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Easy to install and use, linked mine to an existing surround sound system for the full cinema experience, looked at many projectors before choosing the s1. This is definitely the best value for money for a true 1080 hd projector.

When looking for a projector i had a specific criteria in mind,picture resolutionpicture brightnesssoundpricethe wimius video projector hit the mark for me in all areas, the picture resolution came in at 1920x1080p with a brightness level that you could view in a reasonably bright room. Sound was important as i didn’t want to buy a sound bar, the projector advertised 10w stereo speakers and on listening to it i was very happy as it didn’t sound thinny. The sound level was not to bad, similar your average tv, but if you are looking for that cinema experience then you can add a sound bar. My expectation for a native resolution of 1920x1080p was to be paying 300+ euros, i took a chance on the wimius video projector at €130 and i can honestly say it didn’t disappoint. I would be very happy to recommend this product as excellent value for the specification you are getting.

For an inexpensive projector for an outdoor movie night or to entertain the kids, the wimius s4 is a good value. Just know going in that the picture quality (colors, sharpness and brightness) will, although good, be nowhere near what you get with a dedicated home theater projector (i have a jvc x790 rated at 1900 lumens and the jvc is much, much brighter with vastly superior picture quality than these inexpensive projectors claiming 7000+ lumens), but that’s not what these inexpensive chinese brands are intended for. With these, you get what you pay for: a good image that’ll serve its purpose well. Pros:* inexpensive* small, light, portable* two hdmi connections* comes with a vga cable if needed* good bluetooth speaker support* build quality seems solid* sliding lens cover* plays videos from a thumb drive* built-in speakers are adequatecons:* no optical zoom (digital only)* some “light bleed” around edges* 1080/24p playback isn’t smooth* limited placement flexibility* no “4d” keystone correction* basic picture settings only* brightness is nowhere near 7200 lumens* can only be used in fairly dark rooms* fan is fairly loud* no carrying case included* illuminated buttons on top are too bright** some units may have or or allow debris inside on lcd that is visible onscreenoverall, people who buy a $300 projector should know that it comes with its limitations (and is nowhere near the claimed brightness) but, other than that, it’s easy to see the appeal of a projector you can take to a friend’s place or bring with you on a family camping trip. Edit 11/22: it seems that the internal lcd panel is not a closed system and may be susceptible to dust and small debris (or controls at the manufacturing facility are lacking). I suddenly had a particle of some sort inside on the lcd panel, resulting in a fairly large black blob on the projected image. I was able to dislodge it with a gentle shake of the projector, but knowing that this problem is there means i’ll have to return the projector. Edit 11/25: i purchased a second s4 to see if i was simply unlucky the first time. Unfortunately, the second unit had multiple small particles on the internal lcd component that were immediately noticeable upon power-up.

Great projector, picture quality is amazing , the photo doesn’t do it justice. Sound could be better but in a small room it’s fine, throw on the projector is great, got it fitting a 120 inch screen but had to use the digital zoom to get it to fit. Keystone is also pretty good.

Awesome picture very impressive item for the money no brainer best projector iv ownedcan’t fault it good sound and easy setupnice little remote toogreat looking alsovery happy would recommend to anyoneimpressed with everything about it.

This is a great projector, i’ve used it during the day with only the blinds pulled and the picture was still very good. Of an evening it’s even better. The sound is perfect for what i will use it for, just in the house for film nights.

We love ( especially my children ) this projector. It casts exceptional image quality with vibrant colors. I use 100′ screen without issues. Pros: bluetooth, two hdmi ports, native 1080p, value of moneycons: i did not find any cons till now. However i would say there is room to improve the inbuilt speakers/audio quality. Final conclusion: a must buy.

So – i’ve been looking for a projector for quite a while now. It needed to have a few things for me to consider it as a viable purchase. Firstly i was looking for native 1080p – check. And secondly, it needed to be within a price range i considered acceptable – check. I have to say, i am really impressed with this projector out of the box, it’s bright, the image quality is very good (and that’s just on the wall, looking forward to trying at on a good screen). The sound through the speakers is good and definitely loud enough with enough quality to suit most users. I’m also surprised by the fan as it’s a lot quieter than i expected. All in all, it’s a great projector at a great price.

