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Excellent quality and value. A great sound and so easy to set up.

Great bit of kit with amazing sound for the money. Probably not as good as the arc but it’s around half the price.

Easy setup, uses tv remote, so no additional remote to misplace. Can play music using voice commands with alexa. Setting for speech, which was important to me as my hearing declines with age. All around great performance at a modest price.

The sound is superb, it replaced a much larger system and is amazing. The speech enhance feature is spot on. Very pleased with this purchase.

The only big problem with the speaker is you can’t set it properly unless you have a apple iphone which is a shameful when you should be able to do with the app you have to download.

Needed a new tv for the bedroom, and with modern tv’s being so slim i knew the tv sound would be rubbish. 1 system in the bedroom but it was very messy with wires for rear speakers and it wouldn’t easily integrate into a fitted wardrobe, so i looked for a sound bar. The sonos beam gen2 looked the right size for the space so i took a punt based on reviews. For its size the sound is brilliant. Absolute clarity of dialogue, well balanced mid, crisp but not harsh highs, and a warm bass end (but obviously not a ‘sub’ bass). In my lounge i have a separates 5. 1 system with denon receiver, big sub etc and clearly the beam cannot compete with that, but for casual tv watching it is superb, and it also does a very reasonable job on music. A good test for bass is dave grusin’s homage to duke, and the double bass has plenty of body and warmth, and no sign of distortion on the beam’s small speakers. It really delivers an impressive sound for its size.

After hearing both the bose soundbar 300 and this sonos beam 2 in my local store i went with the sonos. The sonos for me just sounded better with more bass so i bought it. I have no complaints, i am very happy with it. For its size it literally blew me away. I already had an old sonos play 1 so i bought a second used one online for cheap. Let me tell you it is amazing. Anyone thinking of getting one go for it. The sound is crystal clear with nice base. Dialogue mode is pretty sweet also.

I did a lot of research before committing to buying this sonos beam gen 2, i am glad i did as its the best one i believe at the mid price range, sound is great for a small unit, i did buy 2 wireless speakers after and this made a wonderful surround sound system, sub woofer to follow soon. If anyones interested i bought the two speakers from ikea. Not from sonos as they are very expensive, they do the job, they are made by sonos for ikea.

  • Fantastic sound bar with solid bass
  • Good sound for small package. App issues getting sorted.
  • Sound quality is good but not great.

Sonos Beam (gen 2). the Compact Smart Soundbar For Tv, Music and More. (black)

Very simple to install and use and a massive improvement on my tv sound. I think i would need the bass speaker and the full surround sound to be very happy. A good product though well worth it.

Used with lg nano tv, real improvement in sound.

I expected better sound quality from the sonos. With other soundbars have not had to use the eq but now find myself constantly fiddling when using with a tv. I understand that the tv signal feed is not that good but the sonos seems to bring out the worst not the best with a hole in the midrange. The sound field also seems to lack depth in comparison with an apple beats bluetooth speaker for example. I am also comparing with a 2. 1 computer speaker with a dedicated subwoofer and maybe that is the issue, i am accustomed to having the midrange and high end projected at ear level and a subwoofer on the floor. With music the situation is the opposite, and good recordings (fleetwood mac, pink floyd) etc. As a result, i think i will move the sonos into the kitchen and use it for music and radio, podcasts etc. Connectivity is simple and well thought out, with airplay and auto-on sensing.

Wow, what a soundbar, initially purchased a cheap hisense soundbar to complement the 4k / 120fps / 8ms gaming projector just to see if there would be much / how much of an improvement over the high spec’d speakers in the projector itself and was fairly impressed, just lacked the depth (only way to describe) so decided to go big (for a small space / room (3m x 4m x 5m)), simply wow, whilst there isn’t a pass-through, that is literally the only downside (and the lack of a physical remote) and when plugged into the main sony in front room the atmos kicks it and it’s simply another level. Tuning with the app also ad’s a little touch as well and your able to adjust the volume better with ios over android for some bizarre reason?.

Having read all the reviews and seen the beam gen2 demoed in a store, i knew it was a great tv sound bar. What i didn’t know was what an extraordinary music speaker it is. My living room is not big so i don’t have room for lots of ‘stuff”. I listen to a lot of music, mainly acoustic blues, folk and americana. The beam is absolutely perfect for my needs. It is detailed, musical and above all brings a wonderful sense of spaciousness to the music i play. Sure it is expensive for a sound bar but it is not expensive for a tv sound system that is absolutely brilliant and an even better hi-fi system than my previous separates system. A wonderful surprise and a really great buy.

