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A projector suitable for most applications.

This was my first beamer and I hoped the beamer would be quiet due to the good reviews on There was no comparison with other projectors, so I felt the fan noise around me quite loud. Other projectors may be louder, but for me this projector at 32dB is already too loud. Fan noise is especially annoying in quiet movie scenes. Almost no sound when language/music is running. But it totally bothered me so I sent the projector back. Beamer’s black goes into more gray. The colors are intense, but it looks a bit unnatural compared to a relatively good monitor. In particular, in the case of skin tone, there may be a slight redness. On the other hand, the image clarity was excellent. When you get close, individual pixels can be clearly distinguished from each other, and the image looks very sharp from a distance. During the day, the image is relatively dark. Therefore, it is important to use this projector in dark rooms or in the evening. In computer mode/game mode, the input lag was at least so low that I didn’t notice it. In other modes, very slight lag is detected, but tolerable. If fan noise is not an issue, we recommend the projector only to a limited extent.

Unable to load media. The projector is amazing for the price. Luckily, I was able to get it for 50% off. Everything is easy to set up, connect, and connect HDMI and Bingo. The fan is quiet but the built-in speaker is big enough but too small so I hooked up the large speaker I was laying on and it’s perfect now. The only problem I had was that I assumed USB could be used as a media input. It just powers the USB stick so that it can power the USB stick, for example viewing my photos or videos on the drive. Or, take Chromecast as an example. Now I have a 100-foot movie theater in my bedroom and I’m very happy.

When it was received today and used for the first time through the warehouse, it turned on as a defective product and does not work anymore. I am unable to rate this product, but it was shipped defectively to an Amazon warehouse with a list of “Refurbished” products.

I’ve been waiting for this product for a very long time and I’m really disappointed. Everytime I try to run the program it doesn’t work. Interaction. Video projector with HDMI plug. Netflix Disney Channel and other shows are not working. France is not one of the countries on the list of time zones, so applications referencing the country being used will have problems. Really, very, very disappointed. PS: I’m not a fan of computers far from that.

ASUS H1 Led Projector - Full Hd - 4 Stars

The best projector for its size. I was very surprised by the luster. Easy to use and comes with a carrying case.

The projector is small and portable, but powerful in terms of performance. We bought this for use in our camper and it’s fantastic to be able to sit inside and enjoy the cinematic experience projected onto a window screen across the van. We connect it to the Netflix film downloaded to the tablet via an HDMI cable and the projector’s battery is sufficient to sustain the average film length. The only downside is that, like many modern movies, it’s great for action scenes, but the volume isn’t high enough for the voice part. I highly recommend this product for the convenience of watching movies when you are away from home/TV.

Great pictures and great colors. The picture is very natural and bright. Darken the room or watch at night. It can be seen in the shadowed parts of the room during the day, but in a dark scene all the details are loosened and the colors appear washed out. This is normal for all projectors. At night, the painting excites the mind. I like the lack of light bulbs and obviously there shouldn’t be any fading of brightness over time on bulb projectors, but I can’t confirm that’s the case with this projector. It also starts immediately and doesn’t need to be ‘warmed up’. The speakers are loud and clear, of very good quality even for the built-in speakers. Very large projector, a warning if this is compact (I saw a small review: d).

Here are the specifications for: ASUS H1 Led Projector – Full Hd:

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  • Wattage: 10.0 watts
  • Bright Full HD video – powered by a 3000 lumen LED light source
  • Ready for the next-gen console – 120Hz refresh rate for ultra-smooth gaming
  • Luxurious cinematic experience – Project 709 and sRGB color gamut from 40” to 200ʺ at 125% Rec.
  • Easy Projector Management – Integrated LAN Port with Crestron RoomView Express
  • High-Quality Speakers – Integrated 10-watt output delivers loud, clear sound for an enhanced viewing experience.
  • black
  • Projector ASUS H1 ZenBeam LED Projector

ASUS H1 Led Projector - Full Hd - 4 Stars

Buyer Reviews:

  • Fantastic projector with one small disappointment
  • Small but effective projector
  • Amazing pictures (ASUS H1)

ASUS H1 Led Projector - Full Hd - 4 Stars

ASUS H1 Led Projector - Full Hd - 4 Stars

ASUS H1 Led Projector - Full Hd - 4 Stars

ASUS H1 Led Projector - Full Hd - 4 Stars

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