Tue. May 17th, 2022

Kelvin Fletcher has revealed that he and his wife Liz are pregnant with twins.

Former Strictly champion Kelvin Fletcher and his wife Liz said they were “really lucky” when they revealed they were expecting twin boys.

Married to the former Emmerdale star in November 2015, his wife already has a 5-year-old daughter Marnie and 3-year-old son Milo.

“We already have the best of both worlds with Marnie and Milo, so we didn’t care either way, but the fact that we’re having a son is amazing,” Fletcher told Hello Magazine.

“It was the best day of my life. It was an absolutely incredible moment. I have never felt so much joy.”

Liz is due to give birth to twins in May.

She said, “I felt all the emotions under the sun. First of all, I was twice as worried.

“I was thinking of something like breastfeeding, but how is that possible with two people? How can you hold two babies at the same time?

“It all felt like 30 seconds. Kelvin called it a miracle and I thought, ‘How are we going to do this?’

“But now we can’t imagine it any other way. We feel really lucky.”

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