This is a fantastic product. I thought that as the sound bar is compact it could effect the sound. The sound is excellent and not compromised in any way. I would defiantly recommend this product for all users.

After weeks of researching everything pointed towards the sonos beam gen 2 for my price range. The dolby atmos on this is surreal, intense, deep and interactive. No one can compete with this soundbar in this price range, the only way you’ll get a better soundbar is by spending £800+. My cats reaction when dolby atmos is on is funny because they have no idea where the sound is coming from, just shows how good sonos mimics atmos from one soundbar.

Excellent sound enhancing lg tv and easy to use instructions.

  • Fantastic sound bar with solid bass
  • Good sound for small package. App issues getting sorted.
  • Sound quality is good but not great.

Sonos Beam (gen 2). the Compact Smart Soundbar For Tv, Music and More. (black)

The basic sound is fine, but you are expected to control it via an app and i found this app less than useful and there was no clear way that i could find to simply change the treble or bass. Though the fact it had a network connection meant an update was easy.

Had it one day and so far i’m really impressed. So easy to set up and the sound is fantastic. I have the it in white and it looks great and blends in fantastically under tv. I bought it to replace a samsung sound bar that had awful audio sync problems which i couldn’t solve. No such problem with the beam 2.

Like the original beam, gen 2 easily pairs with the tv remote, making it more convenient than my echo studio, which doesn’t. The sound quality is excellent, particularly after setting up trueplay – a must. It doesn’t have quite as much ‘bite’ as the echo studio for music, but the sound is wonderfully smooth. Dialogue is easy to understand – but not a lot different from the original beam, which was also great in this respect. Atmos is a revelation (with the addition of two play ones). In fact it was so dramatic that on first listening i jumped out of my chair. I leave the beam on night mode now for the most part. I like that the sonos app confirms whether a programme is being streamed in atmos , or another dolby format, but it’s disappointing that it doesn’t indicate the format of music streaming (bitrate, spacial audio or whatever). I highly recommend the beam gen 2, it’s so powerful for a visually unobtrusive package. Whilst just about all music sounds good through the beam gen 2, and tv dialogue sounds clear, i’ve hit a problem. I get intermittent echo through my play 1s since upgrading from the original beam. I have to turn off surround sound.

Ordered this to replace sky soundbox as the speech on a lot of programmes these days seems to be either muffled or drowned out by sound effects, i must say this is a vast improvement even without speech enhancement turned on, great sound quality all round, crisp, clear and room filling, the effects seem to work well in our average sized living room, music is just fine with this bar obviously not up to top of the range equipment, bass is good enough for me but i don’t really go in for heavy bass type music, have seen a few complaints about the sonos 2 app, i’ve not had any problems with it at all, easy set up and does what it’s supposed to do. Can use your tv remote to control volume, it will work with the sky q remote but it has to be the one with the blue microphone button it won’t work with the other type as i think they are not ir.

I’ve a play-bar which is fabulous… but not with a vaulted ceiling. Great when i lived in a box… but i moved and the ceiling and the play bar just don’t work. So i took a gamble on the cheaper forward firing beam (2) (sonos play 3 surrounds and sub at the front) it’s perfect. It’s takes a bit of messing to get right but worth it. But i have the play-bar set up too for music… play-bar and beam (2) great for vaulted ceilings. (though i don’t have the play-bar running for tv sound) … i’ve not tried the arc as it has up firing speakers… but for me (hearing loss too) it’s just right.

This is the first smart soundbar that we’ve had.

A vast improvement on tinny tv sound. I would recommend it highly. Also very good when listening to music.

Lovely soundbar sleek and powerful, i have coupled up with two gen 2 ones, the sound is truly amazing.

Got this paired with two play 1s for surround, it sounds great. Fills the room with sound and the bass is pretty good considering there’s no subwoofer.

Sonos Beam (gen 2). the Compact Smart Soundbar For Tv, Music and More. (black) :         Best soundbar at this price range

Bought the sonos beam (gen 2) to replace an lg sound bar and wireless subwoofer that had inexplicably stopped connecting wirelessly. My criteria for a replacement was that it had to be connected physically, have decent bass, be compact, expandable and under £500. After much research i settled on this sonos. The beam was incredibly easy to set up. Unboxing was straightforward thanks to fuss-free apple-style packaging. Connected to tv and downloaded the sonos app from the app store (ios). The menu took me through the process of adding the device step by step and within about 5 minutes i had sound. Put it to the test on some movie trailers. First was le mans 66, then shang-chi, the legend of the ten rings, then the new dune film. Reason i did this was to test if the dolby atmos function made any difference.

