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There are many animals that can be stressful on a trip, but there are things to consider to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

Stress on the family is not always taken into account. It can be a nightmare if you haven’t done your research and don’t fully appreciate the meaning of traveling with pets.

We’ve researched and compiled the 10 most important things to consider before traveling with animals.

the suitability of the breed

If you’re thinking of flying, you may need to consider whether it’s okay for your animal to be transported by plane. Dog breeds such as Lhasa Apsos, Pugs and Bull Terriers are not suitable for flying. This is especially true of long-nosed cats, including Himalayan and Persian cats, because their noses are thin and sensitive to air changes. Your best bet for these breeds is to consider traveling by other means such as Eurostar or ferries.

animal document

Not only do you need to think about your own passport and visa when traveling abroad, but your pets also need their own. Obtaining a pet passport and animal health certificate is a must before travelling.


Just like humans, pets should be up to date with all required vaccinations before traveling. If you need them and you need a rabies vaccination, make sure they have a booster jab. Each country you travel to has different policies, so check with the country you are traveling to to find out what their policies are.

comfortable carrier

One of the most important parts of the travel process is making sure your pet is comfortable. This means getting a comfortable suitcase that is large enough or making sure the area you are traveling is suitable for long-distance travel.


One of the biggest things to consider before planning a trip is cost. In addition to veterinary fees, there are other expenses to consider when traveling with pets. For example if you need to arrange for someone to pick them up, or if you need extra fees for flights and ferries. Transporting pets can be an expensive process.

pet age

This is an important factor when traveling. Always keep your pet’s best interests in mind as some older animals can be stressful while others may not be able to adapt to the climate of a new location.

Some animals can get lost

Some animals are disoriented depending on their surroundings and may become disorientated in unfamiliar environments. It’s a good idea to make sure the necklace is there and microchip it or equip it with a tracking device so it can be tracked in case you lose it.

pet travel insurance

Just like people, pets need travel insurance. This will avoid the worst possible situations in case your pet gets lost or gets injured.

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