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I’ve used a digital projector for a while now and could never afford one as the good ones were in 4 figures. This one is much less and i did wonder whether it would be ok. I’ll use it for family and occasional talks i present. The model i have is not the one illustrated so i will talk about mine. Very little difference between them. Also i’m not knowledgeable when technicalities are involved. First thing is the picture quality is very good with excellent colour. For first film i looked in utube for a mountain film and the one i looked at had a large range of colours which were nicely done with excellent sharpness etc. I used a laptop and everything on my screen was well presented on the large screen.

Absolutely brilliant projector. Very easy and intuitive controls. Easily connected to wifi for streaming as well as bluetooth. Full hd picture quality is a charm and i can enjoy massive screen in my bedroom without having a massive tv on the wallpicture quality is simply excellent wether i play with my ps4 or stream something from my phone/laptop. Brightness is great as well. Ease of control with a remote control is great, same as connecting using a remote is simple and intuitive.

The projector arrived the next day directly from amazon (prime) and has a really high quality feel about it. I am using the projector paired with a fire stick and using a pair of amazon studio speakers for the sound – 4k uhd movies look amazing, with a very bright and sharp image, its almost like being at the cinema. Another feature i really like is the 5g connection, to use this the projector is paired to my bt router and i can mirror my iphone screen onto the projector, there is no lag. I have had a brief test outdoors (using a bed sheet as a screen) and this will be perfect next summer for a outdoor garden cinema party for the kids. I was initially concerned that there was no bottom screw for the bracket but if you remove the 4 rubber feet the 4 bracket screws are visible. The electronic focus is really good and far better than my previous projector that had a manual focus. The only negative i can find (which is a bit picky tbh) is that the fan is loud, but this is not not noticeable when i use my studio speakers.

The image quality is fantastic, very high quality, it’s native 1080p so you get the full hd quality projection. Not only is it clear but it is also extremely bright too. Colours come though very deep and you can see every detail with sharp clarity. It really is stunningthe fans are quiet considering other projectors, and i can’t really hear them over the sound of the film anyway, even with the built in speaker it sound great. The remote is useful and works well, has all of the main buttons that you need, volume and inputs can be changed. Settings on the projector are good, brightness and colour can be adjusted, zoom feature is cool as you can zoom in, and actually zoom out from 100% too to make the image smaller if you want without having to move the projector forwards or backward, again all these settings can be done from the remote accessing the settings menu on the projector. Overall i am extremely made up with this projector. Not only does it look cool but its features, connection options and of course most importantly the picture quality is truly fantastic.

I was so excited to get this and it did not disappoint me one bit. I have been using both my laptop and my fire stick to stream and its brilliant. The picture quality and sound is excellent and i cant see hardly any lag which you would expect specially if you use your phone. The settings are fab to be able to make the picture good and its high quality, it has auto focus too which is excellent so you dont need to faff with it too much. I am yet to try it outside like someone else mentioned in summer but i am certain it wont dissapoint.

The media could not be loaded.  i’ve always wanted a good quality projector but the price has always put me off them, being as they are 1k+i was pleasantly surprised at how good this one performs and it has a premium quality feel to it. It is very quick and easy to set up and there is no lag in the menu when navigating. I have played movies from a usb pen drive and also connected an amazon fire tv stick so we can watch netflix. To mount it to your ceiling you will need to remove the 4 rubber feet as there is threads to use a ceiling mount. We have used a 6ft white blackout blind as they are a lot less expensive than projector screens. The built in speaker is pretty decent but we have connected a bluetooth soundbar for the full cinema experience. The only real downside to this projector is you can not change the aspect ratio when playing media from an amazon firestick. This isn’t much of a problem and i’m sure the developers will implement this feature in future software updates. The fans arnt as noisy as people make out so don’t be put off.

