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This product allowed us to completely redecorate our living room to make better use of space. The only reason I’m taking the stars off is that whenever we turn on the skybox the language options appear and I can’t stop this. But the picture quality is great.

Unfortunately there is no pairing between the transmitter and receiver. They are supposed to be paired at the factory, but the transmitter blinks desperately, but the receiver ignores them even if the two are actually next to each other. Manual pairing won’t work either, as I can’t put the receiver into pairing mode at all. Holding down the control key for 5 seconds will reset it completely instead. Too bad. The device returns.

I use this to mirror two TVs in separate rooms in the same skybox. You’ll need a decent HDMI splitter to do this. Setup is simple, but the power supply cable is non-standard and too short. A standard USB extension cable did not work. Once enabled, pairing the two devices is straightforward and in most cases the picture quality is good. Even when watching fast-paced sports like soccer or rugby, you may notice some lag on the slave device. My unit is about 50 feet apart in two rooms separated by a dry-lined wall. The manual says it won’t work through concrete and I believe it.

Just unpack, connect, pair, and you’re done. It ran non-stop for 4 hours without interruption. It will be pretty warm, so don’t hide it somewhere. Then reception is good and cooling through the housing works. Operate the set via USB power supply (not included). Clear purchase recommendations.

First of all, he has a lot of experience with the technology, so he can do most things nicely without instructions. But this piece of electrical waste here is simply plug and play, can’t you do anything? That’s bad. Nothing happens. Load factory settings and start manual pairing. I tried for about an hour in various constellations. Pairing is simply impossible without saying it’s basically impossible. It will be returned directly. So, send an urgent warning to all potential buyers. The price is misleading that nothing is impossible here!

I ordered a new product, but a used part without adapter and manual was delivered. After a few tries (according to the video instructions on the internet) I couldn’t establish a connection between the transmitter and receiver. So beans are not good. It’s a good idea to buy a good HDMI cable and cable channel. 0 out of 10.

Great technical support from this company. The instruction booklet provided was a bit unclear on how to connect. I reached out to the techs/girls and they were great and provided easy-to-understand instructions backed up with follow-up support documentation. The kit works exactly as described and works perfectly.

Great solution to our problem. We have cctv vior hdmi in living room tv. Hdmi cable padded in newly decorated room. The hdmi end was damaged while installing the tv on the wall. Connect the receiver to the TV and power on the TV USB. Connect the transmitter to the dvr box.

  • exorbitant!
  • The kit is nice, but not 4k.
  • Big bit of kit!

Aimibo Wireless Hdmi Transmitter and Receiver, 5g Wireless Hdmi Extender Kit, Suitable for 100ft/30m Screencast Monitor, Projector, Neflix, Tiktok

DIY products. Invalid recipients are displayed on the welcome screen. Languages ​​can be changed, but again forgotten. Even at 2m the connection is very unstable. It works 3 times and doesn’t work 4 times again.

Very easy to connect and no installation required. Now you can easily stream from your phone or laptop to your projector. Exactly what I was looking for.

Even non-IT talent like me can ride it easily. Even if the instructions are more precise, it works very well.

Unfortunately the image quality is much worse than with HDMI cables. Installation is very easy. The picture quality isn’t good enough for a movie as promised.

I bought this to run my TV wirelessly. After the second attempt, the installation worked without problems. The transmitter and receiver are paired. Unfortunately, due to sporadic stuttering of HDMI transmission (picture and sound pauses for a few seconds), unfortunately, we have to return the product. No problem thanks to Amazon. Changed the star rating from 1 to 3. I’ve noticed that bucking doesn’t happen when the sender and receiver “see each other”. Signal transmission is not perfect if the connection is lost, even within two meters of a furniture edge, for example. Now I have placed the transmitter and receiver at a distance of 5 meters in such a way that there are no obstacles between them. However, people who are already passing by can interfere with the signal. This is by no means an explanation. But since there is no alternative, I still kept the product.

I bought this to connect my sky q box to my 4k uhd television remotely. amazon’s item description suggests it’s compatible with 4k uhd, but it only transmits hd. However, when I set the sky q box to hd 1080p, the picture and sound quality were not bad, so the desired picture quality is sufficient. Since I needed the 4k ugd function, I had no other option but to return the item back to Amazon.

It took a bit of setup, but I was treated not as simple as a magic eye on Sky HD, but I got the sky q on two TVs so I can watch in both rooms without stopping multi-room. You will need an HD splitter and USB for power.

Perfect as a gift for a friend. It really solves the problem of messy lines of the existing extender, and it is recommended by extending the distance that can be used in a mini size.

  • exorbitant!
  • The kit is nice, but not 4k.
  • Big bit of kit!

Aimibo Wireless Hdmi Transmitter and Receiver, 5g Wireless Hdmi Extender Kit, Suitable for 100ft/30m Screencast Monitor, Projector, Neflix, Tiktok

East setting, hdmi tx adapter powered the device in my case.

It’s great for movie nights, but unfortunately not great for video games. This is when playing the entire game depends on a bigger game (eg the new Hello Game). Not very satisfied

I bought this product because it was good in a test. We order and ship as usual on Amazon. However, I was not able to establish an HDMI connection from my PC to the TV. regret

It broke down in less than two months and even though I handled it carefully, the button got stuck on the device and parts were rolling around inside. Also, the video signal is compressed so much that it is difficult to expect a clear image.

Do not misunderstand that this device will reach great distances. It works because I can’t connect a cable to the TV. Setup is easy, but take the time to find the best location for your antenna.

AIMIBO Wireless HDMI Transmitter & Receiver: Simple Plug & Play.

Features and Specifications

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  • 【Protable Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver】This wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver achieves HDMI to HDMI by eliminating messy cables. Perfect for meeting your need to transfer audio video from laptop, PS4, games, media player to monitor av transmitter. It will be the perfect companion for digital home theaters, game centers, TV channels and conference rooms. This wireless HDMI extender can be powered directly from some laptops, making it easy to carry outdoors.
  • 【Plug & Easy to Pair】 Two easy steps to use: Plug -> Press TX button when “Ready to Pair” is displayed -> Mirror.【Note】Each pair of AIMIBO transmitter and receiver will be paired before sale. After restoring factory settings, you will need to pair the transmitter and receiver again.
  • 【100ft/30m long distance and low latency】It has the best transmission effect when used in the same space. These radio transmitters and receivers have a transmission range of up to 100 ft/30 m and low latency of 0.2 seconds in the absence of interference. 【Note】When used across a wall, the transmission distance is reduced to 33ft/10m.
  • 【4K HDTV Streaming Receiver】This project can support resolutions up to 4K from TV to phone (using RX only) and enables unlimited video in 1080p (HD) from PC to monitor, including 3D and multi-view video. It provides the best visual experience in ultra-high definition. The supported resolutions for this project depend on the original video. ★★★ PC only supports 1080P.
  • 【Multifunctional Wireless HDMI Receiver with 5G Transmission Function】This receiver comes with a 5G external antenna, which makes video transmission more stable and faster, allowing you to connect to two or more transmitters at the same time to switch between different laptops in a meeting. It can also be a 2.4G/5G Wireless HDMI Dongle for Phone/Pad/Android/OS/Windows/Mac Laptop to TV/Monitor/Projector.
  • 【Five Language Design】If you need to select another language (English/German/French/Italian/Spanish), press the receiver button in the center for 10 seconds to restore factory settings. 【Gift】 Comes with two extra adapters to fit different sizes of HDMI ports. 【Note】 If you have any questions while using our products, please contact us.

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