Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Dear abortion storyteller,

We are collectively saddened by the Supreme Court’s decision to change its half-century precedent, which has paved the way for abortion to become a crime again across the country. This heartless decision ignored our voices and abortion stories. Last year, more than 6,000 people told the Supreme Court that we had an abortion and that we wanted access to ourselves, our loved ones and future generations. They turned away from us.

This moment is crushing. For those of us who have had a miscarriage, we are heartbroken and sad because the moment we always knew was coming. For those of you who are currently trying to have an abortion, we cannot imagine the pain, confusion and uncertainty you are currently experiencing. We know what access to our abortion means in our lives and our ability to decide when, when and how to raise our families.

The pain you feel inside is very real. Your heartache is real. This moment is especially painful for all of us who must continue our day, hiding deep frustration, because we are not ready to tell our loved ones that we need an abortion. This is difficult for all those who are still trying to get our abortions, navigating this chaotic and confusing moment.

cotton wool has gone. The chaos has just begun.

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We deserve a moment to cry, scream, scream, and hold our breath. We deserve a moment to be angry with a nation that prides itself on freedom, yet took our lives in a moment. We deserve a moment to be angry with the people who made their careers by presenting our abortion decisions with boredom and frivolity. We deserve a moment to mourn because it is another attack on our decisions, along with the ongoing genocide of our communities by white supremacists, politicians and police officers. This nightmare is too much for any of us. We deserve a moment to act on this pain.

We have a lot of demands to vote and to act – we must do that, but first, we must be inclined to our hearts and to one another.

We have been aborting for 3,000 years. In this moment, we must look to the past to travel safely into the future. We must follow the wisdom of our forefathers who performed abortions and provided loving, healing abortions for thousands of years. We are often what we have. Share the wisdom of abortion with your community. Pay it forward: Offer everything you need for your abortion to someone else in need, whether it’s a smiling face, a kind word, a hand to hold, a place to live, food to feed you, or money to make. of the. Through this. When you arrive at the clinic, it’s okay to meet the eyes of others in the waiting room and smile. We are together in this. Together, we must help each other navigate our abortion system.

As abortionists, we are a wonderful, intuitive, and innovative community. We naturally know what we need and how to appear for each other. We need that perseverance and courage now. Move forward with the courage and determination of all those who came before us to provide safe abortion for each other.

Refuse to be silent We deserve to hear stories of abortion. Your story is worth listening to. You deserve to be loved. When you feel ready and safe, tell everyone in your life about your abortion. Make them realize that everyone loves someone who has had an abortion – and they love you! And, as Rehana says, if they want to break bread with you, this is the moment when they have to stand up and show up for all of us who have had abortions.

This moment demands the leadership of those who have had abortions. Raise our voices and demand abortion care for yourself and your loved ones. We will always show for each other because those who have an abortion are the future, and we deserve love and protection. We can do it.

Take a breath When you are ready to take action, we will be ready for you.

We testify to those who tell abortion stories.

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