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I have an older model tv, which didn’t have any capacity to screencast via bluetooth or any other wireless method (no usb ports. So, this longer hdmi cable worked perfectly for me when i wanted to use my computer on the big screen, and sit further back on the couch while doing it. I measured the cable itself, and it runs about 16 feet 8 inches (not including the hdmi plug section). So, it’s pretty long, and does what it says it will do. In terms of quality, i don’t have enough technical knowledge to know what is good and bad. It seems to work fine for me. I might say that the image does look more grainy than it does on my computer, but i can’t be sure that’s not my old television that’s the problem. My assumption is that it has more to do with my tv than the cable itself. Besides this, i can say that it’s been working well for me so far, and i’m happy to have it.

There are lots of usb cables on the market so what is it that sets this bridgee aside?well apart from being vety well made it is over 6 foot long and ensbles me to stream from my pc to my tv. The quality of the stream is really good as is the price and so i am very happy to recommend this.

High quality HDMI cable The image quality is also good. The cable is also mesh type and easy to use. HDMI has become an indispensable existence now. High-quality, low-priced cables are indispensable and come in handy.

These are great cables for the price, and deliver as advertised. While there’s plenty of “snake oil” in the cable business, these are not in that category. There are certain use-cases with appropriate accompanying hardware where moving to this tier of cable is entirely appropriate- frankly, required. They are thick and sturdy, and might be difficult to work with in certain circumstances, but it’s worth the effort.

The sturdy braided cable won’t budge with a slight pull. There is a certification mark of an organization called “” in a package with a sense of luxury. The connectors are slightly smaller and the cable joints are tight. It’s hard to maneuver behind the TV, but the quality seems to be good enough. The drawback of the braided cable is that it absorbs dust and is difficult to clean.

BRIDGEE Certified Ultra High Speed Hdmi Cable –         Very good HDMI Cable

This is an 8K HDMI cable that has been increasing recently. Arrived in a fine cosmetic box, making connectors and cables are very good and high quality Recently, recorders and There are more and more products that claim to support 4k120Hz and 8K, such as game consoles, so such high quality and reasonable price HDMI cables are welcome securely on the connector Since there is 8K printing, it is personally very good impression that the standard of HDMI cable is not difficult to understand after purchase

I’m in the process of upgrading all my old hdmi cables to the newer standard, to better support my 4k equipment (i’m not in a hurry to go 8k, but it’s nice to know i’ll be ready when i do). This bridgee cable has gold plated connectors (protected by plastic caps) and a nylon braided cord. Sometimes this kind of braiding can be soft, but in this case it’s more plasticky. The cable coils up well but is a little stiff, though not exceptionally so, considering that it is quite a thick cable. There are two velcro strips attached to keep the cable tidy, which make a nice change from cable ties. It all looks very well made but, unlike most of my other hdmi cables, there aren’t any rubber sheaths at the point where the cord joins onto the connector, which might impact on durability in the long-term. Most importantly though, performance is excellent – as it should be given that this cable comes with proper high speed certification. The connectors fit into my hdmi ports snugly. Audio and video are crystal clear and there’s no tearing with games. I do have cheaper cables that perform just as well so i’m not sure it represents the best value for money, but if you don’t mind the price there’s nothing really wrong with this cable.

Good quality cable with clear picture and audio. 4K @120Hzの深みのある映像も綺麗で, can be used with confidence for connecting to future newer devices.

A cable that at first glance seemed like a pretty rough wire. When you actually use it, it is bent to a certain extent and remembers its shape, so you won’t have much trouble handling around your desk. Although it is an elevating desk, it is easy to roll it along the shape of the desk, and there is nothing to worry about when raising or lowering due to thickness etc. It has good compatibility with equipment, and can be used comfortably without radio interference.

