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David Fowler

The Green Brigade rolled out a banner paying tribute to Irish Republican activist Michael Davitt ahead of their clash with Ross County today..

Exhibits by the Celtic ultras group included the names and photos of the organizers of the Brotherhood of the Republic of Ireland and the date of March 19, 1892.

Founded in 1888, the Parkhead Club invited Davitt to lay a Donegal lawn in the center of the stadium.

Some historians argue that the name ‘Celts’ can also be applied to Davitt, as it included Scotland and Ireland.

The club’s first supporter, Davitt, who was lauded and elected at Celtic’s first annual meeting in 1889, showed an interest in the club throughout his life.

He served as a Member of Parliament for the Irish Parliament, despite serving two earlier prison terms.

He also toured the world giving speeches and lectures, trying to garner support for the Irish nationalist movement.

Davitt died in Ireland in 1906.

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