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The classic American mall is dead. Experts predict: 25% of all shopping malls In the US, it will be closed until the end of the year. So, out of the mall madness, what’s driving this important shift?

Online shopping of course! Who wants to get a car and drive to a shopping mall, find a parking lot and deal with a lot of people? The growth of online clothing stores shows that basically nobody is there.

The e-commerce fashion industry has created more options for clothing, but how do you rate your shopping habits? If you’re struggling with online shopping, you’re not alone. Remember these shopping hacks to avoid mistakes when buying clothes online!

all about measurement

Let’s talk together. Resizing makes no sense. What exactly is size 2? It might be size 2 in one store and size 6 in another. Numbers are simply meaningless.

And many agree. A study of 18,000 Americans found that 70% found it very difficult to find clothes that fit well. This problem is further compounded when shopping online without trying on clothes.

That’s why your dimensions are arguably more important than the size or text of the item. To find dimensions, you need to measure:

  • natural waist (at least part)
  • Hips (widest part)
  • chest
  • inseam

If you thought measurements were universal, think again! Depending on the brand, different numbers correspond to different sizes. Each clothing store website has its own measuring guide to help.

For example, Gap brands include Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta. in each online store same The company has its own size chart! The best thing you can do is measure yourself, take notes, and compare against specific charts when shopping!

Online customer reviews are gold

If you skip customer reviews, you’re missing out on a wealth of information! People who buy with their own money are more likely to be honest than influencers who get paid to promote their brand. Search the reviews to see what customers think about:

  • sizing
  • material
  • right
  • quality
  • long-term wear

Past customers also often include photos of them wearing the item. This will give you an idea of ​​what the garment will look like, as well as help you determine the right fit.

A lot of product details appear.

Online shoppers often skip product details, but this is the gold mine of information! The more information, the better when the product isn’t right in front of you.

The next time you browse your favorite online store, click the item’s Product Details tab. Here is some additional information:

  • material composition
  • washing method
  • fabric sauce
  • Clothing composition details
  • Sleeve/hem length or rise information

But why is this so important? Imagine falling in love with a gorgeous dress and ordering it without thinking! Upon arrival you find out that it is 100% polyester, unlined and needs to be hand washed.

If I had scanned the product details, I could have avoided that catastrophe!

Company Ethics Issues

There are numerous popular online retailers with obscene ethical practices. In recent years, a lot of this content has been exposed online, and business ethics has become a hot topic.

Please review the company’s Mission and Ethics Statement before clicking Buy. Are they developing sustainable practices? Do they procure fabrics with fair trade agreements and pay their workers a living wage?

These things are important in a big way. And the bonus of supporting ethical businesses is that you can wear high-quality clothing!

Return policy will vary

Anyone familiar with Forever21 knows about the outrageous 21-day store credit-only policy. Please check the return and exchange procedures before starting your search. Look for policies that provide:

  • Free returns and exchanges
  • period of at least 30 days
  • Full refund, not store credit
  • Easy Process to Create Mailing Labels

The last thing you want is to get stuck in a pile of clothing items you’ll never wear! It not only contributes to the buyer’s remorse, but it is also a waste of your money.

Easy to find savings and discounts.

What’s the best way to reach your savings goals? Don’t pay the full price! And you can find savings and discounts very easily by shopping online (if you know where to look!)

With Rakuten you can get cash right into your PayPal account when you shop. Install Honey extension in your browser and save automatically to get the main discount! Or make all purchases with a cashback credit card.

Another great option that you may not have thought of at first! Wholesale items are often less expensive than retail and are available in a variety of categories. check out this cool one plus size clothing wholesaler Start exploring the world of wholesale!

Free Shipping Trap is Real

“Spending $21 Extra for Free Shipping!”

This tempting message often appears when we shop online. We understand that. Shipping can be expensive, and the promise of free shipping cannot be overstated! But do you need an extra $21 item to order?

Please check the actual shipping cost before adding any items to your cart to meet the minimum amount. Often the shipping cost is much lower than the difference required for free shipping. But what if shipping is too expensive?

The number one reason customers abandon shopping carts is unexpected shipping costs. So sometimes it helps to meet the minimum amount for free shipping! A savvy shopper should compare shipping costs and free shipping thresholds to determine which product is best for them.

No more mistakes in buying clothing online!

Shopping for clothing online can be addictive, but it also creates the perfect conditions for buyers to regret. You create too much excitement until your parcel arrives, but only disappoint. Low quality items, odd fit, wrong size ruin the experience.

Avoid these common online clothing buying mistakes. Then you will never feel that regret again! Check out more useful fashion tips and tricks below.

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