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It’s very noisy like a heater fan.

This is the brightest projector picture i’ve seen. So if you are going to be watching films during the day (with the curtains closed) this would be ideal, as it can cope with dull daylight really well. The picture is very clear in hd – when i streamed dune using my laptop with a hdmi to the projector it coped with the myriad shadows and bright scenes in the film. Not quite so good for sd quality streaming but still very acceptable picture. This projector is huge (see image next to a more standard size projector but this is because it is very bright so needs a large fan to keep it cool. If you want to ceiling mount it you can remove the 4 soft feet but be prepared to use a substantial mount and bolts. The hard plastic lens cap fits snugly unlike the soft silicone ones some other projectors have. The fan is fairly loud but they needed a large fan- because the picture is so bright they needed a larger cooling fan to dissipate the extra heat. I measured it at around 50db on a cool day from close to the back of the projector. But it’s fine when watching action films – and it is a projector, it won’t be whisper quiet. There are a lot of quieter (but dimmer) projectors out there. So its a trade-off between brightness and fan noise the first one i tried made a loud screeching noise from the fan (much louder than 50db) but this was a fault – the replacement didn’t have this issue. It has a 3 year manufacturers warranty which is good. Customer service were really helpful with advice.

Easy to set up, perfect picture, sound bar not needed.

I bought this projector for my bar, i was worried it wouldn’t be good enough quality to show football on but the customers are happy with it & what started as a temporary fixture is staying where it is. The screen was a bit thin but we backed it with a black sheet & pinned it to the wall tightly & it works a treat.

Very bright good for home cinemas really really happy with this product would recommend to everyone.

DAQ 5g 4k Full Hd Native 1080p Wifi Projector 9500 Lumens –         Excellent projector

Really improved connectivity and picture quality. Much sturdier design and more portable due to wifi connectivity.

We purchased this projector as an upgrade on the one we have. This one has wifi, and 2 usb ports a hdmi port and a vga port and you can also put in your sd cards. You can stream from your phone too. It has an av and headphone port which can be used to power a speaker. We didn’t need a speaker as the sound was already loud enough. The picture quality and brightness was fantastic and worked even in the light, which our previous projector did not. The range on this projector makes it more suitable for bigger spaces and outdoor spaces. We have had it set up outside to watch movies from the hottub. The value for money in comparison to other models was really good.

This projector was brought as an upgrade to a previous purchase and we were not disappointed. Projector is excellent quality. Superb picture inside the house and outdoors. Easy to set up and comes with a handy screen which is huge. Highly recommend and it’s worth the extra pennies for the quality you are getting.

It’s easy to set up and once set up, i had a cinema in my lounge. The picture quality is brilliant against the white projector screen that came with it. The remote is easy to use and allows you to adjust the screen size. There’s a wireless function also on the projector which is handy for my kids. The sound quality from the projector is great, but if you want to use a bluetooth speaker you can. If i have any issues, the customer service are very helpful.

We bought this projector as an upgrade from a cheaper version and the difference is unreal. The picture quality is so much sharper, the colours are more vivid and the sound quality is amazing. With our last projector we had to connect up a speaker as we couldn’t hear anything over the fan but not with this one. We have used the projector with the xbox, fire stick and have cast directly from our phones and it’s all worked perfectly. Customer service is also amazing. I have emailed regarding a few questions and they have always got back to me very quickly. Overall a brilliant product and you won’t be disappointed.

The media could not be loaded. The projector comes out of the box already calibrated, which saves a ton of time. Secondlythe image was projected on a beige wall, in a living room (nothing special about paint) and the audio heard is from the projector. I left hallway light on to illustrate that the room didn’t need to be completely dark to watch a movie. The projector was placed on a chair, and i didn’t really bother with trying to make the image square. Which goes to show how easy it is to simply switch it on, adjust the focus, based on how far you have placed the projector and enjoy your movie in less than a minute. If you know nothing about projectors and want to be able to enjoy a movie in a new room each time without tweaking the settings this is the projector for you. Personally i loved the fact that i could wifi-cast to the projector directly using wifi. Watching a video file from usb stick was straightforward.

The projector is awesomethe screen you get with it was a bit see through when against a wall with pictures ect. We purchased an electronic screen with blackout and omg the picture quality is amazing.

