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Very good value for money The image is really clean even at 4 m distance I advise for small budgets

Hello better than I expected good image lacks a little contrast but it has a good image without light very good sound.good portability happy with the purchase price quality.tony

After buying 2 large format projectors, I was looking for a small model to project videos outdoors this summer. I set my sights on this OTHA model that offers a welcome tripod for my use and a contained price. It comes in a small suitcase surrounded by foam to protect the whole, very good first impression. It runs on Android 9.0 and has many applications from the start such as YouTube or Netflix. Very good image quality in a dark room, but lacks a bit of brightness in a bright room. Despite the heat and brightness set to the max, the fan is very discreet and cools the device perfectly. Very astonished by the sound, with very present bass and no crackling, this is clearly its strong point. The wifi has a good range, I had no problem when using in my garden far from my box. The remote is well thought out, I particularly like the texture of it and the finishes of the whole. Little regret about the incompatibility with Molotov, but it is a great product to which I give 5 stars.

Since the vacation has fallen into the water several times now, we decided to take a vacation with the motorhome and switch off something. Of course, you can use a small TV in the camper, but we’re traveling with friends and want to sit together in the evening, watch football or watch a movie. That’s why we picked up this projector and a screen and attach this screen to the caravan and the projector comes on the table. The projector is powered by the LTE router with the Internet and off you go. ” What’s in it? – Projector – tripod – carrying case – remote control – power supply – HDMI cable ” advantages and disadvantages WiFi connectivity Android OS (though 9.0, but it’s all going great) directly YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. pre-installed 5200 mAh battery (hence without power cable can be used) very light and compact (500g) super workmanship and operation good sound from the integrated speakers many playback options good image quality and brightness (for size) keystone correction (trap correction) only Android 9.0 low contrast ” 🟡 Notes ️ ️ Of course this is not a high-performance projector which can be used to shine a screen in sunlight. ️ Darkened room or no sunlight outside is mandatory when using the projector. ️ You can still get some image quality when using a canvas. ️ Conclusion So small yet so big. The mini projector really makes a great impression and is a real addition to your holiday. The built-in battery is really gold and you don’t have to search for a socket and lay cables every time. The operation and the range of functions also convinced us. In terms of image quality, it is absolutely fine and is enough for typical applications such as watching videos and viewing images. Buy recommendation? — I hope I’ve been able to make a useful contribution with my review. Thank you so much!

When first used, I have the impression (as other reviews have written) that the internal battery does not last long, but, since the input is 12 volts, it is also easy to find an alternative solution. The PC only connects through the HDMI port, there is probably a method to connect the pc to the projector differently, but I haven’t found it yet. Maybe the HDMI cable is a little short for my taste, but it’s not a big deal. I appreciated the manual keystone correction: you can adjust each angle individually. It is very useful when the projection is, for one reason or another, “oblique”. All in all, a nice device. It would be great if the internal battery lasts longer.

Super surprise: this pico protector is a super value taken Surprisingly compact, beautiful, super quiet, about 2 hours of autonomy, and quite decent brightness, even with light. Anyone who saw it work is asking me for references. Super satisfied with this purchase!!!!!

So yes, I know, it’s announced, but the brightness is low. Not suitable for the use I had planned. For the same price, we find small video projectors (not “pico”, of course) much brighter.

Mediocre picture – can only be used in dark rooms better than the other competitors. at this price you had a super nice complete pack protective case with a foot line a storage cable+a big case to store everything with a controller that responds well when pressed with an image and are of quality. personally I recommend it.

  • Android Projector On the Go!

Otha Mini Projector Portable, Android 9.0 Wifi Projector with 150ansi Lumens, Outdoor Dlp Projector Built-In Battery, Movie Projector Support 1080p, Bluetooth Speaker, Hdmi Usb Devices

Superb product. Buy for my 6-year-old daughter. she takes her projector or she wants in the house. Without wires, with wifi. Hyper good quality both the image and the sound. The signal of the remote control is a bit weak but compared to the quality of the product it is a detail.

