Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Couples in long-term relationships are more likely to experience loneliness in life (47%) than single friends (39%).), In light of national loneliness perceptions this week, we published the latest study from the Audley Group.

A new study from retirement provider Audley Group found that three-quarters of those in their 20s and 65 percent of those in their 30s experienced loneliness in the past year. At all ages, half of UK adults have experienced loneliness.

Of those who experience loneliness, more than 55% of those aged 20-29 will do anything to avoid loneliness in the future, down slightly to 54% of those aged 30-39. Two-fifths of those over 55 agree, highlighting the need for support across all age groups in the UK.

For many who have experienced loneliness, being closer to their family is part of the plan. A quarter of those in their 20s pledge to be closer to their family. Those in their 30s rose slightly to 26%. Looking at all UK adults, 26% will keep them busy with many activities and social gatherings, and 16% would like to be part of a strong community. Community can do its part. A third of UK adults want people to talk and communicate more every day to lessen their current emotions.

A quarter of UK adults say loneliness affects their physical well-being and 44% say loneliness is just a part of life they have to get used to.

Paul Morgan, Managing Director of Audley Group, said: “It is a common misconception that only older people feel lonely. It’s pervasive for all ages, and supporting family, friends and the entire community is more important than ever. It is also true that we can do a lot to get the situation under control and improve our own well-being.”

“It can mean moving closer to a loved one or providing the support network you need by choosing a home that fits your needs with a strong community around you.

“At Audley, we know how important it is to focus on well-being and how much we value the facilities and communities that an integrated retirement life offers from our owners. For many, the desire to be part of a strong community has been a key driver in their decision to move, and we are really proud to offer this to our owners. In the 2021 Property Owners Survey, 79% of owners said Audley had made sure people living in the town didn’t feel isolated from the epidemic. It is the greatest testament to the hard work of both the owner and the team.”

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