1 starts to become more common, newer cables will be required to make the most of the compatible devices. This cable is perfect for those wanting to make the most out of the newer games consoles (playstation 5 or xbox series x) with tv’s capable of 4k / 120hz. It’s even capable of supporting 8k/60hz and is backwards compatible. The cable itself is quite thick and it is also braided so it should last a long time. Definitely a cable worth investing in for the future as tv’s and other devices start to make use of the new hdmi specification.

Since there is no 8K environment, I use it in 4K and Full HD environment, but there is no problem with both video and sound quality. The cables and connectors are also sturdy, giving you peace of mind. I thought it would be difficult to manage because of the thickness and hardness of the cable, but I think it would be okay as long as it is not quite space saving.

Appearance: this fiber-optic hdmi cable comes in an anti-static bag and included a few velcro cable ties with it. The cable itself is pretty thin and can be easily hidden. The ends appear to be beautifully made and well put together. Assembly: no assembly for cables, these are plug and play. Thoughts: this cable is nice. It’s high-speed and seems to transfer the signals for my 2k monitor very well. I don’t have a 4k player right now, but i got this one because: 1. I needed an hdmi cable, and 2. I wanted to future-proof as much as i could.

It was planned to use it to connect the DVD player installed under the TV and the projector of the best position, but is the connection part of the connector narrow, is it incompatible with the projector by accident. so as to force it to screw in If you do not connect it, it will not enter firmly and the connection will not work well. Did you make the wrong type of cable at first? I thought, but I was able to plug it in smoothly if it was a computer. I decided to use it with other hard because it would not sting unless I made it quite strong, so it seems to be burdened on the projector. I’m sorry that I can’t use it for my projector just because the build is solid.Here are the specifications for the BRIDGEE Certified Ultra High Speed Hdmi Cable:

  • 【Certified Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable】The cable passes certification testing at an HDMI Forum Authorized Testing Center and complies with stringent specifications designed to ensure support for all HDMI 2.1 features including uncompressed [email protected] and [email protected], 48Gbps bandwidth, HDR, VRR, eARC and all other HDMI 2.1 features
  • 【HDMI 2.1 [email protected]/[email protected]】Bridgee certified HDMI 2.1 cable supports end-to-end 8K/4K resolutions and higher refresh rate solutions than last Gen HDMI 2.0 cables. The [email protected] HDMI cable helps media devices deliver a super-immersive viewing experience and enables smooth and sharp viewing of content with high-speed action. The [email protected] function enables ultra-fast motion UHD images to be crisp and razor sharp; and high-performance gaming and VR benefit significantly
  • 【Advanced Gaming Features】:This is a certified HDMI 2.1 cable for console games, it supports VRR,ALLM,QFT,QMS and helps you experience r smooth, lag-free and uninterrupted viewing and interactivity and more fluid and better detailed gameplay
  • 【Stability And Durability】: Bridgee HDMI 2.1 cable is designed and built with 24K gold plated plug offer better corrosion resistance and enhanced signal transfer. The high quality aluminum metal connectors for better insulation. It passes at least 10,000 cycles of 90 degrees bend tests
  • 【 After-sales Service】Bridgee provides a unconditional two-years hassle-free service , you can get a replacement for free if there are quality problems. Please do not hesitate to contact us when you need customer service

BRIDGEE Certified Ultra High Speed Hdmi Cable –         Very good HDMI Cable

The cable was quite thick, and it was 7.7mm by actual measurement. In addition to the fact that it is a little difficult to handle, when force is applied to the cable, I feel that the terminal part of the connected device is heavily burdened. It seems that it supports 8K, but there is no 4K environment in our home, so we can not evaluate the performance. I connected the PC to the TV and was able to use it without problems. I think the price is reasonable and good.

This does do [email protected] i’m using it for my series x and lg c177. Has all the bells and whistles that a certified hdmi 2. 1 is supposed to havealso it is certified hdmi 2.

Definitely improved vision and sound with these certified hdmi cables well worth the money would definitely buy again.

