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I used it as a very bright and clear display at the campsite. Open spaces require external speakers, but onboard speakers are great for rooms. An hour and a half battery life (suitable for one movie) comes with a case which is a big plus.

This is not android tv 9. Interfaces and app markets are different. You cannot use legitimate netflix, espn or hulu apps. It’s still a good portable projector for the price, but I was really disappointed with the app restrictions.

This is one of the best budget portable projectors you can get at the low $200 price point. It’s small, and has a decent battery to play a full movie when you’re away or power is not available. Best in low light, pictures are sharp, bright, and colors are very good. The biggest surprise (not blurry or pixelated) was the sound. The dual speakers are bigger and have a deeper tone than the more expensive 1080p units I paid over $800 for. I bought this to have a BBQ at hulu and watch live sports live next to my house in the evenings. It also works well with the built-in Wi-Fi. I also connected a portable hard drive to the USB port for downloaded shows/movies and it works perfectly. The auto-correct option works great as far as axis/screen adjustments go. My only complaint is that this projector was originally advertised as having dlp 3d capabilities, but it doesn’t.

Great little device – the video and sound quality is amazing. I wish the battery life was a little longer, but still can pretty much finish a two-hour movie.

I really like this projector. It’s more expensive than most, but I’ve seen this have advantages compared to others. The speakers are fantastic for their size (with plenty of bass, very clear and good volume). I was really impressed with this. Battery life is 2-2. Works great when plugged in and can be connected to a spare battery for outdoor movie marathons. Being able to use it outdoors was the main reason I bought it. It is very easy to use. I was able to easily connect my phone and mirror the screen. If you really like this product and are looking for a portable mini projector, I recommend you try it.

Great for fully controlled and dark environments, as can be seen with low si projectors. According to my tests, the best distance is 100′ which projects 80′ in full darkroom. It can also project up to 120′ from a distance of 150′, but it’s a bit difficult to see if the scene is dark. The best screen I can get in a lit room is 18′ at a distance of 20′. I also found that the built-in YouTube could produce brighter images than using a firestick. I’ve tested the other features advertised and it works. You can easily mirror your screen on your phone and Airplay will also work as long as the app supports it. There are surprises about the speakers. It can produce stereo sound and the sound quality is good. What I mean is that the voice is clear and the bass is reasonable. The quality is better than some cheap TVs and bluetooth speakers.

A great little device for an outdoor movie night.

Anxonit Smart Mini Dlp Projector, 150 Ansi Lumens, Pico Portable Projector, Dual 5w Hi-Fi Speakers, Android 9.0 Bluetooth 5.0 Hdmi 2.0,5g iPhone Ipad Wi-Fi Airplay, Home Outdoor Cinema (Black)

Anxonit Smart Mini Dlp Projector, 150 Ansi Lumens, Pico Portable Projector, Dual 5w Hi-Fi Speakers, Android 9.0 Bluetooth 5.0 Hdmi 2.0,5g iPhone Ipad Wi-Fi Airplay, Home Outdoor Cinema (Black)

ANXONIT Smart Mini Dlp Projector:

Features and Specifications

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  • 【Advanced DLP Projector】DLP’s advanced IntelliBright algorithm technology provides vivid images of 150 ANSI lumens, native 854*480p resolution, 1080p/4k decoding support, hdr10+, 3-step brightness adjustment, zoom and automatic keystone correction. (not recommended for daytime use)
  • 【SMART ANDROID 9.0 OS】Smart Android projector runs streaming and media perfectly and displays content from Netflix/Youtube/Hulu/Prime videos seamlessly. You can download and install all your favorite apps from the Google Play Store. (Note: Copyright protected content from Netflix and similar services cannot be mirrored or screencast over the air.)
  • 【5G WiFi and HDMI Connection】This mini projector supports Airplay, Miracast and EShare, you can wirelessly connect your iPhone, iPad, Android mobile phone and laptop with the movie projector via 5G Wi-Fi or connect to a streaming device with HDMI cable . . Perfect for videos, TV series, photo sharing, cookie decorating activities, home theater playback.
  • 【BUILD IN HI-FI SPEAKERS & BATTERY】The video projector with 360° stereo 5w hi-fi speaker specially designed by Mark Levinson can also work as a separate bluetooth speaker. With a 5200mAh battery, this portable projector can be used continuously for 150 minutes in movie mode after fully charged and up to 360 minutes in Bluetooth speaker music mode. The perfect outdoor projector.
  • 【Professional Support】This projector comes with DC charger, HDMI cable, remote control, carrying case, tripod stand and user manual. ANXONIT offers 3-month free returns for a full refund and 2-year warranty, plus lifetime professional customer service and technical support. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

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