I’ve been using the projector for a few weeks and the picture quality for a projector in this price range is impressive. I’ve got a similar projector and it’s only suitable when the projector is used in a dark room, whereas i am able to use this in daylight even on a bright day. The room i am using it in has skylights and the picture brightness is still good during the day. The inbuilt speakers sound great and the wireless connectivity for my iphone is a welcomed addition for viewing photos/videos. Also supplied with a remote which is required as i will be mounting on the ceiling. Here are the specifications for the DAQ 5g 4k Full Hd Native 1080p Wifi Projector 9500 Lumens:

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 【Native 1080P Full HD WiFi Projector With 120” Screen】 Featured with the Brightness of 9500 Lumens, Native Resolution of 1080P Full HD and the Contrast Ratio of 10000: 1, this 1080P Full HD WiFi projector enables you fantastic home theater viewing experience at night. The newest 3LCD color calibrating and adjusting technology works to restore more intricate color details, which presents you a real, dynamic and color vibrant projection image quality on the 300 Inch large screen.
  • 【Easier WiFi connection, More Stable Signal Transmission】Compared to other WiFi projectors, this AK-50 Native 1080P WIFI projector has simplified the WiFi connection steps and is equipped with the latest 5G/2.4G WiFi technology, making the setup and connectivity with your devices more easier and stable. The wired connection through USB cable spare you the hassle of buying extra HDMI adapters. Thanks to the user friendly updates, it’s never been easier to explore more quality happy time.
  • 【Larger Screen, Better Viewing Experience】To make it more easier for our customer’s indoor movie fun, this AK-50 projector ia also packed with an upgrade portable, foldable, anti-wrinkle and easy to wash 120 inch projection screen, thus ensuring larger viewing angle and more picture details. It will perform great for your indoor home entertainments. Don’t forget the beautiful night to have a great movie with your family and friends every weekend.
  • 【Max 300 Inch Display & Multi-device Compatibility】This Native 1080P WIFI projector with projection screen package offers the largest viewing size from 50 to 300 Inch by adjusting the projection distance. Equipped with HDMI, USB, TF Card, VGA, and AV interface. It’s the perfect solution for a wide variety of inputs including but not limited to TV Stick/Box, Game Console, PCs, Smartphone & Laptops, DVD player, TF card and USB Sticks, External Speaker etc.
  • 【Ideal Choice for Daily Home Entertainment】This full HD projector is fitted with a modern design and uses only raw materials with premium quality. The innovative and efficient cooling system empowers a stunning watching and listening experience by decreasing 80% fan noise. The built-in HIFI stereo speakers offers the best home movie theater feeling, makes the projector suitable for your room, your garden, your garage, your outdoor warehouse, or your business presentation.

DAQ 5g 4k Full Hd Native 1080p Wifi Projector 9500 Lumens –         Excellent projector

It came well wrapped and on time , very easy to set up and belive me i not savy when it comes to setting things up, but the set up booklet that came with it was good with big pictures showing you what to do made it so more easier to set up. Tried it on my wall with curtains open it was a good picture so took it outside to see what it was like on my back wall which is painted white, just starting to go dark the picture was great cant wait for the summer. Sound is good no need for sound bar and didnt even notice any sound from the fan. Over all this is a great projector and well worth the money.

This projector is just a fabulous piece of kit and amazing value for money. The sound and picture quality is fantastic and i would never have believed that you could get a projector of this quality for the price.

I co-run a pop up cinema company and we hire out equipment for homes and gardens so we’ve tried out many projectors and this is by far my favourite. The colours are vivid, the image clear and it is so easy to set up and operate. The sound from this projector is quality and in all it offers such amazing value for moneyit comes with a remote control, focus dial, keystone dial and all the necessary ports to input devices. There’s a small screw dial at the front which helps to angle the projector to get the perfect image projection height. You really can’t go wrong with this.

However you don’t have to as it has a built in speaker … very easy to use … you can watch during the day with the blinds down too … would definitely recommend this projector.

The projector came, but the package insert mentioned remote and hdmi cable, which were missing. So i’m not sure if this was a returned product. Focusing issues are also evident, and the screen doesn’t evenly focus. 2-star rating only because of the provided projection screen, which would have perhaps been useful if i wasn’t returning it. In summary, i would not buy again. I had to amend my rating due to the great customer service proved by the company. After getting my feedback on the product, i was promptly attended to, and the company sorted out my issues. Thankful for the efficient action and hence a change of my opinion.

I previously owned a mini projector, then bought this projector, i wasn’t expecting it to be as large as it was as i was used to a mini projector, however i could see a noticeable difference from using this product. The image quality is really really great and a lot clearer. The higher brightness the projector offers is also a plus, which means when i’m watching something during the day, i have been able to have good visibility of what i’m watching when my (non-blackout) curtains are closed. I really enjoy the projector’s wifi feature as i can link things from my laptop and phone sometimes, the setup was easy. The in-built speaks produce a great sound, clear and crisp. Although i connect my own speaker via the av cable as i have one. If i had no speaker i wouldn’t have a problem relying on the in-built speaker. It comes with a hdmi cable and remote and a screen which you can hang up, which is a nice perk, although i ended up just projecting it onto my wall. I am really happy with this product. It feels like i have my own cinema at home.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • High quality projector
  • Favourite projector
  • Very bright picture

DAQ 5g 4k Full Hd Native 1080p Wifi Projector 9500 Lumens –         Excellent projector

This is my first projector so that can’t compare it to another but i’m absolutely loving it. Movies, live concerts, sports it’s great for them all. I invited friends round to watch a rugby match and they all loved it to. The built in speaker is quite good and the fan is quiet enough, i didn’t notice it at all while there was sound. I bought a universal mount to attach it to my garage roof and the mount come with the correct size screws to attach the projector. . Colours and contrast is great in a nearly dark room. It isn’t watchable in daylight but i expected that. 6 meters i got about a 180 inch screen.

