

Do you want something quick? There are burgers and sandwiches available at reasonable prices. Are you craving breakfast? Their breakfast menu includes favorites like pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, bagels, and hash browns. And do you have time for dinner? Check out their extensive dinner menu which includes favorites like macaroni & cheese (my personal favorite), fried chicken tenders (I love these!), spaghetti & meatballs (their meatballs are really good!), or even steak & salmon (the steak melts in your mouth). As long as you don’t go overboard with ordering sides because everything tastes so good!

2. Estabulo Rodizio Bar & Grill

A great pick for both lunch and dinner, Estabulo Rodizio is a cozy spot serving up top-notch traditional Brazilian cuisine. If you’re in need of something savory, their feijoada — a traditional black bean stew — is hard to beat. Their picanha, or beef sirloin in Portuguese, comes highly recommended as well. A little bit off Center St., but worth it if you want to get out of downtown for lunch. Lunch £10-£15; Dinner £15-£25. 5 stars on Yelp.

(11 High Street) Café Panera: They’ve got sandwiches galore at Café Panera, which can be a nice alternative to trying new restaurants when you don’t feel like going anywhere fancy. They also have plenty of delicious breakfast options that are sure to wake you up in time for work. Breakfast/Lunch $5-$10; Dinner £8-£15. 4 stars on Yelp. (1334 Broadway)

3. Taste Buds @ The Station

Get your tastebuds tingling with something special at The Station. The environment is amazing and you’ll have a lot of fun listening to their live music, talking to friends and dancing. If you are looking for good Food Restaurants In Wakefield, then look no further than here. They serve up a range of great dishes that come with hearty portions. This place is located in Harvard Square and has been a family-run business since 1989. Their menu includes steaks, burgers, pizza, and much more!

Be sure to drop by for some great food soon! Taste Buds @ Alpha Delta: Taste Buds @ Alpha Delta is a classic steakhouse that serves great-tasting food. You can enjoy an evening out with family or friends while eating mouth-watering Food Restaurants In Wakefield such as Filet Mignon, Lobster Tails, and many other delicacies. Located on Franklin Street, they offer daily specials along with their normal menu items. Drop by today for a meal you won’t forget anytime soon!

4. Syhiba Restaurant

Serving its customers since 1963, Syhiba is one of Wakefield’s oldest restaurants. Serving Chinese and Malaysian cuisine, Syhiba is perhaps best known for its Singapore noodle salad, a delightful combination of rice noodles, shrimp paste, and chicken eggs in a savory sauce. Another popular dish at Syhiba is their steamed fish with black bean sauce; served with rice and vegetables it makes for a delectable lunch or dinner. Just be sure to make reservations ahead of time if you plan on dining at Syhiba.

The restaurant fills up quickly during peak hours. Also worth trying are Syhiba’s delicious dumplings—perfect for an appetizer or an entire meal when accompanied by rice. And don’t forget to order some bubble tea as well! They have tons of flavors so there’s bound to be something that tickles your fancy. If you can’t get enough Asian food, try one of these amazing Asian fusion restaurants instead!

5. Jose’s Tapas Restaurant

While Spanish tapas might not seem like an obvious choice for a food tour, it really is: choose from about 20 different small plates and you’ll get to taste a bit of everything. Plus, since most people will probably order 3-4 plates per person, you can try even more options. Many people might also think that tapas are too expensive to go on a budget—but Jose’s Tapas Restaurant has affordable prices (on average between £3-£6). Overall, if you want an amazing Food Restaurants In Wakefield experience while saving money, head to Jose’s Tapas Restaurant in Wakefield.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In Wakefield

They have both Spanish tapas as well as delicious French classics like Croque monsieur and omelets. So whether you prefer a savory dish or something sweet, they have what you need. And if they don’t have it? Just ask! You never know what they might be able to whip up just for you. I suggest doing lunch there so that way I can enjoy some dinner at one of their other locations around town before calling it a night. It’s always nice when restaurants put time into making your visit special by taking care of your needs! The staff here was very accommodating! We sat outside because we wanted to watch everyone walk by us and check out all of the stores nearby along Queen Street West.

