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I love the retro feel of the large dial, easy to read and easy to clean.

Unfortunately the handle was defective and fell off in shipping. Otherwise it’s very good. Large bowl Unfortunately I had to return it.

My mother bought this scale because it doesn’t work well with the electronic scale and the battery always drains quickly. So she wanted an analog scale and had to be pink to fit the rest of the kitchen. This is really pretty and does something on the desktop. Consider choosing this scale again for me.

I am very happy with the scale. Great workmanship and very beautiful design. The scale can be adjusted without problems and it works perfectly.

The educational kitchen scales are beautiful and the delivery was very fast. I can recommend very fast shipping. The product exactly matches the picture. Colors fit easily into pastels. Construction is natural. I will order again at any time.

Super Cool Kitchen Scales So far I’ve been completely annoyed by digital scales constantly turning off and not working or draining batteries. So I wanted a scale that I could manually adjust. I am very satisfied <3

Nice but kind of billo. It doesn’t even work properly. Also, after a year the display broke (the arrow fell behind the glass).

I find it pretty pretty to see that it has nice colors and original shape, but it’s not straight at all (photo evidence of the level) and it doesn’t weigh more than it represents. It’s not accurate (I compared it to 2 other scales that represent it), other than that it’s the same), it’s pointless at the time, so it’s a domage, but I resell it when I sleep

  • non-pink peach
  • nice color for my plan
  • easy to read

Bestron Dkw700sd Kitchen Scales Stainless Steel Pink

– Retro design – Weighs up to approx. 20 g – Capacity 5 kg – Includes removable and washable large bowl made of dishwasher-safe stainless steel

I’ve always had no luck with some digital scales, but now I have to find an analog. So, even in design, this is absolutely eye-catching in the kitchen. And it works perfectly.

Visually, the scales have a convincing retro design, two points can mark in 20g increments, which has been announced but does not allow for accurate results when baking.

I bought this scale as a gift. The recipient was very pleased and found it to be particularly eye-catching for their new kitchen.

Bestron’s kitchen scales are just beautiful to look at. This is the absolute eye-catching scale in my kitchen! I weighed a few more sealed packs for testing and my new scale showed the weight marked on each pack. Very chic. Totally satisfied. If you are looking for a scale that can be stored in a cupboard when not in use, a kitchen scale with plenty of space or flat is the way to go. specific height.

The scale for 2-3 people has stopped working Beautiful scale! very nice color! All that remains is to try, but x is now satisfied!

Color lovers can’t do anything wrong here. The scale’s weight is accurate and accurate, and all batteries are included so there is no trouble. That’s why I switched from digital to analog. The bowls provided allow you to measure and measure almost anything precisely in grams. It makes kitchen work more enjoyable.

It’s pretty, but when I received it, the pink color really stood out. They don’t really fit into my kitchen. I know it doesn’t really matter, but it makes me smile and spoils it if my scales don’t really match.

This is my favorite product in my kitchen. Nostalgic but modern, functional and reliable, I could use and would repurchase a bowl like this scale.

  • non-pink peach
  • nice color for my plan
  • easy to read

Bestron Dkw700sd Kitchen Scales Stainless Steel Pink

Perfect and realistic blends wonderfully with the characteristics described above. Functional and elegant: optimally suited for any type of measurement, with a vintage feel to the furniture.

Really pretty scale, looks exactly like the picture and works perfectly! However, there is a stellar deduction because the scale does not measure accurately. But if minor deviations don’t bother you like me, the scale is perfect. In my kitchen, it almost looks like a decorative element.

The product appears to be accurate and working properly. Note that this is clearly not a precision tool. Its only advantage is its retro look and pink color. My wife is happy, this is the main ፦)

The kitchen scales look very nice. It catches a great eye. If you like this style, you should buy this kitchen scale. Been using this for a while now and can’t complain. The only criticism – the paint swells up on the sides (so it’s shipped).

Very nice and the bowls are pretty big too. Hi. Always come back. Buy without hesitation! Excellent product that makes that effect

You want to add pink to your kitchen.

This is the second scale I have ordered. It’s completely practical. Since the bowl is removable, it can be used not only in the kitchen, but also in weighing packages.

It’s quick and easy to set up. A nice Taref feature to use. looks very good Looking forward to distribution.

Practical kitchenware, good looking, easy to see displays, and easy to clean bowls will be easier to pour if they are oval.

Bestron Dkw700sd Kitchen Scales Stainless Steel Pink: Pink Not Peach

I gave it to a friend to celebrate her new home. She was so happy. Beautiful and accurate size to the eye. Not only is it versatile in the kitchen, but it’s also a great piece of furniture thanks to its slightly vintage design.

Awesome kitchen scales. Tired of constantly replacing batteries in old, unreliable kitchen scales, so I decided to go with batteries. In fact, I wanted to have a kitchen scale that shows the details in grams, but unfortunately I didn’t pay that much attention and bought it. Nevertheless, I will keep it because it is really beautiful and the value for money so far is just right.

I absolutely love my scales. Highly recommended.

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