I needed a long hdmi cable for some presentations i’m doing at my church and this is just the right length to connect my laptop to the hd monitor in the room i use. The picture is great and the cable is heavy duty and should last for many years. The cable has a rough texture to it so be aware of that if you’re going to be pulling it through a tight space. It may get caught if that’s your plan. That’s not an issue for me and i’m very happy with this cable and i think you will be also.

Even if it is long, the image will not deteriorate. It looks beautiful. The cable itself is also solid, so you can use it with confidence. The connector is also solid, so it is not an unstable connection feeling. I think it’s a good product because it’s hard to compare and feel the difference in performance with other products, but I don’t see any deterioration.

HD (1080/60p) is 3Gbps, so when it comes to 8K, it will be 48Gbps because it is 16 times this, but due to the tight need of one HDMI cable for 8K connection, AOC (Active Optical cable) specifications. The connector connection at both ends is an electrical connection, but optical transmission (in the product description) seems to be used for the transmission of video signals. Certainly, about 12Gbps may be the limit with a metal cable. What’s more, it will be optical transmission to transmit 8K (48Gbps) stably with a length of 3m. It is also understandable that the cable will inevitably be thicker and harder (photo compares with a slim cable). Actually I tried using it for 4K (12Gbps) connection instead of 8K environment, but it is stable without any particular trouble. While there are many cables that are unstable even in 4K, it is thankful to be able to connect 3m stably.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent connectivity. Strong build
  • great cable for next gen users
  • Overpriced and over-packaged; performance is excellent

BRIDGEE Certified Ultra High Speed Hdmi Cable –         Very good HDMI Cable

It comes in a box. The license mark is attached to the box, and it is a licensed product that the app recognizes properly. It is very safe in terms of quality. It’s a little thick, but the mesh is soft and easy to handle. There are two Velcro cable fasteners attached to the cable. The connector part is shrinkable, and the color is the same as in the picture. However, HDMI 8K/10K is written, what is this??? Gold plating is not very thin. I can’t feel any deterioration in video quality in particular. It’s clear and very beautiful. Pretty high image quality. It is compatible with 8K HDMI 2.1 so it will last a long time.

There is only an environment up to 4k, but there is no problem with images and audio. The cable is quite thick and it is difficult to work around, so I think it is tough if there is no room in space. It seems that there is no problem with durability as seen.

4K @60の環境しかないのでこのケーブルを使う環境としてはロースペックですが Connect the PS5 to its display without any problems with 4K @60で認識しました. 8K cables are a bit stiffer than 4K cables. This is also a bit hard on the back and I’d like to put it together, but it’s hard to put it together. So if you don’t have a compatible environment and you want to clean the wiring, I don’t think you need to choose this one. Maybe you should choose a thin cable or something.

It’s a strong cable. The terminals are also solid and there is a luxury feeling of cloth winding, which is good. I thought that the box was solid and there was a quality quality overall. Because the cable is hard, it is hard to bend even if you want to bend it when it comes to routing, but that’s why you have a sense of security when it comes to transmission. HDMI is what connects the video, but it was really good to use it as a cable for I2S (ITOS) for audio. I felt like the sound got a little better. If you dare remember the point you were concerned about, it’s about the fact that the protective film that was wrapped when it was new was hard to peel off.

Lots of cables out there that proclaiming to be hdmi 2. These cables are certified and that adds a lot of comfort for when you’re choosing the right cables for yourself.