  • Great projector!
  • Very very impressed
  • Brilliant

5g Wifi Bluetooth Projector, Wimius 9500 Lumens Full Hd Native 1080p Projector, Wifi Projector Support 4k& 4-Point Keystone, Zoom-50%, Home Theater&outdoor Video Projector For Ios/Android/Pc/Ps5/Ppt

The projector is a good one for the $200-$300 arena. I bought it for an outdoor application and it suits that purpose. It’s bright enough at dusk to watch a movie into the evening. The sound is adequate at close range, but realistically you’ll want an external sound source. Settings are easy to use and the throw is good at 10ft. Overall, i’m happy with the purchase.

I really enjoy the quality and picture of the projector. I wanted to buy a big tv screen but it was so expensive so i got this which is portable and can watch anywhere i want even when i am laying down and put the picture on the ceiling. It has very good quality which i dont feel that i need to buy the tv. The manual was easy to understand and very clear with instructions. We used an hdmi cord that plugs into the iphone. The picture was clear and high quality. The speakers put out good sound however, we will use our home audio system instead to create a theater experience.

I have a great experience and fun with this projector; connect to the bluetooth speaker and surprised with the high-quality sound and real full hd and bright picture. If you are looking for a high-quality projector at a reasonable price, this is absolutely your choice.

So – i’ve been looking for a projector for quite a while now. It needed to have a few things for me to consider it as a viable purchase. Firstly i was looking for a 1080p projector and secondly, it needed to be within a price range i considered acceptable £100-£200i have to say, i am really impressed with this projector out of the box, it’s bright, the image quality is very good (and that’s just on the wall, looking forward to trying at on a good screen). The sound through the speakers is good and definitely loud enough with enough quality to suit most people, the fans are very quiet which is also a bonus.Couldn’t recommend this projector enough.

I got this product couple of months ago and been loving it ever sincethe picture quality is great, the bluetooth function is great, connects easily to my bluetooth speakersit’s easy to adjust the screen size and zoom. And it was super easy to mount it to my ceiling as well. My experience has been great to far with this wimius bluetooth projectori would recommend this to anyone who is looking for an affordable and easy and quick to set up projector.

Bought a couple all were crap. This is a little gem, really dont hesitate youll love it.

Having bought and returned several projectors. . This is top notch and is truly native 1080p as the others had scaled down. The digital 4d keystone screen fitting is superb as others at this price have manual wheel which are rubbish. Look no further this is the one.

The media could not be loaded.  this is a brilliant projector for the price, i managed to get it for £65 which is a steal. But even at the discounted £100 mark it’s impressive. The colours and brightness are more than acceptable. Sharpness and focus of the image are great, i have attached screenshots and a video of the quality from the youtube video ‘costa rica 4k’. Please note although this video is high quality to begin the video is only ran at native 1080p 60fps on the laptop and not down sampled from 4k, the projector is roughly 3m or just over away from the wall which is painted a grey colour so absorbed some light. Also the curtains are drawn and it’s still light outside at time of shooting so can only imagine in pitch blackness how great it would look. The built in 10w speakers which granted are not cinema quality are more than adequate and the sound is surprisingly acceptable to watch with and decently loud. Fan noise is a bit annoying and my unit has a slight whine but it’s not intrusive once the actions going. Overall i’m deeply impressed with this ‘budget projector’ and would recommend it.

  • Great projector!
  • Very very impressed
  • Brilliant

5g Wifi Bluetooth Projector, Wimius 9500 Lumens Full Hd Native 1080p Projector, Wifi Projector Support 4k& 4-Point Keystone, Zoom-50%, Home Theater&outdoor Video Projector For Ios/Android/Pc/Ps5/Ppt

The media could not be loaded.  i’m so glad that i purchased this projector. I’ve always wanted to set up a little home theatre, and this budget-friendly projector has excelled my expectations. Not only it shows great colours, it’s also bright enough that i can have my lamp on while seeing a movie fine (of course the colours won’t be as vivid as when the room is completely dark, but it’s still pretty amazing). This projector is very easy to set up, and i love that it can connects to a bluetooth speaker too. I highly recommend this product.

