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Nice looking kettle, it boils quickly.

The amazing kettle boils quickly and is amazing and well made.

The kettle works, but the lid opens at the push of a button and doesn’t open for quite some time after boiling, so if you need a second cup, you’ll have to fill it through the spout and it works, but it’s slow. I boil the kettle a lot because I only put in enough water to reach the bottom of the minimum mark so that I don’t heat up the water I don’t need right away. It’s frustrating not being able to open the lid. My son says it’s probably a safety feature so make sure you don’t burn the steam by opening the lid too quickly.

So far I’m very happy with my purchase looking great. We didn’t have the same pitting problems we had in the past, and our grandchildren loved being able to watch the water boil.

I first googled the top 10 kettles and this was the best. How embarrassing it is to be excited to see a kettlelet handled to perfection (I have small hands). It is perfectly balanced, pours beautifully and looks great. My husband also walked into the kitchen and said, “Wow, I like the kettle,” but he’s definitely not the type to notice.

Daewoo Sda1202 1 – Quick boiler and stylish kettle

Lovely kettle, looks smart in the kitchen, but best bought.

Nice kettle with blue led on base, easy to use and keep clean.

Good quality product for the price.

I love this kettle I’ve had for years but bought as a replacement for an older breville model with cracked glass. It is smaller and more compact. Stylish and fits well on my workbench. It works well, is easy to clean and is an absolute bargain for the price.

I bought this to use with a Daewoo Toaster, and I’m very happy with it. I would have given it 5 stars, but I found it to pop a little after pouring.

Really nice looking kettle & not as bulky like some and boils very quickly even at full capacity and obviously makes some noise when heated, but not as noisy as others. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and haven’t had any issues so far.

It provides all the features you need for a kettle, boils quickly, fills easily, and looks great. It started leaking in October 2021 and arrived in May 2020. Specifications are as follows: Daewoo Sda1202 1:

  • STYLISH KITCHEN KETTLE – This Daewoo kitchen kettle fits into a modern kitchen environment thanks to its sleek and stylish design.
  • Safety Lock Lid – The safety lock lid keeps the kettle lid locked to prevent hot water overflowing or toppling for safety.
  • 3000w Power – 3000w output provides enough power to heat the kettle quickly and efficiently.
  • BLUE LED LIGHTING – A chic and stylish LED light turns the kettle on and illuminates the boiling water. – Perfect for a cup of evening tea.
  • AUTO-CUT OFF – When the water is completely boiled, it automatically turns off, so that it does not boil any more, providing convenience and perfect water temperature.

Daewoo Sda1202 1 – Quick boiler and stylish kettle

I bought 3 now. One for home use (used at least 10 times a day) about 3 years ago, one for work and now I bought a spare one that I had previously bought several kettles for and all broke within a year or so.

A handsome, quick-boiling electric kettle.

Absolutely love this kettle. Beautiful and efficient. You will need to descale it regularly, but it is well designed to make it easy to descale. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

It has a capacity of 5L, but 5 cups of coffee is enough. A quick and quiet boiling point looks really good in the kitchen. There is a seal on the lid, so it does not drip or drip even when poured. The coolest looking kettle we’ve ever owned.

Very happy with this kettle and it looks smart sitting on the workbench.

We have enjoyed using this kettle for over 2 years. My husband accidentally broke the lid. We had no problems with our previous one, so we decided to buy the same one that speaks volumes about quality and reliability.

Buyer Reviews:

  • amazing
  • Best kettle on the market!!!!
  • Looks good but won’t repurchase 🙁

Daewoo Sda1202 1 – Quick boiler and stylish kettle

A kettle that does its job with a nice blue light. The only disappointment is that condensation occurs on the inside of the glass, which was not the case in previous similar kettles.

I like this kettle. It’s pretty, fast, and a bit noisy when lit, but it’s a kettle that will never be quiet. I just moved in, but the fuse keeps blowing? We took an electrician today and he tested it and said it was dangerous and that was what caused it to cut off all the electricity.

Really, it boils down quickly, not to mention happy buyers.

Nice clear water like blue effect.

This is a lovely looking kettle. Because we live in a hard water area, the scale build-up is very noticeable, but when you remove the scale, it looks like new.

The treatment works and I have no complaints. I managed to break the flip-up lid. The producer suggests making the hinge a little stronger.

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