Tue. May 17th, 2022

Screenwriter Jimmy McGovern Awarded Freedom from Liverpool

Award-winning screenwriter Jimmy McGovern has been liberated by Liverpool.

Born into a large Catholic working-class family in Liverpool in 1949, McGovern described it as “one of the most surprising and fascinating things that ever happened to me” when the prime minister was announced late last year.

Recognized for his 40 years of contribution to British TV, film and theater, a lifelong Liverpool FC fan said it was “really humble” to be named alongside Andrew Devine, the 97th victim of the 1989 Hillsboro football disaster. said. In July 2021, he suffered a life-changing injury.

With screen credits for Brookside, Cracker, Hillsborough, The Lakes, Moving On, The Street, Anthony and more recently the BBC prison drama Time, Mr McGovern took home the awards at the Liverpool City Hall awards ceremony.

A video message from Sir Kenny Dalglish, Liverpool manager at the time of the Hillsborough tragedy, said: “You have been of absolute credit to your job and to your family, especially the Hillsborough family.”

Sir Kenny said: “Liverpool is a city very close to your heart and a city you have served wonderfully over the years. Hillsboro, not only in your daily work, but especially for those involved in it.

“The way you care for them, the time and effort you give them, and the comfort you give them are absolutely fantastic.”

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