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Writer Jenny Han “Everything is fine. All the magic happens between June and August.” This quote is from her book The summer when I became pretty. This summer, you too can be pretty!

There’s something about summer that makes you feel young, beautiful, and open to anything. In summer, you want to wear clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable while enjoying the warmth.

Luckily, the summer 2022 fashion trends will help you look pretty. This list has the best Spring/Summer 2022 trends to invest in your summer wardrobe.

1. Low-waisted jeans

In the early 2000s, low-waist jeans threatened a comeback over the past few years. If you look at the fashion shows this season, summer 2022 could be a success.

Throw your high-waist mom jeans behind your closet (for now) and buy a pair of cute low-cut, pale denim jeans for the summer. Invest in a belt unless you want everyone to see the whale tail as you crouch.

2. Pleated Skirt

One of the best summer fashion trends for 2022 is the pleated skirt. It is a very versatile cut and is suitable for many different body types.

You can opt for a pleated tennis-style white mini or a long patterned midi skirt. The latter is perfect for wearing after a trip to the beach or pool.

3. Platform Sandals

If you want to add height to your summer fashion look, platform sandals That’s the way to go. Stiletto sandals are too uncomfortable and wedges are fine for standing on a barbecue. But if you’re going on vacation or a day trip, platform sandals are comfortable and pretty.

You can opt for a pretty cork platform or a grungy black leather platform. Both look awesome!

4. Multiple Spaghetti Straps

You know what’s better than two servings of spaghetti this summer season? A lot of spaghetti straps!

The summer 2022 fashion show features many dresses and vest tops with intricate cross straps. This style will make the back look as pretty as the front.

5. Sheer Cloth

Perhaps one of the hottest summer trends this season is sheer cutouts. After all, it’s summer, so why not show off your skin? As an outerwear, underwear is still fashionable, so wear a sheer cropped t-shirt with a bra or bra underneath.

6. Feminine frills

It’s official. Pastel and ruffled dresses are in fashion again. So if you’re wondering if a tulle skirt isn’t too much for a wedding in July, it’s not 100%!

For this summer season, keep an eye out for rose-colored and lavender dresses with an oversized collar and cuffs. Choose a dress with lace inserts and a lot of texture.

Take a look at the trends for the summer 2022 fashion season

Summer 2022 fashion is beautiful but comfortable. You can still follow the trend, but you won’t overheat while doing so. Even if you invest in just a few of these styles, you’re sure to see some trending trends on the beach this year.

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