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It’s ok, a bit poor in looks and style, but it gets the job done.

On the plus side, it’s quiet and smooth even at full capacity. It doesn’t look like an active volcano when it boils. What is difficult to understand is how the designers did not take into account the flaws that affect the practicality of use. Filling the kettle requires removing the lid and not the hinge method, so water will always drip onto various surfaces. Even worse, place the handle right in front of the water level indicator. It’s especially tricky for those filling flasks that require nearly full kettle capacity. It’s decent for the price, even if it’s flawed. So now I’m keeping it. Nevertheless, you will be told that the beko is an improved model.

I hope it looks good, boils quickly, and lasts at least 15 months. This is how long my last product lasted.

It was like a really smart kettle, all the reviews were good, and it was a pleasing color. We were not disappointed when we received it. It looks great in the kitchen, boils 1.7l of water in a few minutes, is not too noisy and is a really nice pour.

My old kettle broke down and I had to urgently get one. I didn’t know what kind of kettle I wanted, but I saw this and just ordered it. The perfect color for my kitchen. Excellent size and very easy lid removal and kettle filling.

A great practical kettle in a great color (duck egg blue) goes perfectly with my kitchen.

This kettle is of great significance. It was too much for our little kitchen and was returned.

Looks great, works well, and goes well with our new kitchen. I have nothing more to say.

  • high quality kettle
  • aesthetic and functional
  • Stylish but flawed

Beko Cosmopolis Kettle Kettle Wkm8306b, Retro Black Chrome Design, 1.7l Capacity 3000W, with Removable Lid, Easy Pour and Boil Dry Protection

from the manufacturer

Matching cosmopolis kettle and toaster set

All inspired by love for RETRO.

By examining the many vintage styles, especially from the 50s and 60s, and observing intricate details, Beko has created a unique, modern retro breakfast set with a timeless classic design. small.

Beautifully designed with textured patterns and metallic accents, the Cosmopolis range offers a truly unique and timeless offering.

Features you will like

water indicator

removable lid

easy snout

1.7L capacity

With a capacity of 1.7 liters and an easy-to-read water level indicator, you can quickly and easily make hot drinks for your family and guests.

As a side note, Dry Boil Protection prevents damage in case you forget to fill the kettle with water before turning it on.

removable lid

The kettle’s large detachable lid makes it easy to fill, empty and clean, making it quick and easy to prepare the perfect hot drink for your loved one.

Easy Pour Spout

The Easy Pour Spout is designed to safely and easily pour boiled water, preventing spills and reducing confusion when making hot beverages.


360 degree rotating base

Archive the code

Calcium filter

The easy-to-remove and washable calcareous filter is suitable for hard water areas and extends the life of the kettle.

rotating base

Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, you can safely rotate the kettle while on the bottom of the kettle to pick up and pour with your preferred stronger hand.

Archive the code

Cords can be neatly organized under the bottom of the toaster to keep your kitchen countertop tidy.

do you like BEKO Cosmopolis kettles and toasters are available in 3 colors.

kettle toaster

The perfect kettle, matching kitchen decor, and consequently the matching toaster I bought.

Lovely kettle just finished my kitchen and changed to this color and I was struggling to get it. It was delivered within 1 day of ordering, and it is light and colorful, and it doesn’t take long to cook.

I live in an area where the water is very hard, so I rather use the kettle a lot. I can’t stand seeing you build up around the lid of the kettle and finish cleaning and the color peeling off too often. This kettle has a very large lid that lifts up for easy cleaning when filling and using.

I bought this kettle because I was able to find the perfect kettle for my kitchen in this color. Works well and I am satisfied. The only downside is that the lobby cannot be removed.

Not only is this kettle really cool, it’s really high performance. I had lost my last kettle (the boring, glossy black monster I took after a breakup 3 years ago) and decided it was time to treat myself with a kitchen appliance that combines function and beauty and absolutely fell in love with this design. The matte cream is well accented with rose gold accents, and the engraved lines add dimension. The spout shape doesn’t drip or spill and the lid is easily removed, but it uses a silicone grip to create a tight seal and keep your hands from steaming. I always get comments on how beautiful this kettle is and how much better it is to use. It’s definitely a 5 star shock.