The media could not be loaded.  this is a very compact size portable projector that has android os running on it & has a 5200mah inbuilt battery that can be useful to watch a movie with sound once fully charged. (gave me about hour and few min of use) that is the main reason for this purchase as i can take it with me when i travel. Also, this came with a small remote/hdmi cable / power adapter & a small tripod. They all came inside a nice carry case though. More importantly, it has decent video & audio quality as you can see in my attached video. I even use this in the daytime just closing my curtains. Furthermore, i can mirror my iphone screen in real-time. Can use bluetooth keyboard & mouse to browse internet thanks to the inbuilt web browser. The only downside is to navigate the menu or access the on-screen keyboard using the remote controller as it takes ages.

To be a mini projector, I am happy with the product. Good sound, easy to use The image is somewhat dark, lacking luminosity.

For what I paid, I was surprised by the quality of the image and the goodness of the sound. The big advantage is that it is easily transported and does not need power so it can also be used outdoors (obviously in dark conditions). Easy to set up. Satisfied.

I was circumspect. I am seduced. It is amazing that such a small camera, smaller than my hand, is capable of giving such image quality, and such sound quality! Nevertheless, do not try to use it in bright daylight, it is still a small device to watch a video at night or in the open air in the dark. At night the image will be beautiful and clear. Sound power is acceptable if there is no hubbub around you. Otherwise, plan an extra speaker. Flawless wifi connection, easy connection to Netflix and others. Possibility to use the device as a Bluetooth speaker, in this case of course the projector turns off and turns into a Bluetooth connected speaker. Congratulations to the manufacturer, he offers us a beautiful soft case that contains not only the charger, the remote control but also a mini tripod. The device has a battery that I haven’t tested for yet. USB stick connection possible, I removed a star because they could have provided a micro SD input. The use is intuitive, Android TV is offered, the remote control is beautifully crafted and simple to use. In the end, I, who knew the old video projectors with weak lighting, with a blurred image outline, I am impressed by the technological advances of our time! I don’t regret my purchase. I hope this device will just last. With a special cable that I ordered separately, I was able to connect my galaxy note 20 directly to this device (USB C – hdmi). So possibility to directly watch movies stored on my all without power supply while autonomy of both devices. amazing! Finally, do not make the same forgetfulness as me, take the opportunity to order a retractable screen or foldable fabric!

I’m just excited about this small device. The image quality is as seen in the picture, completely satisfactory. I used a tile cloth as a canvas, so I suspect that the picture will be even better if it is on a real canvas or on a white wall. Even in daylight, you can see everything. I think it’s particularly good that you get a bag along with the projector, as well as the remote control. There were also no problems downloading my apps or logging in. There were no problems with the delivery and I had the package within a day. All in all, I have nothing to complain about so far

So if you want the projector to stream Netflix & Co., at home, you have a product that is ok for the price. However, I had bad problems updating the apps installed on it, mainly due to the fact that the remote control does not respond to certain action buttons that need to be activated when you call up Netflix and want to log in, for example. But now I’ve only tried it for 10 minutes (I know something like this and it usually works immediately) – maybe a solution will be found. What is not possible, however, and that was our primary goal to use the projector with HDMI. We wanted to have a cool projector for on the go/outdoor with which you can play HDMI content. HDMI itself also recognizes the part, but it doesn’t work with audio content such as Dolby Digital etc. We connected a small smart Blu-ray player and video image also runs great, but we didn’t have a chance with the sound. No sound. No purchase. That thing’s going back.

