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I expected something better from Bosch. Unfortunately, the fur on the right was horrible as other reviewers have described in the turbo setup, so I was afraid the two whistles would link together. The whisk is too loosely secured to the bracket. So I sent the mixer back. Unfortunately, the quality of Bosch is not what it used to be. I just bought a Philips blender. The whisk is very firmly attached to its original state.

Making a cream sponge cake during lockdown.

My power tools are exclusively for Bosch professionals. Unfortunately I don’t have a blue Bosch stirrer, so I bought the white one. It is strong enough to withstand 1 kg of bread dough or pizza dough, and it is neither hot nor smelly. The cable can be easily wound around the handle after use. In general, processing is good. The price of 2 loaves of bread and 2 pizzas per month is enough. Perhaps I still paint it blue.

Defects after 10 months of occasional use. Too bad. My old blender lasted 12 years. Now, 11 months later, you have to appeal.

About 15 years later, after the previous blender broke down, we thought. Let’s use genuine brand products this time. Unfortunately, Bosch brand devices cannot be compared with our old names. The racquets are not very sturdy and the brackets are much less. The Bosch survived just a few uses. It’s really annoying. Old (cheaper) mixers are still made of metal, but Bosch is essentially made of plastic. The same goes for internal work. The only advantage over older devices: slightly lower power consumption and lower volume. Why aren’t there any companies that have a solid and durable product? I would also be more than happy to spend a lot more money than this non-recyclable plastic scrap. Bosch doesn’t seem to care about longevity and sustainability.

Bosch hand mixer - works very well.

Two consecutive devices are defective. A: Loose parts fell back and forth from the mixer, B: there was a strong cracking sound right after turning it on until the engine turned on. I bought a similar device from Philips without a third try. It runs without problems.

Although that unit has more power than our old stirrer, it suffered a lot more with the simplest stir kneading. Already after several uses, the bracket of the mixing rod is broken from the inside and one side barely stirs. Meanwhile, one side no longer churns, and after two years of cursing, the blender is now moved to the trash. There were a lot of complaints about the device from the beginning, but I think it’s because it’s hard to find good quality these days. Now, unfortunately, we are vigilant again. Recommend not to buy!

The mixer itself works fine. But. Agitator broke during 3rd or 4th use! And here only the loose cream was whipped! A small plastic part was missing (see photo) and then it was in the cream. (I was expecting better quality from Bosch. After using it four times, you can definitely make the cheapest blender at the discount store.

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this device at all and returned it! Why: When stirring, two stirring brooms folded into each other and when they tried to stir, they connected so tightly that they later nearly refurbished the kitchen, as everything was later scattered by the loosened tension of the stirring rod. I don’t like the cheap plastic tip of my chopsticks.

I expected more from branded products. About after our hair. After 10 (!) years of giving up our spirits, we decided to use this device from Bosch. On the third use, some of the plastic comes off from the top of the whisk while the margarine is whipped. Therefore, the stir bar cannot be used. How can this happen with branded products? I was pissed off to find a replacement rod. These actually cost €19. I would save money and buy a device from a different brand.

Here are the specifications for: Bosch hand mixer:

  • 5 speed and turbo functions: precise speed control for each recipe. Release button: Press the button once to remove the stirrer or hook.
  • Modern engine: powerful but quiet and light. 2 Whiskers and mixing tips. 2 stable dough hooks. Separate handpiece release button.
  • Mixing head (blender foot) can be connected. Practical cable rewinding. Plug type: Type C/EF – 2-pin (Europlug/FR-DE hybrid).
  • Voltage (V): 220-240V. Net weight (kg): 1.103 kg.

Bosch hand mixer - works very well.

Buyer Reviews:

Bosch hand mixer - works very well.

Bosch hand mixer - works very well.

Bosch hand mixer - works very well.

Bosch hand mixer - works very well.

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