This is my third projector and so far i’m loving it. It’s my first 1080p one and you can really see the difference, it’s super bright and the focus on the remote really is great. I like that it has touch buttons on the front and a removable dust filter so it can be cleaned. I’ve never seen that in a projector before. It’s definitely more rugged then my other projectors. I have been using it for 2-4 hours a day now for a week and it doesn’t get hot. It is bigger, but i think that means it can keep cool and thus have a better lifespan hopefully.

This device works great i’m surprised how easy it is to connect to the phone. You don’t need any cables, of course, except for the power supply, which suits me best when i plan to use it in the children’s room. It also works very easily with a usb guy. The remote control has a strong performance and works without problems, even if it is aimed at the plate and not at the device. Focuses with the remote control not on the lens. It also has controls on the top of the device, so in the extreme case it can be set up and used even without remote control. Has a built-in basic speaker but i recommend using a bluetooth speaker. What i would say to him is a bit noisy for my taste, but overall it made a good impression on me and i think it is a good choice for normal use at home or for a presentation.

  • Excellent piece of equipment!
  • Amazing 4K and outdoor projector!!
  • The visual sense of cinema

5g Wifi Bluetooth Projector Support 4k,auuner Ar650 8500 Lumens Full Hd Native 1080p Outdoor Projector with Electric Focus & Zoom,300’’ Display,movie Projector For Tv Stick,ios,android,ps5

I have used many projectors from different brands from high end to low end. This projector is perfect, it hits all the top marks overall and provides a very good, comfortable viewing for the user. The picture quality is sharp and focused with nice vibrant colours, movies, gaming or streaming all work well with this projector, i have watched different types of videos on this projector, and all gave great feedback in terms of colours, sharpness and focus. The set up is also easy for this projector, it comes with usb ports, hdmi ports, av and headset so there is enough balance on what device you would like to use. The auto focus makes life easier as it focuses the projector without having to do it manually like other projectors. The design is very neat and elegant and brings out a very nice high-end look in your room. The spec of this product is meet the needs for a home cinema powerful contrast ratio and high brightness to give perfect picture viewing experience, sounds quality is also great, built-in stereo speakers do the job and you have the option to connect wireless devices. The wi-fi & bluetooth connection for this is both 2. Compatible with both android and ios.

The media could not be loaded.  i bought this projector for something different instead of a television due to the lack of aerials upstairs in my house. My plan is to either buy a projector screen or find a suitable wall in my bedroom to place it. I opened up the box and managed to set it up really easily. One of the points to make is that you need to have two aaa batteries to operate the remote, so i had to make a quick trip to sainsburys to get them. Once you have it up and running the best method would be to connect it to your home wi-fi , i have tested both the casting and the hdmi methods and they both work fine. It’s really cool to be able to mirror what is shown on your phone on such a big screen. I tried it for a mobile game. Once problem i had at the start but resolved as it was my own fault , i wasn’t able to focus the lens and that is because i was touching the focus button on the remote but what you need to do is hold down the button for a few seconds and you will see the lens move it was excellent. The sound of the projector isn’t too loud either, you obviously expect some noise anyway but where mine is going to be it will not make any difference as the movie sound will overwrite this.

This projector has made movie nights so much better. It is an excellent value 1080p projector. Its got a good selection of inputs eg hdmi, usb and analogue inputs and multiple ways to display from your phone wirelessly as well as cabled. The picture brightness is clear from a distance as well as during the day without affecting the quality. It also has automatic focusing. It looks high end in quality and sophisticated, it is bulky and feels sturdy. I cannot wait to stream halloween backdrops during our halloween party this year.

Honestly the graphic quality is tremendous using this projector. It displays 4k quality with supports all the usual connections such as wifi or bluetooth. With 8500 lumens, the brightness that can be achieved is magnificent. I didn’t need any external speakers to get this going as it has in built speakers which is impressively loud. It’s very good for home cinema or gaming which is my choice of use. You get a smart remote control with it too. I have also noticed that it can be wall mounted too which is my next step. You will have to buy brackets for it as the screws are hidden away under the rubber stubs. Very pleased with this projector.