As another reviewer pointed out, this speaker requires an app to work. The app will refuse to even launch until you allow it bluetooth access, local network access and location access??. For a speaker?i read that review and thought, that’s fine, i’m just gonna plug a cable in the back of it from my tv and skip all the fancy setup stuff, but to my surprise that is not an option. So i reluctantly bowed to all their data harvesting and “setup” the speaker, then deleted the app. The next day it wasn’t playing sound from the tv anymore so i had to redownload the app and mess around with it until it started working again. This happened a few times and eventually i found a setting buried away in something like:settings >beam >settings (again?) >tv autoplaythis now defaults the device to just play the sound coming from the cable, rather than defaulting to whatever smart speaker function it was trying to do when the tv was off and then getting stuck. I’ve since deleted the app again and everything seems fine now. Its just such a shame that configuring this has any steps at all, let alone annoying ones. The actual quality of the speaker and the sound is great. If i could have found a product with as good hardware that didn’t have all this additional crap i would have bought it.

Has considerably improved the output from my television. Compatibility with ios and other apple speakers in the same room was an added bonus.

Save some money and purchase the sonos supported ikea speakers for the rear surround effects, and you’ve a great bargain for a small to medium sized room. Awesome sound quality and highly recommended.

I have just received the sonos beam gen 2 and i am blown away by how good this is paired with 2 sonos 1’s. This has replaced a panasonic surround system which i have loved but after 10 years has now packed in. They old system had a centre speaker, 2 front speaks, 2 rear speakers and a sub, but the sonos set up even without a sub in my opinion is far better. Very pleased with purchasing after milling over the price for a few weeks, but we’ll worth it. Again in my opinion you need the 2 sonos 1’s to give you that full immersive sound, the sub is not essential. My other half complained about the bass before, she has now stated that the sonos system is even worse (or better depending on which side of the fence you sit). Pricey i know, but it puts a smile on my face every time i turn the tv on.

Well, this is a game changer, wow, i bought this to pair with my samsung tv, one wire, one plug, placed in front of the tv, switched on, and it sorted itself out, i had to press a few buttons in the app, and that was it. What a difference, it’s subtle though, it’s not in your face, you don’t notice how effective it is until you watch a film without it. It also reacts to ok google commands, and i find that very handy, i find myself saying thank you to it a lot. I opted for the black version, so it blends in with the tv and stand. I’ve used it stream music from tidal, that works well, great sound, but not up to the level of my hifi, but certainly as good, or better, than most bluetooth speakers, computer speakers, and low end compact hifi systems. This is not a cheap thing to buy, there were cheaper options, sonos have just released a new cheaper sound bar. I went for quality, my reading on the subject indicated this was only bettered by items costing significantly more that, often had multiple separate speakers, and required much more space. If you want that level of sound you need specialist speakers, and an av receiver, that will lack the compactness of the beam gen 2. I’d sidestep that with lots of questions and details of my experience with it, leave the decision making to you at this price.

Im in the process of upgrading my tv and sound system and wanted to use the dolby atmos feature. I have only just bought the 2nd gen ‘beam’ and the sound, as long as its loud, is very good, apple play works easily and alexa is just a word away. I am not getting the best from the sound system, just hoping santa brings me some rear speakers.

I live in an upside down house with the kitchen, dining snd lounge area upstairs. It measures 25 ft wide by 25 ft length by 25 ft high. Without the sonos beam 2, the dialogue from the tv was ‘ lost’ at times. With the sonos beam 2, the dialogue is so much clearer. I wasn’t sure that this item would solve my dynamic problem , but it has in regard to tv watchingi have a sonos speaker for music within the room and with the beam, music is even better. Looks wise , the sonos beam is minimal and contemporary looking.

Very easy to set up and link to my existing sonos play1 speakers. Easy to link to the tv and blu-ray too. Good surround sound and easily loud enough for our lounge.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Enrich your entertainment experience with vibrant bass, crystal clear dialogue, and a panoramic soundstage.
  • Experience a 3D surround sound effect with Dolby Atmos.
  • Stream music, radio, podcasts, and audiobooks over WiFi when the TV is off.
  • Control with the Sonos app, your TV remote, Apple AirPlay 2, and your voice.
  • Effortless setup with only two cables and smart Trueplay tuning.

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