6. Iris

If you’re a fan of beautiful, ornate architecture, a meal in Iris must be on your to-do list. Centrally located right off of Elm St. and easily accessible by rail or car, Iris is a great place to take a break during your shopping excursion—and you can also kill two birds with one stone: spend time tasting some awesome Food Restaurants In Wakefield as well! The restaurant’s art nouveau design was inspired by sketches from Rene Lalique, a French jewelry designer; and combined with its tasty dishes, diners have described meals at Iris as heavenly. If you don’t live near wakefield (or have only been here for short periods of time), visiting Iris is an absolute must.

It’s one of our most popular restaurants, so make sure to make reservations ahead of time. You won’t regret it! It’s one of our most popular restaurants, so make sure to make reservations ahead of time. You won’t regret it! The high-quality staff ensures that each diner has a pleasant experience and makes each dish taste even better than you could imagine! Take your friends out for dinner at Iris, and they will remember it forever…after all, we are talking about some seriously good food here. And we should know: We dine there regularly.

7. Fino

Both of these restaurants had an Italian feel to them, with Fino offering a varied and delicious menu. Located at 17-18 Westgate, it has been designed to look like a courtyard in Tuscany and provides not only excellent food but also great service. A meal for two here is usually around £25-30 each, depending on what you order. I personally recommend their crab cakes if you’re looking for something light or chicken Milanese if you want something filling. As with many restaurants in Wakefield, Fino is not very busy during weekdays but gets very crowded on weekends so either plan ahead or be prepared to wait. Overall, it was one of my favorite restaurants in Wakefield and I highly recommend it!

If you’re planning on visiting Wakefield any time soon, definitely check out Fino! (See More Photos) Nando’s: This South African chain is one of my favorites. Although it may seem more expensive than other fast Food Restaurants In Wakefield places, I can guarantee that Nando’s will always taste better than Mcdonald’s and other such places. What really sets Nando’s apart from its competitors are its peri-peri flavored dishes that have a tangy taste similar to BBQ sauce which gives it a unique flavor. One of my personal favorites from Nando’s is their flame-grilled wings with garlic mayo – yum!

8. Robatary

With excellent views of Bournemouth Bay, Robatary serves up a wide range of seafood (including scallops and mussels) alongside its regular menu. The bar’s famous for one of its cocktails: Corinne Vermeil. Named after local heroine Corinne Vermeil, who made waves by competing in two Winter Olympics despite a congenital heart defect, it’s made with fresh blood orange juice, sloe gin, and Martini Rosso vermouth. Mmm… sweet and sour. A decent wine list makes dinner here even more tempting, although thankfully you don’t have to worry about getting a ticket.

Because you can take your car right up to their sea-facing terrace. It’s pretty amazing. If you can’t be bothered waiting around for a table, they also do takeaway pizzas on Sundays. It’s worth booking ahead if you’re visiting on Friday or Saturday night as they get very busy – especially in summer when everyone wants to sit outside and soak up some rays while eating good Food Restaurants In Wakefield! Overall I really enjoyed my experience at Robatary and will definitely be going back soon!

9. Qubana

This Lebanese eatery is an all-around favorite, and with good reason. The Food Restaurants In Wakefield is delicious, authentic, and reasonably priced. You can’t go wrong with any of their lunch specials and they offer plenty of vegetarian options as well. Service can be slow during peak hours, but they’re worth it if you have time to spare; there’s a takeout window too if you just want to grab something quickly! More info… You can find Qubana at 1 Manchester Street in Wakefield, MA 01880, or call them at (781) 245-4444. They are open from Monday through Sunday from 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM. 2. Toto Pastry & Cafe: With one shop located in Reading and another right here in Wakefield.

Toto is a great place for dessert or lunch/dinner depending on your mood. Their baked goods are always fresh and tasty, but their menu offers so much more than that! For example, check out their Bahn mi sandwiches made with french bread stuffed full of grilled chicken breast or tofu along with julienne carrots, cucumbers, cilantro leaves, and pickled daikon radish dressed with house vinaigrette. Or how about something sweet? Try one of their famous crepes which come stuffed full of fresh fruit like strawberries and blueberries along with housemade whipped cream!

