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A larger stand mixer can do all the work for less money. Easy storage and good suction legs to keep them sturdy during use.

Awesome machine, I recommend it.

It is compact and does not “take up space”. Order and delivery were perfect.

We’ve been using this for months and have nothing to complain about. It makes life a lot easier, especially for me, who hates cutting and grinding things. Now I use it mostly in salads and smoothies and it’s very effective. Yes the manual is not clear, but using this is not exactly nuclear science.

It’s not something I use every day, but it does the job I need.

Great product, but I don’t recommend Amazon or the vendor to get this item. I bought it as a gift, but the date was wrong and I had already opened it. The food processor did not work when plugged in. I had to work with the vendor to get a new one (fortunately, the exchange was handled more smoothly than what was presented on the Amazon site) and the exchanged product works very well.

The juicer is broken and sadly you can’t buy the stuff yourself.

I am satisfied with my purchase. Use it every day for a variety of recipes.

  • Bish Bash Bosch!
  • I recommend it
  • great machine

Bosch Mutitalent3 Mcm3301bgb Food Processor, Plastic, 800w – Black

product description, This Bosch MCM3301BGB Black Food Processor is a compact and versatile kitchen assistant with over 30 functions. Cooking is easy, simple and fun! Precisely cut ingredients and perfectly blend shakes and smoothies. The double-edged MultiLevel6 knife ensures consistently good results. Accessories can be stored in a bowl and have smart markings for quick mounting. Hand blender (MSM2610BGB), kettle and toaster suitable for the Bosch range. More than 30 functions: grating, cutting, grinding, chopping, mixing and more – thanks to a wide range of accessories such as mixers, choppers and various blade attachments such as MultiLevel6 knives. Dishwasher-safe accessories: Easily and conveniently clean accessories in the dishwasher.

with box, 1 x Bosch MCM3301BGB, 1 x Lid, 1 x Plastic Mixing Container, 1 x Plastic Blender Attachment, 1 x Reversible Shredding Disc, 1 x Reversible Slicing Disc, 1 x Stuffer, 1 x Universal Knife, 1 x Universal Grinder, 1 x grinding leaves

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Excellent food processing, suitable for chopping and slicing vegetables, suitable for mixing. Multi-blade, round brilliant for a variety of cuts and cuts.

It looks good enough when things don’t turn out as pictured. The blades are fairly thin plastic that holds them in place and the bottom can fall off when twisting and lifting to remove the container. A terrifying blade peeks out of the wreckage of my smoothie. It’s not dangerous at all. This has happened twice so far after making a total of 10 smoothies. Never pass safety standards. It’s very easy to use and easy to clean, but since it’s plastic, it probably won’t look as good as when you opened the package. And I’m waiting to see it crack and discover that you can’t buy a replacement container – because you can’t.

I wanted the onion very finely chopped. This is better than I expected.

It is difficult to clean the handle that gets stuck in food.

I made hummus and pesto. Thick hummus is blended without hesitation.

A good product is great technology, but the only downside is that it has hard-to-clean nooks and crannies.

Powerful Bosch first-class products exactly match those indicated in the annotations and some. Aesthetically very pleasing, sturdy and easy to install and clean after use. The packaging is also good. Overall a good buy.

For the price, it does what I bought for it. I bought it on Amazon on the recommendation of others. Easy to clean, easy to assemble, I’ve only used it to make dips, nut cheeses, etc.

  • Bish Bash Bosch!
  • I recommend it
  • great machine

Bosch Mutitalent3 Mcm3301bgb Food Processor, Plastic, 800w – Black

Bosch Mutitalent3 Mcm3301bgb food processor: small but powerful.  I'm happy.

Features and Specifications

  • Experience versatility with over 30 features that make cooking and baking even more enjoyable.
  • Get effective results with powerful 800W motor suitable for large capacity and demanding food handling
  • MultiLevel6 knives with 3 double blades for consistent results
  • A quick and easy way to store accessory kits in your mixing bowl.
  • Save cleaning time with dishwasher-safe accessories

Post Bosch Mutitalent3 Mcm3301bgb Food Processor:

Small but powerful. I’m happy. It first appeared in the Daily Products review.

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