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Anagha Srikanth

Ohio’s ACLU, Democracy Forward, the National Association of Social Workers, and Women’s Rights are challenging the City Ordinance banning abortion in Ohio Lebanon, Ohio – and they are not relying on it. cotton wool.

The first major legal challenge to ban abortion since last week Dobs Draft opinion leaked – indicating that the Supreme Court is ready to overturn. Ro v. WadeHere it is, and it’s from a Midwestern state: Ohio.

Last Wednesday, Ohio’s ACLU, Democracy Forward, the Ohio Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, and Women Hue Options Ohio filed a federal complaint against the Lebanese city for unconstitutionally banning abortion within city limits.

The challenge is on the basis of the First and Fourteenth Amendments (which we break down here later) and at the same time call the BS on the unreasonable legal grounds of the Bill.

Why does it matter? Because this is the first case since the leak of Justice Samuel Elliott challenging the abortion ban which is not relied upon. Ro v. Wade Rather, it argues that the ordinance violates the right to fair practice and freedom of expression.

you want to cotton wool? Take it. But we are taking our bodies back.

Oh, Ohio Lebanon is not the only city that has adopted the “Shelter for the Unborn” ordinance, and despite being a major center for access to abortion in the region, this state has a history of anti-abortion “before”. ۔

Meanwhile, the Ohio Redistribution Commission is on the verge of contempt of court after failing to draft new legislation to replace them, as the Ohio Supreme Court deemed unconstitutional. Spectrum News 1 OhioJosh Roltenberg.

The anti-election movement is working hard to eliminate voting rights in order to prevent pro-election voters from electing officials who represent their views. So while an abortion could be on the ballot in Ohio in November, there is no guarantee that voters will have anything to say about what the state does about it.

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