Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

CONOR BENN announced the retirement of Chris Eubank Jr after his rival demanded a fight from YouTube star-turned-boxer Jake Paul.

The two Brits chatted over the historic October 8 grudge match that will reflect their legendary father’s 32-year-old rivalry.

Ben announces retirement from rival Eubank Jr.


Ben announces retirement from rival Eubank Jr.Credit: Getty
Eubank Jr is keeping an eye on Paul's fight following his fight with Benn.


Eubank Jr is keeping an eye on Paul’s fight following his fight with Benn.Credit: Richard Pelham / The Sun

However, YouTube star Jake Paul jumped into the competition by criticizing Eubank Jr on Twitter.

Eubank Jr responded quickly to Americans, saying that if you trade with Benn, you can share the ring.

His remarks caught the attention of 25-year-old rival Benn. Benn said you shouldn’t be sure that they’ll fit in a square circle again if they come face to face.

Benn replied, “You will never fight again after you share the ring with me. I will be your last fight!”

The official announcement of the catchweight bout is on hold due to their rehydration provisions.

Benn usually competes at 147 lbs while Chris Eubank Jr’s has boxed to the super-mid limit of 168 lbs, but the pair plans to clash at around 156 lbs.

Eubank Jr will also limit the weight that can fit in the ring the following evening to avoid dangerous inconsistencies.

The IBF Sanctions Authority insists on a £10 limit on title fights to prevent fighters from gaining a huge advantage over their rivals.

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And with no conditions for this mouth-watering non-title showdown, Eubank Jr has a huge advantage over the smaller man.

Kell Brook and Amir Khan resolved a 10-year welterweight feud last February with a catchweight limit of 149 pounds.

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