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It works exactly the way I want it to. Switching between laptops (work and personal) is easy, and connecting two external displays at once will handle this dock seamlessly. I’m using all my macbooks, but it seems to work equally well for a chromebook or pc. The fact that it charges your laptop while connected is a huge plus. It’s almost like using an external battery. I’ve mostly been using it for boring office work, but I think it can handle audiovisual software pretty well. There doesn’t seem to be any degradation in quality between the laptop screen and the conversion to an external screen. It boasts 4k capabilities and I absolutely believe it will run well. If you’re using this in a public setup, there are plenty of ports you can connect everything to, not just a secure loop. Overall a convenient little port.

When I run it at 4k, it warms up a bit and almost gets hot. Multiple 1080p displays work fine. I tested it with 2 1080p and 1 4k and it seemed to work pretty steady. It has an uplink port on the front, which is very convenient when using a laptop as a monitor. Also handy is the included 100w adapter. Unfortunately my Thinkpad had issues with the screen sometimes turning black or glitching. I’ve only noticed this on the Thinkpad and it’s notorious for USB-C issues, so it’s probably a compatibility issue. It’s fine with a Dell laptop.

This is a very high quality docking station that works on both my rare laptop and macbook. It has ports for absolutely everything. There are a few for charging the iPhone and a few for charging the Android as well. It provides superior quality input and output with no stuttering in video or audio. Easy to install and very easy to install. The prices for these high quality docking stations are great too.

It would be nice to have an hdmi, but all of them can have up to three displayports, but for the third port to work you need to connect a usb-c cable. If your laptop supports PD delivery, it can provide 100w. This is a slimmer docking station, but it’s a pity that it still has a huge power brick almost the size of the dock itself.

Easy to setup/install and works great.

ALOGIC Triple 4k Display Universal Docking Station Dx3 – Satisfied

Bottom Line: Watching protected content on your Mac will seriously mess up your experience. Tested with Apple tv+ and Prime Video. Protected content cannot be viewed when this device is connected and turned on. Even on the main laptop display. The reason is that you need to enable screen recording in alogic’s ‘Display Link’ software. It’s enough to disable Apple TV and Prime Video from working. What’s more, the fact that this dock requires me to reboot my computer a few times makes me returnable.

Both my personal and work laptops can dock via USB-C, but I work both in the office (about a third) and at home (the rest of the time), but I only got one dock through work. Its features are far less than what it offers. That alone is good enough for my office work, but my personal laptop is a very powerful gaming laptop so I can dock it at work, but it doesn’t really offer all the features I want. This dock provides almost everything you need for a gaming laptop at home and at work. Here’s my setup at home: I have two monitors. One is a 27″ 1080p 240hz and the other is an 8″ 720p 60hz. Obviously the larger monitor is my primary monitor, but for various reasons I connected a second monitor. I can use it to monitor system performance, monitor home security, or even watch something while working on my main monitor. I know this dock isn’t running 4k capable, but I knew I’d need something that needed 4k 60hz to be able to successfully get 240hz on a 1080 monitor. Works perfectly and seamlessly with display port cables. My little monitor only has hdmi input so I have a one way cable from displayport to hdmi. When it comes to peripherals, all the keyboards and wired mice are plugged in, but sometimes you have something else to connect to and you need to use the USB port of a large monitor with a data cable that connects to the dock. That’s because the dock only has 3 USB-a ports (my monitor gives more ports).

I bought this dock to connect 3 monitors:- macbook pro m1 – all 3 displays running 4k @ 60fps. – macbook pro 13′ intel late 2020 – all 3 displays running at 4k 2 at 60fps, 1 at 30fps (switchable to 60fps at low resolution) Note: Install easyres from App Store to view and change resolutions.

I have a broken ‘thundebolt 3’ dock. This dock doesn’t require Thunderbolt 3, but can still drive three DisplayPort devices. There are only 2 connected to this dock, but it’s wuhd (widescreen), so it could be a reasonable test for your ability to drive 3 monitors. I’d like to trade one of the display ports for a few USB 3.2 ports, but this dock works great with my Dell xps laptop.

A docking station with 3 display ports. On the back there is an Ethernet port, three display ports, two USB 3 ports, a USB C port, and a charging port. On the front, there is a USB 3 port for charging, a USB C port for charging, an sd card port, a ​micro sd card port, ​3. On the side there is a security hook for the security cable. Also included in the box is a USB cable with USB c that connects to the adapter for full compatibility. I am very impressed with the performance of this docking station. It works equally well with my windows laptop and my nephew’s macbook. You can now access all your peripherals with a single connection.

Brief summary: I love this product and only use it for telecommuting. What I love:- Full-featured hardware, with all the necessary connections and a display port port for more graphics- The supplied USB cable comes with a type-c adapter and includes screws at the end of the dock. Cables are firmly connected – 3 additional international outlet adapters for global power included – Windows 10 auto-configures the dock without manual drivers – Compatible with macos, drivers are frequently updated by displaylink – 4k+ resolution support (I have 4096×2160 ) – macbook pro 16in and dell xps 15 charged. The xps marked the dock as ‘slow charger’, but here’s a better way: – Displaylink software is used instead of hardware display connection. This has different effects depending on the os. For Windows, this means that there is display latency. For macos it means default display resizing is not available. So, when using 4k resolution on the Mac, the external display has a small UI or a very large and blurry UI. The dock also does not scale the resolution of the 16:10 display, only 16:9. Bottom Line: Despite the annoyance of expansion, this dock is a quality product. For those who use a typical 16:9 monitor and don’t need low latency, the dock is a great choice.

This product has been out of stock for several months and has been re-purchased despite a much higher price than it currently is. It’s perfect and exactly what I need to be able to run 3 widescreen monitors in addition to the screen of my MacBook Pro. Good port selection – I haven’t lost the functionality of my old docking station. Thanks for the recommendation. Help desk.

Here are the specifications for: ALOGIC Triple 4k Display Universal Docking Station Dx3:

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  • Full-featured dock: – ALOGIC DX3 [email protected]1 x USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 (10G) BC 1.2 and Apple Charging Support, 1 x USB-A 3.1 Gen 1 (5G) BC 1.2 and Apple Charging Support, 2 x USB-A 3.1 Gen1 (5G), 1 x 3.5 mm TRRS audio/microphone jack, 1 x RJ45 Ethernet 1Gbps, 1 x SD card and 1 x micro-SD/TF card reader
  • Triple 4K Displays: The universal docking station can connect to three external displays via triple DisplayPort outputs. Supports up to 4K Ultra HD displays on external large screen TVs and 4K compatible displays. It provides an excellent viewing experience, whether it’s a very sharp picture or an incredibly smooth video.
  • USB-C and USB-A inputs: The dock also comes with a universal host cable with a USB-C to USB-A adapter to accommodate both USB-C and USB-A laptops.
  • 100W Laptop Charging: The Dock allows you to charge your laptop with up to 100W of power. This allows for a complete single-cable solution that allows you to add multiple displays, USB accessories, Gigabit Ethernet, headphones/mics and charge your laptop simultaneously.
  • Warranty and Support: The ALOGIC warranty includes a two-year warranty and guarantees fast response to product issues that the customer sends a message to the seller’s account.

ALOGIC Triple 4k Display Universal Docking Station Dx3 – Satisfied

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ALOGIC Triple 4k Display Universal Docking Station Dx3 – Satisfied

ALOGIC Triple 4k Display Universal Docking Station Dx3 – Satisfied

ALOGIC Triple 4k Display Universal Docking Station Dx3 – Satisfied

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