Mon. May 16th, 2022

Kentucky has joined other statescotton wool The era of ban on abortion

Last week, Kentucky lawmakers passed an unconstitutional pre-abortion ban as an amendment to HB 3, which seeks to end access to abortion in the state, such as Planned Parenthood in the Great Northwest. , Hawaii, Alaska, Indiana, Kentucky explained in one option. I -ed Courier Journal.

The 15-week ban follows a 15-week ban from Mississippi, which is currently before the Supreme Court. That case, Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health OrganizationIs expected to be the final blow. Ro v. Wade. A ruling is expected before the end of June.

Kentucky’s legislature is backed by Democratic Gov. Andy Bashir, who claims to be a “pro-choice” but has in the past supported abortion restrictions. It doesn’t matter if he signs the bill or not, because the Kentucky legislature has the power to remove the governor’s veto.

One of the restrictions in the legislation includes drug abortion, which is about half of all abortions in the state in 2019. The state already needs counseling on drug abortion “reversal” – which is a myth.

As Kim Green wrote in. Courier Journal op-ed:

So why the tensions over abortion legislation in Kentucky and other states? Don’t think that is what most Americans want. It is not. Like most Kentuckies, most Americans are sympathetic and able to empathize with the plight of someone who needs this care. They want access to safe, legal abortion.

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