Due to current citation long time cinemas was closed, in that time we developed new good family tradition, where every saturday having home cinema day. Recently upgraded out projector to more advance this model due to its 5g wifi and extra high modern features. With this projector, i can simply watch my favourite movies and shows on a 100-inch or larger screen. For a cinematic movie experience at home, the best 4k projectors bring everything but popcorn out of the packed theatres and into the my living room and capability to pause if kids need to go to the toilet and don’t miss and part of movie. Projector capable of playing the music files along with projecting photos from good times as well. In my opinion, this projector is great as it provides 1920 x 1080 resolution, 10000:1 contrast ratio, and 350 ansi brightness which on lumens above 8500 lumens. I can see each and everything evenly on the screen of 300 inches, very clean. Combination of high resolution and lumen light power it does the great difference. It is equipped with the most updated 5g wifi connection along with 2. 4g, and so we do not require carrying the hassle of ordering a bunch of adapters.

Where to start with this projector, well i guess the best place to start is with the design. This projector is beautiful, the attention to detail here is fantastic. I have reviewed many projectors from various brands over the last year and this one is by far the nicest design i’ve seen. Esthetically, it’s gorgeous to look at. The outer edges are black and the top is an almost metallic looking silver, everything also has film on it to project, no fear of marks here when setting up. If you look at my pictures you can see how this looks and it’s really well designed. In my view, it would suit any room, i’ve had others that looked somewhat out of place, this honestly would suit any room no matter what your decor looks like. The box that it comes in looks premium, others are generally plane with their brand name. With this box it stands out and punches above the rest. Inside the box everything fits nice and securely, attention to detail again here.

  • Excellent piece of equipment!
  • Amazing 4K and outdoor projector!!
  • The visual sense of cinema

5g Wifi Bluetooth Projector Support 4k,auuner Ar650 8500 Lumens Full Hd Native 1080p Outdoor Projector with Electric Focus & Zoom,300’’ Display,movie Projector For Tv Stick,ios,android,ps5

AUUNER 5g Wifi Bluetooth Projector Support 4k,auuner Ar650 8500 Lumens Full Hd Native 1080p Outdoor Projector :         5G 4K Projector

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 【Projector 4K Support & 8500 Lumens】Auuner AR650 4K projector is the latest wifi projector in 2021, adopting the original physical resolution of 1920x1080P (support 4K). It also features 8500 Lumens (350 ANSI) brightness, much brighter and more colorful than other 1080p wifi Bluetooth projectors. Color gamut is up to 120% of NTSC and provide up to 17 million color ranges,which bring you unparalleled cinematic experience.
  • 【5G WIFI Screen Mirroring】With Latest WiFi Connection, Auuner AR650 enables you to synchronize your smartphone screen by both 2.4G and 5G WiFi, Ultra-fast 5G WiFi offers you much smoother and lag free online video streaming experience. You will never be bothered by video and sound lag.
  • 【Bluetooth Projector】With built-in stereo speakers, Auuner AR650 wifi Bluetooth projector offers excellent loud sound quality without connecting external speaker. It also provides Bluetooth connection, so you can connect to various bluetooth speakers and headphones for movie night or more immersive home cinema. As an outdoor projector, AR650 will also be a surprise choice.
  • 【Electric Focus & Zoom by Remote】If the projector undergoes any movement or collision, you don’t need to move the projector to adjust the picture. You only need to press the focus button on the remote control to restore the clear picture. AR650 outdoor projector offers the largest display 300″. You can customize your projection screen size from 75% to 100% by remote control or manually.
  • 【Multiple Devices Connection】AR650 movie projector can be easily connected with smartphones, laptops, tablets, USB drives, X-Box ,PS5,Bluetooth Speaker,etc. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor entertainment.

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