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Spain has become an attractive destination for real estate investment. many of them golden visa for spain To make this country their daily residence, especially if you want to invest in real estate. The main goal of the Golden Visa program is to revitalize the Spanish economy and support the creation of new jobs.

However, in Spain there is a Spanish Wealth Tax that is due on December 31st on the total net value of the property. Both residents and non-residents are subject to the Spanish property tax. Several Spanish autonomous regions have their own tax laws, so you may have to pay taxes.


Located in the autonomous community of Catalonia in northeastern Spain, it has become one of the cheapest cities to buy a house in. In the past few years, real estate prices have fallen enough to make the city an investor’s paradise.

If you decide to buy a property in Lleida, you are at your disposal for its amazing cultural agenda, such as museums and theaters. It is also surrounded by landscapes in which no one is indifferent. You can enjoy living nature at L’stany de Sant Maurici i Aigüestortes.

In addition, another attraction for Lleida investors is the low unemployment rate.


Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Castellón has become another meeting place for investors. Thanks to its location and affordable price, more and more people are choosing to invest in the Mediterranean coast.

Divided into 8 districts, Castellón offers residents and tourists a dream beach and a pleasant climate. Moreover, living in the city is cheap both in shops and in leisure and gastronomy.

Also, being a small town, all cultural and gastronomic options are available. You can get around without a car and enjoy the city on foot.


Great cultural and gastronomic diversity. Andalusia is a place of traditions and customs. This autonomous community includes Huelva, one of the most liveable cities in Spain.

You will find this Andalusian paradise located in the southwest of Spain and very close to Portugal. With a population of over 140,000, it is a quiet and friendly place to live.

It is one of the Spanish cities with the best gastronomic variety as it has the best seafood and fresh fish from the coast. Besides, it’s a Portuguese neighborhood, so you can have a different plan each week.


You can also live in Spain UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cuenca has been a part of history since 1996 thanks to its medieval atmosphere and great tourist attractions.

With a population of less than 56,000, it has become a top destination for real estate purchases. The provincial capital of Castilla y La Mancha is one of the cheapest cities in Spain.

Moreover, it is not only prices that are falling. The unemployment rate is falling every year.


Finally, with Teruel. Its location in southern Aragon and nearby large cities such as Valencia and Zaragoza offers great opportunities for real estate investment.

Many of the landscapes you will encounter are considered some of the most beautiful in Spain, including many villages.

Spain is becoming an epicenter for investors. The quality of life, affordability, and quiet, well-connected city make this a home-buying paradise.

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