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No matter where you are in the world, fall is very likely your favorite season. This time of year there is something very special and styling our home this season is even more special. If you want to extend your favorite season of the year and reflect these fall vibes into your home, follow these five fall trends.

It also explains how you can get these 5 things in a cheap way. So, let’s get into it.

autumn rug

As the weather gets colder, it makes sense to decorate your home with warm, soft finishes. Nice Autumn Rug from eBay Silver is a great way to earn Qantas points while adding layers and texture to your home, and you can also choose rugs from the fall color palettes of brown, burnt orange, mustard, beige and chocolate. These warm, earthy tones go so well together that you might consider layering them up and having more than one rug and mat on the floor at any given time. Now obviously we don’t want the floor to look like there’s a lot of clean laundry here and there, so layering is sparingly done to make sure it’s tastefully done.

An inexpensive way to bring this style home is to find rugs in vintage and op shop stores. You can find used ones on the marketplace-style platform, or if you can’t find the color you want, you can dye it in any of the aforementioned colors.

dehydrated flower

dehydrated flower I’m really wasting my time. They can come at a higher price point, but it’s pretty cool to have flowers that never wither and always maintain this amazing dehydrated form. Typically these bunches include wildflowers, ferns, and feathered flowers for added texture. This style of flower arrangement is perfect for fall and is an amazing parallel to what happens outside the garden.

An inexpensive way to bring dehydrated flowers home is to dehydrate them yourself. This is not possible with all flower types, so investigate which types of flowers can reach this state of dehydration.

linen bedding

Is there anything more decadent than having? linen bedspread? This is a real trend right now and is gaining more momentum as we enter fall. Linen has a fairly high price tag, so if you want to pick up linen bedding at an affordable price, you have to focus on your work and look around online and offline stores. What you really need to keep an eye on is what the material is made of as a whole. Well-known brands always add extra markup, but if you know what percentage of linen you should look for in your material control tag, you can call and choose a discount.

warm flower string lights

There’s something about lighting that truly relaxes us in the evenings and makes us feel so much more at home. Warm festoon lights always complement your indoor and outdoor spaces, so hang them up in the parts of your home that need a fall makeover. Festoon lights are lovely when you entertain, as no one wants to catch up and enjoy a meal in the dazzling light. You can do this inexpensively if you hang the festoon yourself or if you call a friend of your electrician to make sure you’ve wired it correctly.

New and adventurous splashback

If you want to bring your home to life, consider the new Splashback! There was a time when Splashbacks thought it was later, but those days are truly over. New homeowners can’t wait to opt for an adventurous splashback tile and color palette, and existing homeowners are re-tiling the splashback to bring the area into the 21st century. Don’t choose white and cream, choose something special like green, terracotta or patterned tiles.

If you want to do this cheaply, you can join some renovation groups online to find recycled tiles, or go to your local recycling plant to see what’s available. It can be a great story if people ask you what inspired your splashback. And you can say you got it back.

We hope you love the sound of this fall trend and find creative ways to bring it home at an affordable price. Please let me know what works have been successful.

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