The new upgrade is much better than the previous version because it provides a wireless option, allowing you to connect your mobile phone to project on the screen. The sound quality is amazing, and you don’t really need to use an external speaker, but you can do so if you wish. The picture quality is brilliant, greating lighting and easily adjusted using the remote if you want to. I like the function where you can make the projection size different sizes, this you don’t get on many projectors. A hdmi is provided which is ideal as you will need it, and a cleaning kit is provided to help clean the projector. A projector screen is provided, easy to clean and easy to hang up. It’s easy to set up, user friendly and a lovely projector. Remote control is easy to use and works great and the picture quality is great. Customer service is brilliant, they reply back quickly and are very helpful too.

I bought this projector to mainly use in a bedroom, instead of a large tv, with the option of using it outdoors if we ever get a warm and dry evening in the uk. Plugged it in and skipped the instructions, as i am impatient, and found that it was very easy to get going. It has a focus wheel and a keystone adjustment on the front which made it quick and easy to get a good picture, which was surprisingly bright – even in a room with the curtains open during the daytime. From the front menu i was quickly able to pair it with my mobile phone and cast video to it from youtube as a test. Given that it was daytime (and i was projecting onto my ceiling as a test) the picture was more than good enough, albeit slightly washed out due to the ambient daylight. I then plugged my amazon fire tv stick into the hdmi port and was able to view all my usual content from there. Where i will be using the projector it will be on a shelf but i believe you can also mount it from a ceiling. It connects to wifi as well but i’m not entirely sure why – firmware updates perhaps?the projector comes complete with a 120 inch white screen, but as this is just a fairly thin ‘sheet’ with eyeholes to hang it you might want to invest in something a little thicker. Perfectly usable for most situations though, as is the sound from the built in speaker(s). Also comes with a remote control, av cable, hdmi cable and a mini cleaning kit.

Amazing quality – great for film night with the kidssuperb projector that is so easy to set up. Picture quality is brilliant and the kids absolutely loved having their own cinema at home. We connected to a sound bar for a more authentic cinema experience, but the speakers were excellent without this too. The screen is huge, but we also found the picture quality to be just as good on a blank wall if you are unable to hang it. An excellent product, would definitely recommend.

The media could not be loaded.  i can’t fault this projector. I have used it for movie nights inside the house and outside in the garden. Through the hdmi you can connect to the ps5 and i’ve shared as image with sound. This sound in the video is through the projectors own speakers. Here are my favourite things:1) easy to assemble2) sturdy projector3) excellent picture with focus and keystone dials to adjust the picture on the screen4) audio is good enough without the speakers. I also connected my speakers with audio cable for more of a surround sound which was amazing. You don’t need the volume maxed up. 5) height adjuster underneath the projector enables you to position the image in the screen if you don’t have an adjustable screen. 6) wifi connector easy to set up and this enables the image to screen share without cables.

The projection is very bright, but it couldn’t focus. Had to be kept at least 5m away to get some level of focus. It improved after staying on for 2 hours, but that’s unacceptable.

DAQ 5g 4k Full Hd Native 1080p Wifi Projector 9500 Lumens –         Excellent projector

We purchased this product as an upgrade from a cheaper model, and we were blown away by the difference in image quality and brightness. The resolution is native 1080p, and this means the projected image is noticeably sharp and high quality. The brightness is also very good – the room does not have to be pitch black in order to see it properly. This is really useful for when you want to watch something during the day, and your curtains don’t keep all the sunlight out – my previous projector did not work well under these conditions. The software is very simple and easy to use, and let you cast directly from your ios or android device to the projector, which is a really cool feature (although, this does not work with some major streaming providers, due to their copyright concerns, which is not the fault of the manufacturer). Personally, we use ours with a firestick plugged into the hdmi port, which is brilliant. The inbuilt speakers are good quality – comparable to most tvs i have used, and certainly will be good enough to provide a good watching experience. The fan noise is noticeable, but not louder than any other projector i have used. The projector is quite large and heavier than previous models i have used, however the image quality is so much better, that unless portability is your primary concern this shouldn’t be an issue. Overall i would recommend this model.

I got this projector as a replacement/up grade from my last one. The sound is excellent and i have now taken away my sound bar now as a result, the picture quality is good and very easy to adjust the focus and level. I use a firestick in mine and have had no issues at all. The remote is quite standard tbh but has everything you need to operater the projector. The screen i got seems to be very good, ( compared to past ones) however i don’t use one so i can’t comment on how it looks in action. Overall i’m very pleased with it and would definitely get another.

DAQ 5g 4k Full Hd Native 1080p Wifi Projector 9500 Lumens –         Excellent projector

DAQ 5g 4k Full Hd Native 1080p Wifi Projector 9500 Lumens –         Excellent projector

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