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– Everything you need to connect is displayed on the screen when you connect. Bad:- The default password is not secure. – Noticeable lag in high resolution video. I ordered the beheart store wireless hdmi transmitter and receiver kit. This wireless HDMI kit was just what we needed. I like the picture quality without the need for additional cables. We haven’t experienced too much lag when using it with our computer. There was a delay when trying to go directly from the mobile device and send it to the display. I also ran into an issue where the keyboard-mouse combo’s range was noticeably shorter when using this device. Overall, it seemed to display still images as if I had connected the device directly, and it works relatively well.

Easy to setup/install and works great.

As with all radios, settings, distance, etc. are all factors in how well this works. I used it to signal not too far away for me and it worked fine. It’s not perfect, but it does the job. Sometimes there are problems with photos, but most of the time they don’t. Set it up and you’re good to go. Much easier than plugging a long HDMI cable into a wall or wall. I plugged it in, turned it on, and got it up and running right away.

I have the TV mounted on the wall and the controls are behind the closet. There was no way to run the cable to the TV from where it was installed in the room. This is where this device comes in. At first I had an issue with comcast using drm to block the signal. I had to get the signal from here to there without hijacking anything and I couldn’t use the physical cable. Sooo, I connected a comcast cable to my xbox and then used the output signal from xbox to this wireless hdmi device. Effectively the xbox was able to block the drm and I can use the xbox itself over the wireless connection.

My son always asked to connect to his gaming PC from the big main TV in the living room so he could play the games on his PC on the big screen in the living room, but I tried multiple connections at one time. The hdmi cable and it failed because of the bad quality and it wasn’t a sustainable installation with a cable going through the hallways so I gave up until I found this wireless hdmi transmitter so I tried it and it worked straight away and it actually works out of the box using the on-key pairing system . It’s so easy that even grandparents can install it in minutes. So far, the connection has always been stable with no interference. So we’re now having a lot of fun in our living room on the weekends playing the latest HD games in the highest resolution in previously impossible multiplayer screen mode.

This works, but it’s not as big as you’d like. I want to leave my ps4 in my office and play it occasionally in my bedroom without having to move around. I’m using a gigabit connection, but my ps4’s wifi speed isn’t that great. You can control the system from the bedroom and navigate through the menus very smoothly. If I were watching a movie, I wouldn’t have noticed too many problems that would prevent me from enjoying the movie. You can definitely see that there is a slight delay. But my main goal was to use this for a game. I played Destiny almost religiously and it was terrible when I tried to play it over a wireless connection. It’s too fast a game for this. I will turn and skip frames, and when I jump it will happen everywhere.

This HDMI wireless extender works perfectly. First of all, the two devices are nicely made and don’t feel cheap. The system is very easy to set up and use. You need to know which is the receiver, the transmitter or the receiver. Mixing them won’t work. This is great if you need to send HDMI signals (up to 4k) over long distances and you don’t want or can’t run an hdmi cable. We only needed this device to travel about 50 feet and had no issues to report. There were no signal drops, skips, or dropouts. You can see this sends up to 4k signals at up to 30fps. It all depends on the source. All things considered, this is a great kit and can be a bit pricey for your needs, but I think it’s well worth it.

I use this to transmit from my cable box (connected to my main TV) to a second TV. The picture quality is great and the transmitter and receiver are paired by default. This kit is advertised as plug and play, but only if the source HDMI output (for the transmitter) and the HDMI input (for the receiver) of the receiving tv/monitor provide enough juice to power the transmitter and receiver. For me the hdmi output was sufficient, but the hdmi input of the TV receiving the signal was not enough to power the receiver. Each dongle (transmitter and receiver) has a USB C input to connect auxiliary power. The manufacturer includes two USB cables for this purpose, but not the power adapter (a basic phone charger with unplugged cables). For true plug-and-play at the same price as a comparable solution, everything you need is in the box. Not a deal killer, but if you choose this for business or travel, test your device before you really need it to make sure the input and output HDMI ports provide enough juice to power the device. Otherwise this is a good solution to cast a laptop or extend a cable box like I did.

Wireless Hdmi Transmitter and Receiver Kit, Wireless Hdmi Dongle for 4k Streaming from Mac, Laptop, PC, Smartphone to Hdtv and Projector

Product: Wireless HDMI TX and RX Adapter Model: Z1 Module: Wireless HDMI TX (Transmitter) Main Chip: AM8270 Wifi Module: RTL8821CU IEEE 802.11ac 2.4GHz/5GHz 1T1R Supported System: Android/Windows/MacOS Interface Introduction: 1*HDMI 1 *TYPE-C Color: Black Power: DC5V/2A Module: Wireless HDMI RX (Receiver) Main Chip: AM8270 Wifi Module: IEEE 802.11ac 2.4GHz/5GHz 1T1R Interface Introduction: 1*HDMI 1*VGA 1*TYPE-C 1 *Audio Color: Black Power: DC5V/2A

Wireless Hdmi Transmitter and Receiver Kit, Wireless Hdmi Dongle for 4k Streaming from Mac, Laptop, PC, Smartphone to Hdtv and Projector

beheart Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver Kit:

Features and Specifications

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  • [Wireless transmission] It uses a point-to-point connection between transmitter and receiver equipment that uses WiFi transmission technology and synchronizes images/videos from MACs, laptops, PCs, phones, game consoles and set-top boxes to HDTVs, projectors or monitors.
  • [Low delay] The transmission distance of wireless HDMI is up to 98ft/30M, with a latency of only 0.1S and no wiring required, solving the problems of traditional HDMI cabling and wiring, aesthetics and short transmission distances.
  • [Plug & Play] No APP required, simple connection to get the convenience of wireless streaming media.
  • [4K decoding] Supports 4K video source decoding and transmission, the screen image is finer, and all kinds of details are more perfectly restored.*Note: This kit only supports the resolution of 1920*1080P when working on Blu-ray and game console .
  • [Portable design] The transmitter has a compact design suitable for laptops and supports HDMI power supply, so there is no need to connect to an external power source. If your laptop’s HDMI power is insufficient, you can use 5V/2A power.
  • [Receiver] The receiver is designed with dual antennas, so the 5G transmission efficiency is faster and more stable. The receiver adopts HDMI+VGA dual ports, compatible with existing new and existing display devices.

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