Great color, great quality.

My wife liked the color and appearance so much that we bought a toaster together. An amazing addition to our kitchen.

The kettle is lovely and the color is perfect with my toaster. It is a very smart and modern looking kettle. I also like the fact that our tea cups don’t have an odd taste. I did my homework and read the reviews. They all seemed to appreciate the product. The kettle arrived before the deadline.

  • high quality kettle
  • aesthetic and functional
  • Stylish but flawed

Beko Cosmopolis Kettle Kettle Wkm8306b, Retro Black Chrome Design, 1.7l Capacity 3000W, with Removable Lid, Easy Pour and Boil Dry Protection

Very stylish kettle, pretty, and good price…. Now I need a matching toaster.

I love this kettle. Sage Green is the perfect color for our kitchen.

A nice looking kettle that doesn’t feel cheap. It boils quickly and relatively quietly. The water level gauge is behind the handle, so it’s a bit obscured and prone to overflow, especially for youngsters at home. Boiling a liter of water makes a cup of hot chocolate overall very pleasing and would recommend.

Lovely large sized kettle, the color is just what I was looking for. Shipped quickly.

This is a very nice looking kettle that goes well with your toaster. The Kettle is very quiet and is not a conversation stopper like the previous Kettle, which was like being at Cape Canaveral during rocket launch. Boil the water and there is no strange taste at all.

My only complaints with this kettle are that 1) the transparent water level indicator is hidden behind the handle, making it hard to see and 2) I’m used to the hinged lid but I have to take it out to fill the kettle. Normal in condensation. On the plus side, it has a good capacity and boils very quietly.

The only complaint is that the fill level is behind the handle, so it’s not easy to see.

A lightweight kettle that boils faster than our other kettles, it’s reasonably priced and looks great in any kitchen.

I was surprised that I had to open the lid to fill it, but I actually found this to be easier than traditional kettleies. The matching toaster was so happy with my purchase.

Becocosmopolis Jug Kettle Wkm8306b : Large Kettle

Very pleased with the new beko kettle. Large capacity, quick boiling, looks good. There is nothing negative about it. No need to keep grinding like the old stainless steel kettle.

Stylish, hard-working, easy to clean, beautiful and great value.

The kettle looks smart and is easy to clean and lightweight. I would definitely recommend this item.

I bought it for my aunt who loves it, and even though I bought a matching accessory, it looks a lot more expensive than it actually is.

Large capacity, lovely color and very easy to clean. It boils quickly and quietly and I would definitely recommend it.

Fast boiling, large capacity and luxurious appearance. I’ve seen the same kettle in stores that cost over £20 more.

Super kettle with good capacity. Lovely color and very nice to the touch. I also like the way it pours. Messy birds prefer a straight pouring behavior rather than a snout. Definitely recommend.

This is a lovely kettle, but it’s not white, it’s cream brown and rose gold, so it won’t match the rest of the kitchen.

It’s a pretty kettle to look at and we all admired its beauty. The spill-free spout was great at first, but I noticed that it started not spilling. Needs regular descaling, but that’s probably where I live in the south.

Features and Specifications

  • Water Level Indicator – When filling the kettle to a capacity of up to 1.7L or boiling enough water to brew coffee, the water level indicator provides easy guidance on filling.
  • EASY POUR SPOUT- The easy pour spout is designed to safely and easily pour boiled water, preventing spills and reducing confusion when making hot beverages.
  • Calc Filter – Easy to remove and clean, the Calc Filter is suitable for hard water areas and extends the life of your kettle.
  • Cord Storage – Cords can be neatly organized under the kettle floor to keep your kitchen countertop tidy.
  • BOIL DRY PROTECTION – Dry Boil protection automatically turns the kettle off to prevent damage if you accidentally forget to fill the kettle or run out of water when boiling.

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