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CORONATION street star Colson Smith has revealed that he suffered excruciating pain after being injured at an Olympic Games.

Actor Craig Tinker was spotted participating in a 100-meter hurdle last night in a pre-recorded portion of a hit ITV show.

Colson's thumb was injured after a hurdle game.


Colson’s thumb was injured after a hurdle game.Credit: Rex
The stars last came out of the race on Thursday evening.


The stars last came out of the race on Thursday evening.Credit: Rex

Colson, 23, admitted that he slipped off the starting line and seriously injured his thumb before starting the race.

The soap star, who learned to swim last month and debuted her skills in a challenge earlier this week, finished last in a recent race.

He told the Sofa Cinema Club podcast that he “slipped” while getting ready to run “the floor was wet” on the track.

“The floor was soaking wet at the hurdles,” Colson explained. Take your score, set, I went for the set and my thumb [slipped].

Colson Smith of the game reveals an injury that puts the show at risk.
Corrie's Colson Smith says the soap ditched the storyline dealing with the tenth weight loss.

“I nodded my head because of the amount of pain. I ended up just to clarify. It hurts like blood, but it hurts properly.

“[My thumb] get sprained When I put my hands in the blocks and raised them for ‘sets’, I got wet and my thumbs slipped.”

He explained that his thumb had healed and was tied up, but had to be removed after being “paralyzed” on the way home.

“They had to call the medics and they said, ‘What shall we do? Colson has a pin and a needle on his thumb,'” he added.

It comes after Colson revealed the heartbreaking reason he didn’t learn to swim until the Olympics.

Over the past few years, Colson has lost an astonishing 10 stones since he started running. He admitted that it was his weight that prevented him from entering the swimming pool during his school days.

He said, “I was fat at school and didn’t like swimming. So I basically refused to swim.

“When I found out I didn’t want to do it, and I said it was time to stop turning down because of my looks and feeling.

“This competition is going to be kind of a competition for me and me. I want to show myself that Colson has no limits and he will keep pushing it.”

Colson finished last in the race, but was not disappointed as he finished the race in less than a minute and still achieved his personal best.

He told presenter Alex Scott:

“For me, that’s incredible. 10 seconds faster than what I did in the last training!”

Viewers were delighted with Colson and what he achieved in such a short time.

One Twitter post wrote: “Colson scored 47.7 points in swimming competitions when he couldn’t even swim five weeks ago, and with enough hard work and passion he could achieve anything.”

Another person added: “Colson.. Inspiration. I couldn’t even swim six weeks ago!”

3rd tweet: “Colson is a new country lover. I don’t care what you say.”

The game ends tonight on ITV at 9pm.

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