In light of moving into student housing, i needed a more compact solution than a tv, and i figured the projector was a great fit. The projector does a very good job with throw distance, and the lamp life seems to be much better than averagethe only thing i will note is that the projector is a little louder than you would expect, and the feet on the bottom can be easy to miss. Of course, i’d also definitely recommend pairing it with a good projector screen for upmost quality. Great value and would recommend.

The quality was unexpected good, screen was adjustable and it was clear enough just like a hd tv. The projector has its own speaker which we have no doubt on it and it was easy to set up. Extremely in love with this now and give up on planning to buy a new tv. Very sure we won’t regret on buying this and gladly now we have our own small cinema in our living room. We used this to enjoyed our movie every night before we go to bed.

The media could not be loaded. Video quality drops a bit on high movement but the sound quality and overall picture fidelity is great. Not tried it playing video games as of yet, only watched one movie so can’t comment on fps for games but i would 100% recommended this projector.

Overall a good budget projector, clear bright image and very easy to use. Remote is responsive and lots of setup options are available to adjust the image to your liking.

Brilliant projector and well worth the money. Turn your garden into a cinema . We are using a fire stick which works really well.

Excellent 1080p projector without breaking the bank. The bluetooth easily connected to my sound bar for surround sound. I really like how you can change the size of the screen to fit your wall or screen. The double hdmi port is awesome and connects to google chrome cast.

For the price paid i honestly can’t fault this unit. I was in the market for a low cost projector in the £150-£250 range that would be used in my garden room. 2 hdmi inputs, vga, rca and usb connections. I was somewhat spoilt for choice with different method of media connectivity. The 4d key stone adjustment through the remote it a nice touch. It does have an integral speaker however i have this connected through a av unit but when i did use the internal speaker i was happy with the results. As for the price paid i was fortunate enough to get this for £119 and i have to say as far as bang for buck this is up there. I’m getting 110” screen at 3. 2mts away which is big enough and still gives decent picture quality.

The value for money compared to a tv is great. Sharp picture and the ability to adjust screen shape is great when the projector is pointed at an angle.

WiMiUS 5g Wifi Bluetooth Projector :         Amazing quality and value for the purchase price

Absolutely amazing projector, native 1080p unlike lots of others projectors which only upscale from 720p. The set up is easy with a digital cornerstone settings. Great for gaming on the switch and movie nights.

Sometimes the edges are blurred no matter what i do and most of the time it is a bit lopsided, one side is smaller than the other. It doesn’t bother me though, because it genuinely works well. The sound isn’t that well in my opinion, but i just use my headphones. I am sure by using blue tooth speakers or what have you will make the sound much better.

My daughters love to watch movie-style movies. Well, since you can’t be going to places so crowded by the pandemic, it occurred to me to buy a projector to watch movies like I did a few years ago with friends. Anyway, I didn’t want anything too expensive, but a simple and inexpensive projector. For that, I see this one perfect. It has even exceeded my expectations. Tell you that the projector comes in a small carrying bag. He didn’t get here with blows, or hints of opening the box. Excellent logistics service. Already in operation, the projector is tiny. Setting up is easy, even if you don’t have any knowledge in projectors. In my case, I connected it both by cable, and by Wifi, and in both cases the result was spectacular. The image it offers is beautiful. The colors are suitable, quite warm. There’s not that much pixel either, and besides, the brightness level seems to me more than enough for a place with the lights off. If your goal is to see it in a brightly lit place, I doubt that it is the right one, although the same and projectors always have a better experience in a low-light environment. Audio quality is the only skinny point. It’s not that it sounds bad, but it sounds a little low for our liking. I ended up connecting it to the speaker, and that’s it.

This projector is really perfect for its price, its image is sharp, clear and shows true colors. The sound is crisp and enough for standard use. One of the options that I liked in this projector is Bluetooth, so you can connect the sound bars wirelessly and thus feel like you are in the cinema. Also, connect my smartphone (Samsung S8) by wire or WiFi to the projector and thus have the mirror effect. The lens admits a sliding lid that keeps it away from dust. If I have to recommend this projector, I will highly recommend it.

