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Excellent quality and value. Highly recommend you buy this. Makes all pictures extremely ckear.

Great design with no ugly bezel. I purchased the tcl 55inch version. It has a premium design and quality look about it that would look great mounted on a wall, or just on a tv stand. Comes with 2 remote controls, one big, one small. It has dolby vision/ dolby atmos that kick in automatically when viewing dolby vision content, which automatically overrides any picture presets. It’s a bonus that it also has a free-sat built in too, so you can hook it up to your sky dish. It’s great for gamers because it has allm for next-gen consoles, which means the tv automatically detects gaming consoles and jumps straight into game mode by itself for low latency, low input lag gaming. I’ve hooked my new xbox up and there is no perceivable input lag or ghosting in fast-paced games. For anyone on a budget looking for a large screen quantum dot tv with all the above features.

This tv is amazing, tcl is by far one of the leading tv companies in the world. It’s easy to set up, us and the picture and sound is out of this world. If i could give it more stars i would.

Dolby atmos simply does not work. It leaves tv video and sound out of sync. Menu is good, but tv is slow.

The tv box came with some damage, as shown in the picture. The tv has good picture quality, excellent sound. But in some moments the image presented problems in high definition of images where it generates discomfort when watching a movie.

A great tv with many options to set it up. I find the picture options a very variable. I prefer to us the pc picture option as it seems to give accurate colour reproduction. Some of the other options seem to give oversaturated colours. I use my hifi for sound so can’t comment on that aspect of the telly. Overall, an excellent tv, which i highly recommend, especially at this price.

The issue is that the tv is a good value for money, however the software for watching streaming is too slow. In general i believe the software is really slow. Also, you can watch streaming smoothly looks like there is a kind of lag, but it’s really the software part, too slow in process the streaming images. I believe if you buy 4k amazon tv stick you might solve this problem however still.

Originally went to order a the 50′ tv, but then found for an extra £ 1. Arrived within the time slot given, easy to install on the wall, great picture and sound, only problem it has google assist and i want to install alexa instead, reason for only 4 stars on smart features.

  • A great TV for the price.
  • Good value, not perfect
  • For your consideration!

Tcl 50c720k Qled Gaming Tv 50 Inch Smart Android Tv, 4k Uhd, Hdr Premium, Dolby Vision Atmos, Memc, Onkyo Loudspeaker, Google Duo, Google Assistant and Alexa, Frameless Metal Design , Amazon Exclusive

From the manufacturer


The exceptional colors of QLED

The TCL C720 QLED TV, equipped with Quantum Dot technology, offers a billion different colors and shades with 100% color volume and 1,07 billion (10 bit) color depth. Experience lifelike image quality with vivid, wide colors and impressive contrast.

Breathtaking HDR independent of source

Breathtaking HDR independent of the source There are many ways to obtain the best 4K HDR image quality on the TV: HDR10, HDR HLG, HDR10+, HDR DOLBY VISION. This TCL TV supports them all!

Maximum smoothing with Motion Clarity

Say goodbye to missing important details in hectic actions on the screen. Instead, TCL’s proprietary MEMC algorithm (Motion Estimation/Motion Compensation) can take control and smooth films and sports transmissions. Unclear and traces of movement belong to the past, as you always enjoy a crystal clear experience of seeing.


Optimized player experience

For Gamer, a fast-acting TV is just as important as a TV with a good image. With HDMI and ALLM you automatically experience the lowest latency and the best image settings for games. That’s why he’s the official TV of Call of Duty.






Limitless conversation with TCL’s Android 9

Experience Netflix streaming in Premium 4K, watch YouTube videos on the big screen or look for new movies and series on Prime Video. The Android Google Play App Store is equipped with apps as well as games and makes Android TV an affordable game console.

Movie sound experience at home

Movie sound experience at home ONKYO loudspeakers specially designed for clear and precise sound enable a more realistic Dolby Atmos sound experience at home. Dolby Atmos and the double D symbol are registered trademarks of the Dolby Laboratories.

Being together right now

The TCL C720 is also equipped with Google Duo, the highest quality video chat app, which is simple and works on smart displays. * Requires registration with a Google account.

Free speech control

TCL Android TVs are delivered with integrated Google Assistant. You can give orders or ask questions, and the Google Assistant will provide you with the results. From the latest publications to the control of lighting at home: Google Assistant will take care of everything for you. The TV is also compatible with Alexa and allows you to control the TV with your Alexa products.