First of all, the note – it is a 480p native projector. At longer distances to the canvas/wall, the image quality is pixelated. Therefore, I would recommend a maximum distance to the wall of 2m. The projector is small, handy and very stylish. The Android operating system is a great idea. This allows streaming without a TVStick or dongle. Keystone correction and zoom are playfully easy – the more corrected, but the more the image quality suffers. Absolutely outstanding is the sound of this projector – madness what is created from this small particle for sound. The projector itself is also very quiet. Overall a top product with many great features. After I found no space at a distance of 2m myself, unfortunately the device had to be returned (as I said, but you could have known this before, at 480p native). I would also like to highlight the friendly service of the seller.

  • Android Projector On the Go!

Otha Mini Projector Portable, Android 9.0 Wifi Projector with 150ansi Lumens, Outdoor Dlp Projector Built-In Battery, Movie Projector Support 1080p, Bluetooth Speaker, Hdmi Usb Devices

The mini projector is already my second portable projector from Otha in use. The first model has been doing its job faithfully for a good 4 years, but of course it is technically on a completely different level than this small all-rounder! The reason for the new purchase was that I needed another device to transport between work and home. It is actually like its predecessor, a “pimped” presentation projector in extremely small guises, but with its focus on the use of all common apps, a real win, that much can be revealed in advance. This makes it interesting for anyone who likes a mini projector for pure home entertainment but also for office purposes, as it has the possibilities of a modern compact digital “visualizer”. For all those who are looking for a “multi-device”, I can absolutely recommend the Otha to date! In recent days, I have used the projector both at my workplace to demonstrate a presentation I had prepared via a notebook via an online conference and to display jpeg. Files via Android smartphone. and my notebook under Windows 10. Both worked absolutely great. But it was darkened before the beginning. With thick curtains, so that it was somewhat dark in our “oval office”. Compared to some other providers on the market, I found it practical to focus on the device itself at any time, which was not the case with the Anker device, for example, which I had borrowed in the meantime. Most mini projectors (at least that I have met so far) unfortunately miss this. Operation via battery operation or optional mains plug is no problem and in both cases a good choice. What I really liked is that the fan seems to have been reworked. It is not nearly as loud as it was in the previous model. It is still perceptible, but it is absolutely no longer disturbing. The note is also very portable. After a few experiments, a screen diagonal of approx. 250 cm – 280 cm has been agreed in which the image can still be displayed in sharp and accurate detail. I like it, because we have now paired two portable stereo speakers via Bluetooth via the notebook and thus have a cinema-light experience for “just now”. At home, the projector has also found its right to exist. For watching a Bundesliga match on the screen with friends or when projecting feature films in the bedroom on the white ceiling (here with a tripod, because my previous tripod is too small to properly support the mini projector), the little comrade has proved its worth here. In terms of price and size, I am not demanding a full-fledged homecinema projector, but I am happy about the multifunctional use of the device, which does not take up much space and is ready for use within a few seconds. So in terms of user-friendliness, it’s an absolute asset for us. The connection to the home WiFi also worked without any problems with our Fritz Box 7590! The same goes for playing together via my Android smartphone and notebook. I would like to describe the workmanship of the mini projector as very valuable and the controls work very accurately without much pressing around on the device. The positive features summarized: – the versatile application of the device – the many playback options of my favorite streaming services Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, Disney+ – the very good image reproduction for my terms (I have some comparison pictures and a small video in complete darkened room) – the problem-free playback options via USB, HDMI, WiFi, etc. – a variety of playable media formats such as mp4, divx, jpeg, bmp, png, avi, wmv, asf etc. – the onboard sound is very great – very good workmanship – equipment with 1 x HDMI, 1x USB, 1 x audio out 1 x You can now certainly argue whether a device with these characteristics actually deserves 3, 4 or 5 stars. However, since my experience so far made it a perfect fit for me and I quickly became confident and familiar with the device, I can personally recommend it absolutely and think that it can be an absolute enrichment for multi-users who are interested in quick and uncomplicated commissioning. 5 stars very satisfied by me personally and I am looking forward to many more years with an Otha projector!

