Wed. May 18th, 2022

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Chelsea secured their place in the FA Cup semi-finals with a 2-0 win over Middlesbrough.

Goals from Hakim Ziyech and Romelu Lukaku confirmed the win at Teesside.

And Thomas Tuchel is now facing another final at Stamford Bridge after about a year.

Meanwhile, John Terry has confirmed a £250m Chelsea takeover offer after connecting with the True Blues consortium for rival billionaires.

“Chelsea has been a very important part of my life for 22 years,” Terry said.

“I want to see the history and heritage of the club being protected as we enter a new era with like-minded people who have the same long-term vision to build the best football club in the world and understand how important our DNA is.

“I know they understand because I’ve met and heard what the True Blues Consortium is.

“They are a group of lifelong Chelsea fans and season ticket holders who have created a concept that complements and supports all preferred bidders running the club while adding fan connection and board engagement.

“This innovative structure is designed to include all Chelsea fans and protect our club.

“Thanks to the Chelsea Pitch Owners and Chelsea Supporters’ Trust for their time and support. We hope we welcome investors into the club’s new structure.”

Finally, potential Chelsea owner Nick Candy has warned Manchester United a firm “take your hands” against manager Thomas Tuchel.

Candy said: “Thomas Tuchel has done an amazing job in a very difficult time over the past few weeks.

“He talks great, acts great, and is a real gentleman.

“Being a good manager is different from being a good human being.

“But he has proven that he’s not just a good manager, he’s a good human being.

“He had the respect of the press, the respect of the players, the respect of the fans, and everything thanks to him.”

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