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Serie C82 Serie C72+ Serie C72
Display – Technology Mini LED, QLED QLED QLED
Screen 65″, 55″ 75″, 65″, 55″ 75″, 65″, 55″, 50″, 43”
Resolution 4K (3840*2160) 4K (3840*2160) 4K (3840*2160)
HDR Dolby Vision, HDR 10+ Dolby Vision,HDR 10+ Dolby Vision & HDR 10+
Audio Dolby Atmos, ONKYO-Audiosystem Dolby Atmos, ONKYO-Audiosystem Dolby Atmos, ONKYO-Audiosystem
Smart OS Android 9 Android 9 Android 9
Language Hands-free voice control 2.0, Amazon Alexa compatible, Google Assistant Hands-free voice control 2.0, Amazon Alexa compatible, Google Assistant Hands-free voice control 2.0, Amazon Alexa compatible, Google Assistant
Connections 3*HDMI, 2 *USB , Bluetooth 5.0 3*HDMI, 2 *USB , Bluetooth 5.0 3*HDMI, 2 *USB , Bluetooth 5.0

Bought this from amazon warehouse for £552. Mostly happy with the tv, though only had it a few days. First and foremost, the picture seems fine to me, whether using it to watch progs or with my ps4. For those considering xbox series x/s / ps5, this tv has hdmi 2. The ui seems responsive, though the remote does need to be pointed right at the receiver, which is beneath the screen, in the middle. The app list does not include now tv, which is a bit disappointing, but seems to have the other tv apps my wife and i use. Some apps, like disney+, are installed through the “tcl channel” app, but you are then able to add them to the home screen by favouriting with a long press on the “ok” button. Doesn’t seem to be a line out, for audio. If i find any of this is wrong, or a way around an issue, i’ll update. I initially wanted a tv with 120 fps, hdmi 2. Options seemed to be thin on the ground below £1500, which was beyond what i was prepared to pay for a tv, so this is a compromise, but, so far, it seems to be a decent one.

I think so is good quality, but very slow,then start u must waiting1 minute.

The best tv i’ve had, the picture is stunning, fantastic colours.

The tv does not work with a virgin remote virgin engineer could not do it. Somethings i have not figured no instructions or guidelines come with tv. Okay for price but does not compare with slightly dearer tvs.

I purchased this to go into my study, it’s just such a excellent tv that i swapped our main tv with this one. The display is rich with colour so much so that for the first time i can see different shades of black. The smart feature and the tcl website gives you apps that are not on google play. I just cannot express how great this smart tv is.

The picture quality and sound is great. It’s just really a shame tcl haven’t done better with the software. I’ve had multiple issues, originally neftlix would literally take 4 minutes to start. Software updates wouldn’t work and their support said i had to use a pendrive. Even since then i’ve had issues with youtube only displaying on a quarter of the screen. Also the home screen is now just a huge advertisement for other streaming services which is really dissappointing for a tv of this price. Overall it’s fine for a backroom but i would not use this as a main tv. I’m using it now and it’s just too unreliable. Shame, because the quality is amazing.

Brilliant qled tv, i’ve had no issues like sound out of sync ect, i updated the firmware first , ui was a bit sluggish at first but i disabled some apps then just dove into the settings and tweaked everything how i like it and it’s great,i leave game mode on , black stretch and micro dimming make blacks much better ,set digital audio out to pcm in advanced audio settings and you will see the digital audio out delay slider if your having sync issues with a sound bar ect.

Really good picture with excellent sound. Set up with your phone, easy.

  • A great TV for the price.
  • Good value, not perfect
  • For your consideration!

Tcl 50c720k Qled Gaming Tv 50 Inch Smart Android Tv, 4k Uhd, Hdr Premium, Dolby Vision Atmos, Memc, Onkyo Loudspeaker, Google Duo, Google Assistant and Alexa, Frameless Metal Design , Amazon Exclusive

It was value for money compared to some. Amazon delivery was very helpful would not leave without passcode which was good. Make unknown but would purchase again.

The media could not be loaded.  the sound quality of this tv is terrible. Considering one of the main selling points is that it has dolby atmos built in, the sound is distorted at even the slightest increase in volume of the programme being watched. Smart features and display seem ok but it’s let down by sound quality. Mine maybe faulty but amazon’s unhelpful response was to connect a sound bar.

I really like this tv and i think it was a good purchase for the quality and price. The pictures are crystal clear and amazing, i even tried with connecting my gaming laptop and playing some games in 4k, and the picture was stunning. Sound quality is nothing special, it is good enough to not need an external speaker for me, but i am not really fussy about sound tho. My only issue is really with the software, and the following few issues came up. Keep in mind i updated the firmware straight so it should be the most up to date version. Software problem 1:if the tv is idle for a period of time, it disconnect from the router, even though i cable connected it and takes a while for it to reconnect. This is definitely a tv issue as every other equipment in the house has no issue whatsoever to keep to connection live. Software problem 2: i refused to install google movie/video as i don’t use it, but in the middle of the movie it just quit and started to install google video without any warning. Personally i don’t like when my equipment decide to take over control, against my will. Software problem 3: the menu has a few seconds delay sometimes, which can be annoying.

The tv works as it should and considering the price it’s very good to. It will never stand up to the very top brands but this product in my opinion is good value with a reasonable warranty. Android function could be better but it’s good enough for me.

Good value for money, narrow outer frame edge, good picture.

Fantastic tv, runs the xbox series x seamlessly and the audio is fantastic, no need for fancy surround systems, but should you choose to this tv supports that too. The top quality picture makes movies better than the cinema, the bigger the screen the better, but smaller models deliver the same quality all round.