It’s just what I wanted, only I had problems after updating the system, it didn’t let me connect for airplay, I had to factory reset and not update anymore. But it works perfectly.

I trusted but very disappointed problem of wifi and mobile phone Samsung the laptop does not recognize the projector 2 mail message to the after-sales service OTHA no reply to date after 1 week P.S: wifi does not work with a lenovo laptop while I do not have wifi problems

Very good product Overall everything seems to correspond to the services announced However, I have a doubt about the battery To see in time

Arrived in 2 days, earlier than expected. I got it as a Christmas present. Great product, I was very satisfied. I’ve tried if it works on cabinet doors, but you can see that video and audio are perfect. Android 9. I recommend it to everyone!

A great projector for the money, was positively surprised by the quality. Fast delivery, very attentive customer contact, first impression of the device very good

A mini projector for an occasion here and there should be, said done. After some research, I came across this projector. Ultimately, one of my best decisions was to buy this mini projector for me. Design ★★★★★ The Otha mini projector is a very small all-rounder, its native 480p does not deter it, because it can handle images from 1080P very well! With its small dimensions and matching carry bag, it is the perfect companion for on-the-go. Assembly and connections ★★★★★ Super easy, super quick to set up! Whether via WiFi, hotspot, Bluetooth, miracast, airplay or directly via HDMI or USB, the playback is extremely versatile and works playfully thanks to the great interface. Therefore, no wishes should be left unfulfilled here when playing. The right place should not be a problem with this size. Whether in the living room, dining room or even in the garden shed, no matter where, no matter when, the Otha mini projector can be found everywhere. Thanks to the included tripod and remote control, there’s really everything you need. Operation ★★★★★ The Otha mini projector has the ability to navigate through the menu on the head side, and I like the fact that these poppers are illuminated to find their way around even in the dark. Of course, a remote control is also included. The interface itself is very clear and you can find your way around here. You can also integrate other apps and customize everything according to your needs. Picture and sound ★★★★★ ★ Image quality The image can be seen and user settings can even make the image brighter or even darken more sparingly. Running time can be stretched a bit, especially in battery mode. The automatic alignment keystone (keystone correction) works well and does not require any rework. Although the projector only delivers 480p it in full glory, the colors look as strong as the luminosity of the projector itself. As is known, various settings of the image can be set, so that the image can be projected upside down or even mirrored. Zoom also allows the image to be scaled to the appropriate size at a longer distance. ★ Sound quality surprised and almost impressed me by the sound from the projector. Unbelievable how good it is. This 3D sound really does justice to the name here and completely convinces me. Thanks to the jack on the projector, you can also connect a loudspeaker or headphones here. But I’m sure you’ll be thrilled by the sound. Conclusion ★★★★★ Anyone looking for a projector for specific occasions, such as a movie night with friends, for a lecture, watching holiday pictures with friends or watching football in the garden shed, will definitely enjoy this projector. The projector has fully convinced me at every point. And the fact that this one has a slightly lower resolution does not disregard him. The image is clear and powerful and can also be absolutely convincing in this resolution.

What I like most, compact, looks great what I like the least, which does not have for USB charging, only 220w

For several weeks that I have been using this projector, it is very functional. I had a big projector but not adapted to my needs (bulky, noisy, not very mobile). I move it regularly, on a larger tripod than the one provided, it goes very well, except for the brightness. It would have been necessary to have a more powerful source; for images that are a little dark, it is difficult to see. On the sound side, it’s more than enough. You can connect a speaker but Bluetooth connection is not recommended (image/sound offset). Very good product and solid (fell once, he did not flinch).

OTHA Mini Projector Portable :         Android Projector On the Go!

Great picture, very quiet fan and good equipment ***** The person receiving the gift was very satisfied. Everything is perfect! Great product.

Pretty good for the price. Good image quality even if the room is not in the dark. The only (big) disappointment: the battery lasts less than two hours. obligation to plug in to watch a movie. It’s a shame.