One of many advanced hdmi cables supporting 8k video and advanced audio functions that are becoming increasingly available from many different brands, few of which are considered to be ‘established’; this brand is not one previously seen. The ‘bridgee verified 8k hdmi 2. 1 cable, ultra high speed hdmi cable supports 48gbps [email protected] [email protected] dynamic hdr 10, earc, hdcp2. 56ft)’ is of a length personally considered most useful, more so than the often recommended 1. 5m alternative length (not always available in a configuration or brand) allowing an extra margin of freedom of location for the differing hardware to which it may be connected either permanently or as a short-term connection as needs may change. Over-packaged, almost as a ‘presentation’ gift, in a slide-out box with a sealed bag within, and with an unnecessary excess of materials. In addition to 8k-capable tvs and gaming consoles, it may be used to interconnect a-v equipment and, as an original suggestion which may or may not be appropriate (zero relevant personal knowledge and experience), medical and on-board airplane video applications. The cable can be used with existing hardware regardless of which older video or audio standards may be supported as it is fully backwardly compatible. The connector bodies are labelled to indicate that they support 8k where available.

BRIDGEE Certified Ultra High Speed Hdmi Cable –         Very good HDMI Cable

I received this item through the amazon vine programme. This is a good quality hdmi cable with a chunky plug end. Obviously the main failure mode of these cables is the flex at the plug, and the braiding/chunkiness of this cable seems like it will avoid that. Doesn’t kink or wrap up on itself. As other reviewers have commented, there is rather a lot of packaging involved. 99 but it is a certified ultra high speed cable and well made, so worth the outlay.

An expensive cable but very good quality, you can see where the extra money has gone in the materials to produce it. Great contact, firm connectivity. The cable is very thick and strong and very durable. This is great for high speed and ultra definition devices. I used it on my playstation 5 and worked great, full uhd and hdr compatible. Comes in a box, very premium.

Excellent quality and value for money. Instantly connects to devices and holds signal/communication well. Seems well made and set to last.

Great cable for any next gen users. Ive have updated my tv recently as the old one gave up i have a bunch of hdmi cables that have the same certification as this cable here, well that’s what they say. I tried the cable on a ps5 and blu ray player, plus a gaming setup all which offers the same specs of a hdmi 2. 1first impression the cable is sturdy the braided cable is well made and offers protection. The second being the metal housing that holds the hdmi port its looks and feel premium however looks and feel are only a small detail the main question is are you getting the correct product because looking at any hdmi they all look the same and i did have a 2. 0 to compare this product with. The hdmi connectors are gold plated and the cable is certified. So does it offer improvements over any other hdmi on the market well the answers is yes however you will need to make sure the equipment your connecting to is compatible. If your equipment isn’t compatible i did check to see what difference it will make and there’s a slight improvement nothing dramatic and in some instance in the movie/game your probably wont notice however i did notice a slight clearer picture. Once connecting to the equipment compatible then yes on a bigger screen it was a lot clearer the image was clean, the arc audio was a touch better on a new gen console, whistle my biggest improvement was from a gaming rig that a friend kindly allowed me to test.

1 is at time of writing latest hdmi standard. 1 cable supports higher video resolutions and refresh rates which includes [email protected] and [email protected], and resolutions up to 10k. 1 the bandwidth capability is increased up to 48gbps. works fine with ps4 and ps5 no issues here. decent gold plated connectors – no issues here supposedly tested for 10,000+ 90 degree bends lifespan. We can’t really validate this but the cable does feel robust.

I’ve decided to upgrade my entertainment room with a new tv as well as an apple tv 4k. I had been using an old tv box and and old hdmi cable. I thought i’d try future proofing the setup by also making sure the new hdmi cable supports 48gbps [email protected] [email protected] dynamic hdr 10, earc and hdcp2. 2i haven’t heard of this brand before but the product looks like a good quality cable.

BRIDGEE Certified Ultra High Speed Hdmi Cable –         Very good HDMI Cable

I continue to use it, but at the moment there is nothing to worry about, I think it is a good product normally!