Advertised as a smart tv but cannot add features such as y tube.

Gave sound and picture quality full stars for the level of quality for the price is well ballanced. I haven’t used the smart features of this product for i don’t use the smart features nor will i use the smart features. The tv for me is a 5 out of 5 for what i use the tv for. It looks nice and fits with my tv stand perfectly.

I hot it set up it wouldn’t connect to wifi and still keeps cutting off. Alexa well wat xan i say wt a pile of crap.

TCL 50c720k Qled Gaming Tv 50 Inch Smart Android Tv :         A Outstandingly well designed quality TV AT A BUDGET PRICE

Firstly, to be a douche, you will unpack this tv, set it up eagerly and be a little disappointed. And you won’t be sure if it is justified. And that actually makes sense. I had 2 1080p tv’s, that had very distinct capabilities, and when first turning this tv on, i was underwhelmed by the pic and playback and felt my older tvs were better. But then i started to appreciate that what i am getting is 10 years newer tech, but isn’t going to put the actors physically in my living room, at which point i realised i had to be realisticso onto realism, its light and sharp, some darks are faded compared to 1080p, but that’s the big point. . You have to configure the tv to your room, no if’s and but’s, no using pre-sets (in fact on 4k tvs they are useless) you have to configure it for your own room environment. You have to forget what you are used to. Just think about that, that’s giving a blind man sight, he likes it, but has no clue what to see colour wisethere is an app (ipq) for tcl tv’s but i couldn’t get it to work o n my motorola g7 power nor samsung s6, so in the end did what a lot probably do. I went with what i liked and wasn’t afraid to try different things, and change inputs.

Pretty please with the tv on the whole. It needs calibrating out of the box. There is a tcl calibration app. But i couldn’t get it to pair with the tv so did it manually. Movie mode preset is the closest to the correct image. It’s not a tv i could recommend for general sd broadcast viewing. You’re upscaling an sd image by a factor of 16. But for hd and above, sreaming, blu rays. They all look greatthe hdr is fantastic for the price. The tv gets very bright so you’re able to actually make full use of the hdr features.

Sound quality was really good as i was expecting a tinny sound, however it quite suprised me how good the speakers where. The picture is great especially in 4k uhd. Can’t fault it so far and think you get great value for money. Would definitely recommend it.

Love it colour and sound brilliant, it came a week early don’t know what all the bad review’s are about they had me worried. Just follow the instructions’ and you’ll be fine. Excellent product definitely very happy with my purchase.

Good picture and color at a very good price.

A great picture, colour, sound and size. Just takes a while to get going but able to live with it. Seems to be a little sound lag in lip sync after being on for a while – see how it goes.

Likes: availability of the android apps and ability to play videos on usb stickdislikes: i listen via my bluetooth hearing aids and i have to set them up everytime that i use them and also impossible to sync the audio with them. Cannot tweak the picture quality very much. When watching football, the picture does not keep track of the ball.

My first android tv and i absolutely love it.

My 43′ tcl android tv google tv is advertised by amazon specifically as smart android tv, 4k uhd, hdr ‘premium,’if indeed such a ‘premium’ model exists as amazon described in advertising i did not get it. That being said i received the tcl model that arrived in box see pic three described as 4khdr ‘pro’excellent design sound and picture quality: perhaps the size up would have been even more cinematicthe tv i have is fantastic it has a bundle of easy to use options all managed from my phone. If indeed a premium model does exist as described by amazon it would indeed be awesomeof course if that was the case i would swiftly and without hesitation exchange my regular model for said premium model.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Quantum Dot: Enjoy image quality with 100% color volume. Quantum Dot produces a billion different colors and shades to produce an exceptionally lifelike image performance. Combined with HDR 10+ colours, contrast and brightness are optimized and framed perfectly for each scene.
  • Motion Clarity: Blurring and movement traces belong to the past, as you always enjoy a crystal clear vision experience with liquid images.
  • Dolby Vision & Atmos: Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos revolutionize your TV experience. Achieve a cinematic level of audio and video performance in your own four walls.
  • ONKYO loudspeaker: The C720 has an immersive 2.0 loudspeaker sound solution with forward-facing abstract loudspeakers that provide an incredibly realistic sound for your movies, music and video games. The loudspeaker sound system and Dolby Atmos increase your experience with audio in cinema quality, which brings the film experience to the next dimension.
  • Android 9: The Android system provides quick and easy access to popular apps such as YouTube, Netflix and Prime Video in excellent 4K resolution. At the same time, you can easily use Google Duo for video calls, Google Assistant for voice control and Chromecast for mirroring. This Android TV is also compatible with Alexa.
  • Game Mode: For gamers, a reaction-fast TV is just as important as a TV with a good image. With HDMI and ALLM you automatically experience the lowest latency and the best image settings for games.
  • Integrated Triple Tuner (DVB-T2 HD/S2/C), PPI 2600 (Picture Performance Index).

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