Wed. May 18th, 2022

Algeria will try to get this done and qualify for the World Cup when they face Cameroon.

Jamel Belmadi’s team were able to win 1-0 in the first leg thanks to a strike in the first half from former Leicester forward Islam Slimani.

And they will have confidence in advancing to the second leg as home support will be firmly followed.

  • start time: 8:30 PM (BST)
  • TV/Live Stream: Unbroadcast/don’t know TV

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  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon – Marez Chance!

    84. Algerian magician tries from a distance.

    He urges Onana to act, then descends to the left and leans around the column.

    The referee refunds offside if given.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    82. Djamel Belmadi gives the final instructions to the players.

    At a time like this, we hope we can hear something.

    Do Algerian coaches still like to pinch this?

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    80. Neither side now pops the guts to stretch the opponent.

    Stick or Twist Time.

    The fear of defeat is greater than the joy of a winner.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    78. What will Cameroon do for Roger Milla or Samuel Eto’o right now?

    All they need is one chance.

    They can put the AFCON disappointment behind and make Cameroonians look forward to the World Cup.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    76. We are now heading towards the end of the game.

    Neither goal will give the opponent time to try and create a response.

    It’s time to be the scorer of that goal.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    74. Algeria is hitting the ball around the box in Cameroon and looking for a hole.

    They get the ball with Marez’s preferred foot.

    He tried to curl one through the keeper, but everything went wrong and it went smoothly to Onana.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    72. Rigobert Song scratches his head, thinking they are no longer in front.

    You would have bet the last pound that one of those two efforts would settle behind the net.

    Cameroon takes a free kick from the right.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    70. The VAR decides there is no fault.

    Cameroon is on its way to seize ownership for a while.

    We are heading towards the final quarter of the game.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    68. M’Bolhi took the opportunity to go to Qatar and defended his homeland.

    A two-point gap opportunity for Cameroon.

    The goalkeeper blocks the first with his foot and then comes down to the left to block the subsequent effort.

    Awesome goalkeeper.

    The VAR is checking the penalty.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    66. Despite the scoreline, Algeria are patient with their play.

    They know it only takes one magical moment to take this game away from its visitors.

    Goals from both sides will end the thought of extra time.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    64. Belaili is back on the floor.

    Should he test his vertigo if he spends any more time on deck?

    Neither side controls this half.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    62. The scorer of the visitor goal does not seem to be able to continue any further.

    Tolo replaces him.

    A chance for him to make a name for himself.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    60. Cameroon looks like they are looking for a long ball towards Choupo-Moting and trying to eat the second ball.

    Too often Algeria is cleaning.

    They need to support the first two more.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    58. Slimani receives the ball from about 25 yards.

    He controls the ball and shoots with one touch.

    Onana saves down his right.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    56. Desert Foxes are knocking on the door in the second half.

    Cameroon is currently blocking them.

    They have to put pressure on the hosts in their own half to give the defense a break.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    54. Algeria puts a corner into the box but cannot beat the first person.

    Mahrez picks up the ball, drops it on the shoulder and rips it with his right foot.

    Onana should tip it over the bar.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    52. The Cameroonian top scorer is receiving treatment.

    He stands up, but walks cautiously.

    He wouldn’t want to leave this stadium in a hurry.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    50. The VAR confirms the original decision without scoring.

    It woke up the crowd a bit.

    Algeria is currently under pressure.

    Zerrouki’s first yellow card of the night.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    48. Slimani taps the ball from a yard or so.

    The lineman immediately declares offside.

    VAR is checking.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    46. ​​​​Cameroon is comfortable.

    Investigate and test the Algerian defense with the ball behind.

    M’Bolhi comes and gathers for the host.

  • Kickoff: Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    The Indomitable Lions begin the second half.

    Who wants that place in Qatar?

  • HT: Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    If there are no more goals at the scoring level after the first leg we will need extra time and a penalty to separate these two teams.

    Senegal had previously disposed of Egypt in the same way.

    Before that, both teams will want to win.

  • HT: Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    Choupa-Moting is the man who made a huge impact on this harp.

    He removed Algeria’s poor lead and brought the indomitable Lions back to this World Cup playoffs.

    All are playable in the second half.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    45+1. The host cannot cross the ball and direct the cross into the goal.

    Allegations of fouls against players are deaf.

    The VAR room continues to be busy.

  • Algeria 0-1 Cameroon

    44. Algeria must have been full of confidence in this match.

    The required work seemed advantageous with the away team’s lead.

    Choupa-Moting’s goal turned that upside down.

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