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There are many practical steps to take when starting a startup. One of the most important things to do as a business owner is to create and implement a well-thought-out health and safety policy. This must be done in compliance with health and safety laws and industry best practices.

The content and scope of the health and safety policy will depend on the size and type of work the startup will be doing. You should start with a letter of intent detailing the overarching goals of your health and safety policy. You should then document the actions to be taken and who will ensure that policies are in place appropriately.

Start with your intentions

The Statement of Intent is the first of three main sections of a business health and safety policy. The other sections are responsibilities and commitments, discussed below. The statement of intent should detail why the safety policy was created and the purpose and purpose of the policy. You can consider a statement of intent, like the preface to an essay, and explain what you want to discuss in more detail for the reader.

Appoint and appoint people responsible for health and safety

Next, you must appoint and appoint persons responsible for the various safety areas of the workplace known as the Responsibilities section of the Health and Safety Policy. This should include those with the most important responsibilities and those with more specialized areas such as first aid and fire safety. Typically, the person with the most important responsibilities is you or another senior member of your team.

Conduct a risk assessment

To understand the steps you need to take for your health and safety policy, you need to conduct a risk assessment. This forms part of the preparation section and helps you identify potential risks and risks that may be relevant to your business. You should consider the general risks and the rare issues that may arise, taking into account the specific risks that arise in the industry and the operations performed in your business.

staff training

Although there are a few employees who are responsible for certain elements of health and safety in the workplace, it is still important to prepare the team for the role that keeps the business safe. Regular fire drills should be conducted to ensure that all team members are properly trained in how to use the various equipment on site and to ensure disaster preparedness.

The degree to which you train your team often depends on the severity of the risks you may face at work. For example, office-only employees require lower levels of safety training than employees working in high-stock warehouses.

Standard provision for equipment

The Health and Safety Preparation section should detail the standards required for the workplace equipment used. You must ensure that all workshop equipment and supplies are sourced from reputable manufacturers and suppliers and are of the highest quality and functionality. For ideas on the types of retailers that prioritize health and safety at work, check out the experts at Workplace Depot.

Issue a copy of the policy to employees

All employees of your company should receive a copy of the health and safety policy for review. Some companies even use simple quizzes to ensure that employees have read and understand their policies and responsibilities.

Use of safety signs

Safety signs can be a great way to remind employees of their responsibilities in the event of a hazardous event and let them know who is qualified to provide needed assistance. For example, you can post safety posters with details of first responders and make them prominently displayed. The poster may also include basic instructions on how to initiate first aid until a qualified person arrives.

Understanding laws and regulations

When drafting health and safety documents, it is important to understand the laws and regulations for employers in general and the specific rules of your industry. Before writing a policy, you should do your homework and make sure you fully understand your responsibilities. If in doubt, it can be helpful to hire a compliance officer with the knowledge and expertise to help you comply with health and safety laws.

Review policies regularly

Once the policy is complete, it should be dust-free for several years before being reviewed. Many businesses review and revise their policies on a quarterly or monthly basis, so it’s best to review your policies frequently. As a new business, this will provide opportunities to learn and grow, refining policies over time. An updated copy must be provided to employees at all times whenever the policy is amended.

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