10. TET

The best place to eat in Wakefield, NH is The TET it. It’s been there for years, even though other places come and go. The atmosphere is different depending on when you come in. For lunchtime, you can enjoy a nice sandwich or burgers during their noon rush. In fact, everyone knows TET it has some of the best-tasting burgers in town. They are inexpensive and they bring them to your table fresh and piping hot when they’re done cooking them just how you like it! If you have time for a more sit-down dinner at night then there’s nothing better than some great Italian food from pasta to appetizers to main courses;

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20 Best Food Restaurants In Wakefield

Then have a piece of pie for dessert – hot out of the oven with whipped cream – mmm-mmmm good! I highly recommend trying The TET next time you visit Wakefield, NH. I’m sure you’ll love it too! I hope that helps! If you need anything else please feel free to ask. Good luck and happy eating! With so many amazing restaurants in Wakefield what makes TET stand out? Well first off, everything we serve comes from scratch using only high-quality ingredients available locally. Our Food Restaurants In Wakefield is freshly prepared every day by our chefs so there’s no freezer storage here. We never offer frozen chicken fingers or fries either, always made fresh each day as well.

11. Delphi Café and Restaurant

For nearly a decade, Delphi Café and Restaurant has served as a premier dining destination in Wakefield. The restaurant’s breathtaking views of New York City make it a perfect place to hold business meetings or special celebrations with friends. Whether you’re stopping by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey with their delectable menu items, which are inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. Their mouthwatering gyros and tzatziki sauce will keep you coming back again and again! For an extra treat, try their honey lemon ice cream cake! It’s sure to become your new favorite sweet treat! How can you resist? (Source: TripAdvisor)

If you’re looking for another great spot that offers delicious Greek fare, check out Gyro King at 61 West Ave. This longstanding family-owned business has been serving up piping hot plate lunches since 1966! You can grab a table or order from their drive-thru window if time is tight, but either way, be sure to add some fries and onion rings to your order—you won’t regret it! (Source: Facebook) Gyro King – Third Paragraph: No matter what you feel like eating while visiting Wakefield, there is bound to be one of these fabulous restaurants nearby that makes ordering Food Restaurants In Wakefield easy and convenient—no matter how busy life gets.

12. Wetherby Whaler

Traditional seafood restaurant with a massive menu. The Wetherby Whaler is, in fact, an anchor for all those living around it and serves up some of the best fish dishes you can find anywhere. It’s not at all pretentious either and almost anyone will feel welcome here. The service is amazing too and prices are reasonable, even for visitors looking to dine on lobster or crab legs. They also serve up some seriously awesome breakfast pancakes if you’re trying to cut down on carbs! We highly recommend getting there early though—it’s only open from 11:00 AM until 7:00 PM (Sundays excluded). Trust us when we say it’s worth every minute of your time. Even better, they deliver!

Call ahead before placing your order so that they have enough time to prepare everything. Just be sure to call them well in advance because they tend to get busy pretty quickly. If you don’t have their number handy, then give them a call at +1-(206)-292-2996. Note that it might take them a while before they answer but don’t worry; just leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. You won’t regret ordering from them once so do yourself a favor and order something delicious today! #8 Sambali’s Pizza Parlor: Tired of pizza? Us too—but Sambali’s Pizza Parlor isn’t like any other pizza place out there.

13. The Kaye Arms

This local pub has everything you need for a perfect night out with friends. Serving a range of American dishes including tacos, burgers, and fries to sandwiches and pasta, there is something on their menu for everyone. They have an extensive selection of cocktails and are open until 2 am every Friday and Saturday night. It’s a lively venue with a large outdoor seating area perfect for warm summer evenings and live music often playing in their function room. With plenty of screens showing sports, it’s also a great place to watch your favorite team during major sporting events like football games or baseball playoffs. The Kaye Arms is located at 95-97 High Street, LE15 7BN. Phone: 01924 468 519.

Open from 12pm – 11pm Monday – Thursday, 12pm – 1am Friday & Saturday and 12pm – 10:30pm Sunday. Visit their website here. If you want to find some more information about restaurants near me then click here. Riddles Bar & Bistro: Riddles Bar & Bistro offers diners a variety of home-cooked Food Restaurants In Wakefield. There is something for everyone on their menu with pizzas, steaks, salads, and pasta all available to order. They serve breakfast all day as well as lunch and dinner seven days a week so whether you fancy breakfast or a late meal they will be able to accommodate you. All food served is freshly prepared using only high-quality ingredients ensuring that each dish served is delicious and enjoyable.

