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The expectations for vacations abroad are unmatched. Count down the days until you apply your out-of-office status, buy new swimwear and beach cover-ups, and stock up on SPF.

But if there’s one part of the process we don’t like, it’s packaging. What if I forget something important? How can I put everything in my suitcase? Will you have enough clothes to wear for the whole vacation?

Here are some tips to make packing your suitcase as easy and stress-free as possible.

Keep essentials in your pocket.

When checking in your bags and carrying them into the cabin, keep all important items in the latter. This will reduce the risk of losing something particularly important if you lose your main piece of luggage. It also means you’ll have a few necessities on hand until you can stock up again. This means that you must keep the following in your carry-on baggage:

● Necessary medicines

● Mobile phone charger

● Skin care essentials such as lip balm

● Wet wipes

● ID

● Light change of clothes

● Toothbrush and toothpaste

● Entertainment such as tablets, books or headphones

If you travel light and only take carry-on luggage with you on the trip, you can fit the small tote bag in your carry-on bag or small suitcase and separate your essentials for easy access. When on an airplane, keep your main carry-on luggage away and conveniently.

Think of a costume, not an individual piece.

What vacation makes us want to pack a lot more clothes than we need? But if you want to pack light and stress-free, it’s important to take only what you need. Visualize outfits that can be combined into several separate outfits that are simple but beautiful.

When it comes to cover-ups for beach and poolside relaxation, all you need is a couple who can cycle throughout your vacation. The same goes for swimsuits. Chances are you’ll be rinsing this out every day anyway.

Create a core collection of outfits you can wear for evening and day outings, and rotate individual parts. Choose from a pair of sneakers, sandals and dresser shoes that complement your outfits, and choose detachable pieces that you can mix and match. Dresses can be worn a few times and look like new with just a change of shoes or accessories. Casual tops and dressy tops go well with light trousers, skirts or shorts. When you think about how you’re going to style each item in your clothes, you’re probably packing too much and it won’t arrive because you don’t know how to put it together.

Space Saving Packing Hack

Whether you’re taking your carry-on or going to check-in for extra baggage, optimally packing will save you space, stress, and arm pain. Many of us now know that folding clothes is a lot more room to play than folding, and some went further with this hack to consolidate the entire outfit into one neat little roll. Beyond that, you can even roll up your clothes and place them in a vacuum bag to save even more space!

To save extra space, roll up small clothes, such as socks and underwear, inside your shoes. You can also use socks to cover essential toiletries, tie them tightly together and then put them in your shoes.

It’s important to think about how to combine your luggage items to make sure you have enough space for everything. And if you can afford it a little, you can put in some duty-free items or a gift for a loved one on the way home.

Keep things safe to avoid spilling.

Raise your hand if you ever ended up like Ross friends After a shampoo-related disaster in your baggage. “Everything is done!”

Well, you don’t have to.

For liquid or cream products with a screw cap, cover the top of the pot or bottle with adhesive film and screw the cap over it. All good ingredients can be kept inside the packaging to protect your clothes and avoid wasting valuable moisturizers and conditioners.

For added protection, electronics and delicate clothing can be stored in clear ziplock bags. Then, even if the tablet is taken out during the flight, you can put it inside the protective cover to keep the object of the plane away.

Before your vacation, you’ll want to unwind as much as possible. And running around trying to shove things in a full suitcase or worrying about shampoo leaks is no break. These tips will help you pack quickly and efficiently, and ensure that your luggage arrives home in top condition.

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