Frankly it’s great! It only takes up a tiny place and it feels like we were in the movies we were amazed at the quality of the sound and the image! No TV in the bedroom! No! A movie! By the practicality of being able to adjust the rectangle even when the overhead projector is not in front, example photo on the bedside table, on the right and the results framed in the center of the wall the sound is great I insist. The only small problem is the little noise of the fan when you turn the sound to the minimum ‘that’s it. What’s great is also all the applications that you can put in Molotov for example to watch Netflix TV etc. That there is a timer to turn off to fall asleep without spoiling all these episodes of Netflix by turning on the next day, LOL. Because of the loop playback in short we are seduced and we have not yet tested Outside in the garden for example for a soccer match, rugby or outdoor cinema with the family Chacunsontransat! In short Tip Top! Only yesterday the remote control a bit basic BUT we were able to connect a much more practical mini keyboard to usb To search for the title of QD movies WE type letter after letter, C’EST TT. VERY GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY

Unfortunately, the sharpness is not enough for office applications I received my product a week ago and tested it and at the moment it works perfectly. The sound is very good compared to other models that I have been able to test before! The image is very bright and can be adjusted the remote is functional I am delighted! All you have to do is cross your fingers so that it lasts

Amazing quality and very cool to stand up with the included stand. All you have to do is pay attention to the brightness when you want to operate the device outside.

use for several months and still works just as well! good brightness with all the interesting apps (Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video etc.) It can be taken anywhere and adapts to any type of walls/supports thanks to manual changes in the menu if needed otherwise it can also be adjusted automatically.

Technical problem after less than a year of use, the image is black and white. no more color. no one answers after-sales service questions.

As big as a can of cola. Image quality is perfect for presentations. Watching movies also works according to satisfaction. Amazingly good brightness. Screen mirroring with mobile phones also works flawlessly and easily. Compact all-rounder little money. Of course, you have to understand that, like any projector, it never produces the picture like a television, but that’s not a priority for my applications either.

I recommend it. You can take it everywhere with its storage bag. Ideal when you don’t have room for a TV. Really super happy with this purchase.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 【Android 9.0 Mini Projector】♫ Built-in Google Play Store & Aptoide app, you can download and install apps from the store. 2GB/32GB Memory, effortlessly transfer your streamings, media apps, Netflix movies, YouTube videos and much more. It supports 1080p and native resoltion 854 x 480P. Projection area from 30 inches to 120 inches. The fun has no end. It is a popular and delicate gift for all ages.
  • 【Portable Projector】♫ Portable (7.8 * 7.8 * 14cm) and lightweight (500g) pocket mini projector. Built-in 5200mAh rechargeable battery which can last 2.5-3 hours after full charge. With ± 40 keystone correction, zoom function and a 100% offset projection function upwards. The projector supports trapezoidal correction in HDMI status.
  • 【LED DLP Projector】♫ Thanks to the innovative DLP technology, the life of the LED bulb is approximately 45,000 hours. The OTHA Mini Beamer is equipped with a powerful dual stereo HiFi speaker (5W), which delivers higher tones, precise alto and powerful bass. Just like you brought home the cinema. Perfect for home theater, party or camping entertainment in a relatively dark environment.
  • 【HDMI WiFi Projector】♫ The video projector can be compatible with various devices with USB and HDMI, such as PC, PS4, Fire TV Stick, U-disk, etc. You can mirror pictures and videos from your phone via WiFi (Airplay, Miracast, Eshare) or via a USB cable, or connect to your speaker via Bluetooth. Very suitable for outdoor travel and watching videos without restricting the power cord.
  • 【Thoughtful Design and Service】♫ With the control buttons, you can easily navigate menus and more right from the device. The projector can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker. The package contains a mini projector, remote control, power supply, tripod, HDMI cable, carrying case and instruction manual. OTHA offers a 90-day money back guarantee and lifetime professional support service.

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