Wed. May 18th, 2022

On Monday night’s episode of American Idol, contestant Saylor Woodmansee’s voice split at an audition and Jay Copeland received a final platinum ticket.

Lionel Richie told Saylor it had to do with her losing her voice and it happened to him during the show.

“I really love your voice. I love you so much.” said Luke.

The judges gave her a Hollywood Golden Ticket.

Jay then impressed the judges with a cover of Stevie Wonder.

Lionel said. “Your talent is out of the chain.”

Meanwhile, Morgan Gruber’s audition aired Monday night, and it was revealed that Katy and Luke made a “Top 20” on paper during the audition.

“It was amazing,” Katie said. “There aren’t that many criticisms of you.”

Monday Night’s episode wrapped up the season’s auditions, and the show moves on to next week’s Hollywood Weekly.

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