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Charlotte Dawson showed off her amazing three-dollar body transformation through before and after photos.

A 29-year-old mother started a health campaign when she heard she was at risk for type 2 diabetes.

Charlotte is helping women all over the world lose weight.


Charlotte is helping women all over the world lose weight.Credit: Instagram

Six months later, she was completely different and launched a fitness platform.

She wrote on Instagram: “I can still believe the belleh was blown up too much.

“Over 3 stones of timber are gone and now a fitness platform that thousands of birds are following to lose weight and have fun… To be honest, your message is how much I have changed your life, how happy and confident you feel. That’s all it says. Internally and externally… I’m so proud. 🥰.”

Charlotte is proud of her imperfections after childbirth and does not try to erase such parts of her body.

Charlotte Dawson looks slimmer than ever after losing three stone weight
Charlotte Dawson's first vacation with baby Noah and Matt Sarsfield

She went on to say: “I’m not going to show off or say I’m perfect. I still have a lot of tiger stripes around that beauty that’s nowhere to be seen.

“And I still have a little jelly on my ass to keep my beauties warm on cold nights… I’m not on the verge of type 2 diabetes and will see my little family and Noah grow up. And proud..💙 .”

Fans praised her hard work and confidence.

One said, “It’s amazing. I love how proud you are to wear stripes 🐯.”

Another netizen said to her, “You’re really cool 👌”.

Charlotte, who had gestational diabetes while pregnant with her son Noah, was told that she was at risk of developing type 2 diabetes if she did not make changes to her lifestyle.

She’s been careful enough, and she’s much healthier now, but in smaller amounts, she still enjoys her favorite foods like chips and gravy.

She previously said in an interview with The Sun: “It used to be big fish and chips, sausages on the side covered in gravy. That wasn’t necessary. But I’m still enjoying it, I’m still eating prosecco, but not to that level. It used to be.”

Charlotte gave birth to a son, Noah, in January last year.


Charlotte gave birth to a son, Noah, in January last year.

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