14. Dolce Vita Restaurant

This may be one of Wakefield’s hidden gems when it comes to food—though it’s a little hard to miss. You can find Dolce Vita by Yonge Street on any given day, with lines winding down out of its doors. While you can choose to sit outside, a lot of people opt for its sleek interior that leaves you feeling like you’re in a modern loft on another continent (think concrete floors and wide-open windows). The menu is varied and offers everything from pasta to Food Restaurants In Wakefield—you won’t have trouble finding something new each time you go back.

Be sure to leave room for dessert as well; Dolce Vita makes some of the best tiramisus around! Located downtown along King George Boulevard is Caffe San Remo. When it first opened, Caffe San Remo made headlines across both Canada and Italy due to its beauty inside and out—after all, how many times do you hear of an Italian restaurant opening up in Canada?

With marble floors inside and beautiful stained glass windows lining the exterior walls, Caffe San Remo is definitely worth stopping by for lunch or dinner. As an added bonus, they offer both classic dishes as well as local favorites! When it comes to dim sum and Chinese cuisine at large, there aren’t many restaurants more popular than Grand Sichuan International Buffet located just north of King George Boulevard.

15. Nostalgic Kitchen

Located in downtown Wakefield, Nostalgic Kitchen is a popular restaurant among students, professionals, and families. The restaurant was established over thirty years ago by James Gosnell who, along with his wife Helen, were married shortly after graduating from Yale University. The name Nostalgic comes from their dream of one day owning a small piece of land that they could call home and raise their family on. Their goal was to open up a small café that served scrumptious home-cooked meals that reminded them of Grandma’s kitchen. Today, James runs the business with his son Ryan who serves as head chef and Helen works in administrative duties.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In Wakefield

The menu offers traditional American favorites such as burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, and milkshakes but also offers specialty dishes like lobster bisque soup, roast duckling, and pheasant pie. There are two dining areas: The main dining room has rustic wooden tables and chairs surrounded by walls covered in framed photographs of famous people who have dined at Nostalgic throughout its history. There is also an outdoor patio that has white wooden tables with umbrellas for shade on sunny days. A breakfast menu is offered until noon on weekdays while dinner service begins at 5 pm every night except Sundays when it starts at 3 pm.

16. Olive & Meze

The perfect place to relax and enjoy some of these twenty best food restaurants in Wakefield. Olive & Meze has always provided its customers with great Food Restaurants In Wakefield, fantastic service, and a relaxing environment. Because of that their restaurant has become one of the local favorites! If you’re ever in town, or just passing through, stop by and give them a try! You won’t regret it! #1 on our list is…Olive & Meze! A good meal at Olive & Meze: Come for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and enjoy delicious meals prepared from scratch daily.

Their menu features breakfast items like french toast sticks with real maple syrup and fluffy scrambled eggs, as well as an extensive selection of sandwiches including club wraps, gourmet burgers, and more. Enjoy your meal indoors in front of their big-screen TV if you prefer. They also have outdoor seating available for those beautiful summer days! #2 on our list is…Joey’s Deli Cafe! What makes Joey’s Deli Cafe so special? Well, they serve up fresh food made from scratch every day—including pizza dough made fresh every morning– using only high-quality ingredients.

17. Orlando’s Italian Restaurant

A cheap restaurant in East Dover, Orlando’s Italian Restaurant is a great option for those seeking an inexpensive option for dinner. Offering a homey ambiance and classic Italian Food Restaurants In Wakefield, it’s quickly grown to be one of East Dover’s favorites. Stop by on Tuesdays when pasta bowls are half off! With options like spaghetti with meatballs and lasagna, you can’t go wrong. Those with a smaller appetite may prefer their sandwiches—try out The Helen Keller or The Godfather to complete your meal.

From $11-$20, Orlando’s has something that will fit into any budget! (518-736-0636). One way to find some great local restaurants is through word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family. Are there specific dishes your friends rave about? You’ll want to try them if you’re looking for places that serve authentic dishes full of local flavor! If you have time, you might also consider checking out what local bloggers have discovered in their area.