This modern high-speed hdmi cable by bridgee is a useful two metre length and is designed to meet state-of-the-art 8k uhd hdmi 2. 1 standards as well as all current hdmi versions, and is back-compatible with most earlier specifications too. This cable is perfect for use with all games consoles, blu-ray players and most modern set-top boxes, plus hd and 4k uhd tvs, and is future-proof to 8k. There is a longer length of the cable available on this amazon product page so if two metres is too short try three metres. This two metre version is currently around twenty-three pounds from amazon with the three metre length a fiver more. If you don’t mind the price then this two metre bridgee 8k hdmi cable is recommended for many high-speed digital applications where a top-quality interconnect is required – i usually use ones which are a lot cheaper but this bridgee cable has almost changed my mind as a one off purchase. I have only used this particular cable with a 4k blu-ray to a uhd tv so far, and it works perfectly – five stars for build-quality and performance but it is very expensive at the current price.

This cable supports 48g bandwidth with 4kp50/60/100/120 and 8kp50/60, which offers a more immersive viewing experience, with sharper high speed content. The resulting ultra fast and sharp images are great for sports, high performance gaming, and vr like in my case i’m using in vr. 1 function,built with 24k gold plated plug offer better corrosion resistance and enhanced signal transfer. The high quality aluminum metal connectors for better insulation. The best value product and this price 15. 99 is worth to spend for sure.

There are two cable options to choose from: 6. 56ft (which is about 2m) at the price of £21. 94, including 10% off voucher and 9. 84ft (which is about 3m) at the cost of £26. 74, including 10% off voucher, both with next day quick delivery and 30 days returns if anything goes wrong with the product. They are pretty expensive, but the quality of the cable is exquisite, and you will receive a two-year hassle-free service, where you can get a replacement for free if there are quality problems. The cable comes in a nicely packaged cardboard box, is 24k gold-plated metal endings that are corrosion resistant. The cable part is an aluminium hose with a triple shielding structure and nylon braided. The cable connection is perfect, especially between my 4k imac and my hd screen tv. I am very pleased with this product and definitely can recommend this choice.

It is a reasonable 3MHDMI, mainly used to connect to a projector located at a distance from the PC, the cable is hard, so it is not easy to handle, but it is sturdy It’s a good idea to keep them together with Velcro when not in use.

I used it on my computer. I’m using it without any problems. The cable is thick and hard to bend on the other hand with a sturdy layer that can be expected to be durable.

Excellent quality cable fantastic quality picture. I’ve changed my old 4k cable for this and the hdr looks fantastic using this one. The cable looks very nice and the quality is brilliant but i think the price £22 is a little overpriced in my honest opinion hence the 4 stars. It has very nice packaging so you can buy this as a gift for someone.

Great hdmi cable with durable sheath for 4k video use.

It is an HDMI 2.1 compatible cable. Even though it is inexpensive, the extra thick cable shows the high quality. . While sacrificing ease of handling, HDMI2.1 also supports 8K60Hz, but it seems that there are still a few people who have an environment that can be realized here. I think that most people will arrive at this product for the purpose of 4K120Hz, but we have confirmed that it can be output normally without any problems. If you are looking for an HDMI 2.1 cable that is durable while keeping costs low, this is not a bad product.

1 cable, ultra high speed hdmi cable supports 48gbpsthis cable comes very well presented, fully boxed, as shown in my photos, with the box bearing the ‘hdmi ultra high speed’ certification from hdmi. Org, so you know this has been thoroughly tested to ensure it meets the mark as it were. The cable is thick and solid, the sheath on the cable is made from a thick nylon braiding, this isn’t going to get damaged at all, the plugs look the bees knees, a zinc alloy shell covers the plugs, the appearance is very reflective and the ‘bridgee’ brand is printed on them. The plug casing flows out by 0. 75cm to meet the cabling entering, this reinforces a critical joint that will see much movement over time. 1 is currently the most advanced hdmi av connectivity specification and introduces a number of new features. This new specification introduces an increased range of higher video resolutions (up to 10k), refresh rates (up to 120hz), dynamic hdr, and a total bandwidth of up to 48gbps. 1 supports higher spatial resolutions and improved frame rates including 8k 60hz and 4k 120hz. 1 cable at present yet you would be future proofing so to speak plus hardware is now appearing on the market, such as xbox x and ps5, tv’s are readily available with hdmi 2. 1 ports but are rather expensive. For the moment, it’s us gamers that will benefit from 2.

