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Are you planning to import cars into Australia? Here’s what you need to know:

If you’re planning to import a car into Australia, whether you’re planning to live there or just visiting, there are a few things you need to know. Australia is very strict about importing vehicles and the information we will provide will help you better understand what you need to do.

Who can import cars into Australia?

The great thing about importing a car into Australia is that in theory anyone can do it. But before you can actually do it, you must be cleared of vehicle safety standards. This will ensure that your vehicle meets all safety requirements.

When you import a car into Australia, even if you do it through an imported car dealer, you must be subject to tariffs and GST (Goods and Services Tax) rates. Additional charges apply when importing vehicles subject to LCT (Luxury Car Tax).

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Importing a car is very easy if done properly.

customs valuation

The duty is based on the value of the imported vehicle and is calculated in Australian dollars. If you can prove that the vehicle was purchased for export to Australia for personal use, the duty will be based on the price you have already paid.

However, if there is unreliable information about the purchase, the customs price is based on an assessment by a qualified car appraiser. Sometimes this can actually lower customs prices, but usually your vehicle is valued higher than it actually is.

How does it work for tourists and temporary residents?

Both tourists and temporary residents can bring their vehicle, motorcycle, attached trailer or caravan into Australia. If you are exporting from Australia, you do not have to pay tax for up to 12 months.

To apply for this discount, you need one of two things:

  • Carnet de Passages en Douane (CPD) is issued by foreign organizations that have agreements with RAC.
  • Bank or cash collateral equal to the amount of duties and GST and LCT if applicable to the vehicle being imported.

Another important thing to know when driving a vehicle on Australian roads is that all vehicles must have third party insurance. If your vehicle is stolen, damaged or destroyed while visiting Australia, it is important to report it to customs as soon as possible.


In Australia, vehicles must undergo a quarantine inspection by the authorities to prevent poisonous weeds, bugs or other diseases. If you’re importing cars from the US, it’s a good idea to get a helping hand. Imported cars made in the United States provided by Import Direct Car SalesYou can make this process much easier.

If you decide to do this without the help of the auto importer, clean the vehicle as thoroughly as possible. This means that all dirt and other materials will need to be removed from the vehicle, which may eventually require a vehicle steam cleaning.

source: https://cars.usnews.com/images/article/202102/127885/1_2021_chevy_corvette.jpg

Before importing an American car, make sure it is allowed in Australia.

australian vehicle

One of the great things about importing a vehicle into Australia is that you don’t have to pay customs duty if it’s made in Australia. Of course, as a condition for providing information about vehicles you own and used abroad, you will not be charged with duties, taxes, or other charges.

safety standards

Under the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989, importing a new or used vehicle does not meet safety and emission requirements when applied for use on Australian roads, or if measures are in place to modify the vehicle to: It is a violation if you meet the requirements after arriving in Australia.

Contact your Vehicle Safety Standards branch to see if your vehicle can be imported into Australia. This is because it is the only agency that can issue vehicle import permits into Australia. It was already mentioned at the outset, but it is very important.

last word

After you have successfully imported your vehicle and paid all customs duties, you must actually register your vehicle. We recommend that you check with the Department of Transportation about registration requirements before you actually decide to import a vehicle.

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