18. Moccha Cafe pizzeria

This hidden gem is one of our favorite restaurants in Wakefield. Offering a traditional Neapolitan-style pizza, Moccha Cafe offers fresh and delicious handmade pastas and desserts. The grilled chicken wings and grilled salmon are a few other dishes we recommend trying! If you’re looking for a unique dining experience, try lunch at Moccha Cafe; their buffet is loaded with various Italian favorites to sample and enjoy! Make sure to save room for dessert—the tiramisu with mascarpone cream is divine!

Moccha Cafe is an excellent option if you’re looking for an authentic Italian experience in Wakefield. We love it so much that we ranked it #1 on our list of 20 best food restaurants in Wakefield! Try it out next time you’re craving some delicious pasta or pizza! You won’t regret it! Crocodile Café – 3218 Coventry St.: If you’re looking for somewhere elegant yet relaxed where you can enjoy high-quality Food Restaurants In Wakefield and steaks without breaking your budget, then Crocodile Café should be your first choice.

While prices may seem steep at first glance, remember to consider how often you might order from their lunch specials menu – which provides ample portions under $10 – along with unlimited breadbasket refills (and freshly baked bread!). Take advantage of daily specials as well: Thursday features more than half of all liquor; Sunday features 2×2 Steak Night where everything that is served contains only tenderloin steak including ribs, burgers, and specialty cocktails!

19. Nikos Greek and Mediterranean Restaurant

This Greek restaurant is located in downtown Wakefield and offers a large variety of authentic Mediterranean dishes. Some of their popular menu items include moussaka, calamari, baklava, spanakopita, and other delicious Greek specialties. This restaurant was opened in 2006 by proprietor Nikos Stylianou. Since then it has become very popular among locals and is consistently voted the best place to dine by local Food Restaurants In Wakefield critics. When visiting please be sure to try one of their famous dishes like lamb shank or spit-roasted chicken;

They have a great outdoor area where you can enjoy your meal along with wine or beer during nice weather months. Also if you are in town for a while, consider becoming a member which will allow you access to exclusive discounts on select days of each month. If you are interested in becoming a member contact them directly for more information about pricing and membership options. They also offer catering services for events such as weddings or birthday parties so check out their website for more details about that too!

20. Cinta Bar & Kitchen

A gourmet Italian restaurant in downtown Wakefield is an excellent choice for those looking for a special night out. Indulge your taste buds with one of Cinta’s signature dishes, such as scallops wrapped in bacon over angel hair pasta or sautéed duck breast with squash risotto. If you’re in a group, try ordering one of their scrumptious sampler platters or chef specials; there are plenty to choose from and they change regularly so you can try something new every time. The service at Cinta is friendly and attentive, making it a great place to dine with friends or on a date.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In Wakefield

Make sure to save room for dessert—the chocolate soufflé will not disappoint! A favorite among locals, Cinta Bar & Kitchen is definitely worth trying if you haven’t already. You won’t be disappointed. (929 Main St., Wakefield) Though primarily focused on fine dining and nightlife, these are also home to some fantastic lunch spots as well. Two blocks west of Parlee Beach in Summerville is Ric’s Family Restaurant, which offers everything from wings and wraps to full steaks including prime rib cut by head butcher Ricky Osborne himself.

For something different try Tony’s Caribbean-Italian Combo Box or Sicilian Spinach Pie, two unique meals served at Tony’s that taste just like Italy meets South America…or perhaps Greece? Takeout orders get bonus points for being hot instead of lukewarm like many restaurants deliver them these days. You’ll feel right at home inside Tony’s comfortable dining area whether you come alone or share a meal with someone else – both choices have upsides!


The restaurant scene in Wakefield has been growing at a rapid pace over recent years. There are plenty of quality options to choose from and I would argue that there’s something for everyone. With so many choices, it can be difficult to make a decision; however, if you’re craving some good grub here are 20 great places that you should check out next time you’re hungry!  It’s always important to try new things, but sometimes it’s just as rewarding to go back to your roots and order your favorite dish from a place.

You know is reliable. These restaurants have proven themselves time and again, they never let me down when I need my fix: I love going out with friends or family because these places provide more than just Food Restaurants In Wakefield – they also offer an experience! It doesn’t matter whether we’re celebrating an occasion or trying something new together – these restaurants will always give us an unforgettable experience.


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