Our house only has a 4K environment, but both video and audio are stable. However, to be honest, it’s a little difficult to deal with. Because of the high quality product, Keburu is quite thick, but the mesh cable is hard and it is quite difficult to get around the wiring in a small space behind the TV. If you connect the cable with stress applied, the cable is so strong that the terminal on the connection side will lose. I think the quality is good, so I think it is a good product for those who have room to take cables to some extent.

This hdmi cable came in a very nice gift box, even though it might make an odd giftit has gold plated plugs and a really nicely finished braided cable, at 2 meters long it is longer than many. With its backwards capability 8k and earc abilities it will easily keep me ahead of any future improvements in my system for the time being at least. I have not encountered this manufacturer before but am suitably impressed by this item. My 65′ tv picture never looked so goodthank you.

Works absolutely fine, nice ends and quality cable, but it’s quite difficult to bend/curl, it wants to roll our straight and this makes it feel like it’s putting pressure onto ports at a bend, or when going through one 90 degree bend in the back of my monitor stand and then another up and into the horizontal port in the back of my monitor it’s just stiff and that made me worry. I shifted this to go from my flat lying usb-c laptop hub to my input signal switcher and that was okay, as i could keep the devices flat in relation to one another.

HDMI cable has become 2.x and many products without certification logo have become flooded. Is this cable a minority that has been officially certified by HDMI? It’s a cable. The terminal part is tough, and the nylon bagged cable is thick and hard to bend. From the thickness, and from the cross-sectional view in the product description, I think this is a copper cable, not an AOC (fiber optic cable). It seems to be a reference when evaluating other cables, whether it will be this much to get an official logo certification.

I plan to participate in an online museum tour with ZOOM in the near future, so I wanted to watch it on the big screen of the TV, not the PC screen, I tried connecting the PC and TV. SONY BRAVIA, but it supports 4K/8K Because it is a high-speed cable, I was surprised that the cable was much thicker than the HDMI cable I usually use for company conference projectors. This nylon braided cable has elasticity and is a little stiff, so it seems difficult to bend it to a steep angle and use it, but since the connector part is firmly gold-plated, It looks durable even if the number of plugs and pull-outs is large. I can easily copy the PC screen to the TV just by connecting it, and the video is very beautiful and I am very satisfied. It comes with two Velcro to bundle cables from the beginning, so it is convenient to store when not in use.

2. One of them works perfectly. The other cable has audio dropouts etc. whether this was caused by the manufacturer. questionable. At first glance, it looked like a typical “Amazon hiking prostitute” who had to go around the globe several times. Price ranges on the length 7.5 m (90€) I think it’s cheeky. Addendum: Communication with the seller was very accommodating. Without further ado, I was sent a new one after a short analysis of the problem. super cable, great customer support.

In the product description there is a notation of optical fiber hdmi cable, AOC* cable, etc. However, even if you look at the product description image, there is no indication of optical fiber, and the display side designation that is common with optical fiber HDMI cables So, isn’t it actually a copper cable? * AOC (Active Optical Cable) It is a cheap 8K compatible cable, and it was confirmed that there is no particular problem for use at 4k60Hz, but only the above points was marked with a question mark. Regarding cable handling, it seems that there is no need to worry about disconnection because it is sturdy, but please note that this cable is quite hard so it is not suitable for operation at the end of the wall.

Premium 8K HDMI cable Although it is a top-level standard, it is backward compatible and can be used without problems in ordinary households. However, after all 8K compatible products are tough and hard, and it seems to be bad at handling narrow places. Because the package is a fine outer packaging paper box. It may also be suitable as a practical gift for those entering a new life.

Since it is not compatible with 8K, it cannot be used, but it can be used without problems for normal applications. There’s nothing strange about the video either, so it’s good.

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