The media could not be loaded.  i have never brought a projector before and spent a while looking at different ones, i settled on this one. It arrived fast and was easy to set up and use with fire tv stick, now tv and nintendo switch which is all i have tried so far. Sound is pretty good but would be even better with a sound bar. We need a bigger projector screen for full effect, but this projector has more than surpassed our expectations. Itll be great for movie nights and hot tub nights. Its viewable even in a room with daylight but is obviously much better in dark.

The projector was a perfect fit – it did everything that was promised of it. The delivery was smooth and all the components were there. We’ve used it in different locations with different screens / and walls, including outside. It’s refresh rate is good even for gaming on our xbox to get a bit of work-life balance.

I’ve been considering a projector for a while, but have always assumed you would need to pay a few hundred pounds to get anything worth having. After shopping around trying to find a genuine 1080p projector, (the majority advertise as ‘supporting’ 1080p, though the output is 720p) i came across this one and decided to give it a go based on other reviews. At half the price of most other projectors of similar quality, this is an absolute bargain. The projector cost around £100 when purchased and was easily worth that, if not more. With the extra money that’s been saved, i’ve combined the projector with a screen and stand for an incredible ‘mini home cinema’ experience. Even during the summer months when the sun is going down later than usual, we were able to watch a film in the garden() once it had gone a little darker. The brightness of the projector is amazing and looks even better indoors in a darkened room. The picture quality, as mentioned above, appears to be one of very few genuine 1080p outputs – the advertising of most other projectors made it very difficult to find one of the quality i was looking for. This projector, however, looks super crisp – i set this up with my nintendo switch to see how gaming feels and didn’t struggle to read and small text or find i needed to adjust my eyes in any way. For films, the colours look vibrant and genuinely stunning.

It has 1k resolution which is adequate for video projection. We projected to the wall directly and the pictures were sharp enough. It would be better if you have a screen. Bluetooth speaker could be connected and its included speaker also works fine. I have thought it was a tiny one but it’s in fact a normal size projector.

The all important picture quality is fantastic, love the surround sound feature. Has to be the best projector on the market at this price point. This is my second projector, so pleased i decided to replace my old one for this.

Features and Spesification

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  • 【9500 Lumens Full HD 1080P WiFi Bluetooth Projector Support 4K】The 9500 Lumens brightness results in a gentle light, producing clear images in an indoor environment. With full HD 1080p resolution, high contrast 15000:1, W6 home projector perfectly balanced color, sharp, crystal-clear image with crisp shadow details, thanks to an premium glass optical system delivers the finest image quality in its class. WiMiUS W6 video projector brings the true movie theater experience to your home.
  • 【5G/2.4G Dual-band WiFi Connection Screen Mirroring and Bluetooth 5.1 Function】 The wireless mirroring to project content from mobile devices onto a large projection screen, but kindly note it, all LCD wireless projector doesn’t support Netflix from Amazon Prime and Hulu when wireless connection via cellphone, but you could use amazon fire stick(NOT INCLUDED). It can also be paired with Bluetooth speakers enable audio products as well as support many other common connectivity options.
  • 【Advanced 4-Point Digital Adjustment & Zoom Function】The biggest feature of our W6 1080p projector is the innovative 4-point keystone correction and upgraded 4D keystone correction. Horizontal and vertical correction function in 4D, while the 4P keystone realizes that the 4 corners of the picture can all be adjusted separately, more practical, convenient and user-friendly. With zoom 50%-100% function, it can shrink the image size to -50% using the remote without moving the projector.
  • 【Presentation via USB & Multimedia Projector for Home Entertainment】 WiMiUS W6 Bluetooth Full HD 1080P WiFi projector incorporates a new function that can read PPT, PDF, Excels, Words directly through USB memory, without the need to connect it to a PC or computer, which distinguishes it from other projectors on the market. The multimedia projector features an HDMI input for the TV products, video game, PCs, laptops, DVDs etc. It also has USB / AV input, as well as a 3.5mm mini jack output.
  • 【Professional Technical Support 】 WiMiUS TV projector’s pure LED lamp displays natural and rich colors, and will last up to an estimated 150,000 hours.Place it on a tabletop or the floor and move from room to room (or building to building) as needed for work or fun. WiMiUS offers a 3-year technical service. Rest assured to buy our W6 phone projector and any questions let us know and contact our after-sales service by mail in the user manual immediately, and you will receive a quick solution.

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