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We recommend that you plan a photo shoot. But having an idea is not enough. Also, you can’t just show up in that place with your camera and say it’s a day. There are a few important things you need to organize and plan ahead for for your photo shoot, and I’ll show you some of the most important ones. So, if you’re planning on shooting soon, here’s a little guide.

come up with a concept

the first step is shooting concept. Do you have a story you want to tell? Is this for your portfolio or for your clients? Basically the concept can be anything and the sky is the limit. do whatever you want. But if the idea doesn’t come to you, here are a few things to consider.

  • What are your favorite movies, books, or music videos? Could you possibly have a concept similar to them?
  • Do you have a specific place in mind that inspires you? Or do you have a model that inspires you?
  • Do you want to tell a story or evoke a certain emotion in your life?

On the other hand, if you’re planning a shoot for a client, you need to communicate with them and make sure they know what they have in mind. Ask questions and have simple casual conversations about your ideas and vision, what you want to wear, what your shoot is for, and more. All of this can help you find a concept you two will like.


Now that you have the concept in mind or you’ve configured everything with the client, it’s time to find a location. You may already have your own studio accommodating clients who wish to shoot in the studio. If you don’t have one and you need it, you can always find great service for: Studio Rental Miami Find a space with everything you need and want.

On the other hand, if your concept requires a location other than a studio, you should do some research. You can also talk to your customers to find out if the type of location they want is natural, field, urban, etc. Consider the concept, the story you want to tell and, of course, some permission. fee if necessary.

Join the inspiration board

Now that you have an idea and a location It’s time to get inspired. You and/or your customers may not know until they see what you want, and this is where inspiration boards come in handy. Pinterest is the biggest platform for finding inspiration, so visit and explore. Combine your ideas with clients and create bulletin boards to present to them. In this way they can visualize everything and make some changes and suggestions if needed.

Find a model

If you’re not working for a specific client with your own ideas, but working for your own concept or commercial shoot, you’ll need a model to make it a reality. If you’ve never worked with models, you might have a hard time finding them, but it all depends on your needs. For example, follow these suggestions:

  • For more experienced models, contact a modeling or talent agency.
  • Find models through groups social media
  • If it’s a personal shoot, you can ask a friend to model it for you.
  • Send model calls to friends or customers.
  • Always get signed model releases!

Once you’ve found your model, you can start working on styling that will complement your concept and vision.

Consider lighting

If you’ve planned everything so far, it’s time to make it happen. Also, this is the time to plan the lighting technology that will help you create the pictures you envision. And even if you’re only using natural light, consider other ways to slightly modify the reflector or lighting for a better effect. Also, check if you need an assistant or two, depending on the equipment you have and the size of your project.

Also, when it comes to light, consider a few things:

  • How big or small is the space?
  • Photography has certain vantage points, and what is needed to make it happen?
  • How you can think about angles and run them
  • Make sure the battery is sufficient.
  • And list all the equipment you need to set up the proper lighting.

That’s it! This is the most important element to plan before you start shooting. It may seem daunting, but even a beginner with detailed plans can manage anything!

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