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I just love this food slicer. It’s so simple to use and has a good steady speed. Have only sliced cooked meat with it, so far. No more chunks, nice thin slices instead. I think it’s good value for the price.

I bought this to slice up my sourdough loaves that i bake so i can put them in the freezer. I don’t make particularly large loaves but although this machine cuts them well i have to remove the carriage and guard and feed it very carefully by hand as the carriage does not allow enough room for the loaf. Cut the bread well even when very fresh. A lot easier than doing it with a bread knife. The other slightly negative point i would like to mention is that although the body folds up for easy storage the carriage and guard doesn’t and ends up taking up more room in your cupboard than the main machine. This is an update to me previous review. I’ve now had this about 6 weeks and although round loaves are a little too large in the centre lozenge shaped loaves work perfectly even cut on a bit of an angle. The first slice is hard to get through as the stiff crust resists bending to clear the back of the machine but once you have that done it goes really easy. Best thing since sliced bread.

This is such a versatile product can cut all sorts of breads, cheese and meats.

Requires two hand to use, which unfortunately made it impossible for me to use, however my sister loves it.

Very good quality, easy to use and clean.

Domo Food Slicer –         Safe to use

Great alternative to original kenwood electric slicer.

We buy it especially to cut the bread we make with the bread maker, and it goes perfect! makes super thin slices of bread or even a fat finger, without breaking it and with little effort; yes, crumbs makes many, but it is normal. We have also tried it to cut sausage and it works perfectly, definitely a perfect purchase.

This lunch box is powerful and cuts everything thin and thick that is desired. It is good quality and beautiful, just what I was looking for. I am more than happy with this purchase. I have made an effort to buy it, without many comments, because I trust German products.Between the price and shipping costs, it comes a little expensive, but I recommend it.

Bought it for cutting bread works brilliantly.

Great for slicing bread but be warned the plastic safety guard will more than likely arrive cracked. It doesn’t prevent you from using it though.

My first purchase broke after a week. the knob to adjust the width of the slices did not work They changed it to me and for now the new one works Comfortable for bread made in house that is harder than that nice shops and I must say that it facilitated me a lot

Nn recommend it, it’s a bit ‘that I’m trying it and I realize that nenache x home use: it often moves during cutting and with the soft bread remains a piece nn cut x last, so you have to come back back and redo the slice cut, but always remains a piece stuck.

I bought this after reading reviews from people who bake their own bread. They said it was good, i was not disappointed. I bake sourdough bread and it slices it beautifully and quickly at any thickness you require, just ready for the freezer. I would recommend that you bake your bread in 1lb loaf tins rather than in the round. It is a perfect size for this slicer and cuts through quickly and accurately. Two loaves cut up in 3-4 minutes. It then makes perfect toast, without any wonky slices. It saves me loads of time struggling even with a sharp bread knife. I store the main unit in the box as it folds up, but as others have said, the platform and the guard need to be stored seperately. Well worth the extra storage space though. Here are the specifications for the Domo Food Slicer:

  • Say hello to uniform slices prepared with ease
  • Great for slicing bread, cheese and meats
  • Slicing thickness can be adjusted from 0-to 15 mm
  • Serrated knife – 17cm
  • Safety switch

Domo Food Slicer –         Safe to use

Blade super sharp,easy to use and easy to clean.

The closing solution on one side makes it adaptable to be crammed without bulk. it does not have an on /off button but to spin the blade you have to hold, the that might be uncomfortable, but I certainly find it a safe method, especially for those who make a domestic and sporadic use in the end I find it a great product

Cuts well but bread sometimes sticks between blade and back.

For slicing the sunday joint and for slicing a loaf of bread it is brilliant.

Wasn’t sure if it would be good with bread but is perfect would recommend to anyone.

Has a safety food pusher onner. Has an exposed spinning blade so extreme caution needed. Has a safety two button push to operate. Used on bread, meat and cheese so far and very impressed.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Mostly good
  • Works well provided your loves are not too fat.
  • Fantastic for slicing home baked bread

Domo Food Slicer –         Safe to use

This machine slices my home made keto king yeast bread perfectly & evenly and there is a setting to choose the thickness of the slices. I’ve set mine to 10mm, which is about the same as shop bought medium cut sliced bread. I slice a whole loaf at a time and keep them in the bread bin so the children can help themselves without the worry of them having to cut slices or ask to have slices cut for them. If i’ve made more than one loaf i slice that too and keep in the freezer. This machine also will cut cheese & meat if required. It did arrive with a euro 2 pin plug but i ordered a uk adapter plug, which arrived the same day.

Was not happy to recieve this item without uk plug on it,most companys selling this stuff would include relevent plug so it could be used surprised at amazon as there normally quite good.

Fantastic! I have tendonitis on my arm, I often make baked bread and this saved the guy. 100% recommendable It is not a great cutter but it does its job. We use it to cut homemade bread and for this it goes very well. We liked that it was foldable, takes up little space and can be stored well in a kitchen cabinet. We recommend it.

The first one had to return it to come defective. This 2” works well, the size of the cut you can choose but to make it thin is more laborious, it requires the skill of the cutter rather than the selection of the cut. Folds up well It has no tray for what is cut. I tried with ham, loin and fuet and cut perfectly. What I don’t like is you have to keep pressing the Button to cut and if you release it stop

This product would be great expect for the plastic pieces at the back that hold the bread. Some of it cracked when i was putting it together and more has actually cracked off after i used it a few times. Fortunately, it’s still safe to use but i can’t understand it when the body of the item and the blade is of such good quality. It slices really well and it’s very easy to use and clean. I would still recommend it though. We use sourdough bread which is hard to slice thinly for sandwiches and this works really well for that.

Came with a shaver type plug . Why does this happen for goods in he u.

Domo Food Slicer –         Safe to use

Easy to use but just not thick enough for bread for me. Cuts meat ok and bread ok but would of liked it to go thicker sliced. Other than that machine was fine but i returned it as i needed it mainly to cut bread thick.

We were looking for a slicer that would take up little space in the kitchen but also do its function well. Very happy with the purchase, it is easy to assemble, the blade is dismantled without major difficulty in cleaning and is also very easy to use. We usually cut turkey and york ham and now we can save by buying more amount in bar and then cut little by little with the slicer, it is a good way to save.

It came to me today, and my surprise is that mine does not have the tray collects slices, and in the manual I do not see it anymore.!!! So keep an eye on anyone who wants to buy it for this feature, because I don’t think mine is missing, but they should not come. Have you changed the version?, because on the web I think that yours, the, appears the photo already of the model that they sent me, the one that has to push and the hand wall behind, in transparent plastic, and I don’t see the tray collects slices either., in other Internet searches, if I have seen it on more pages with tray too, and others that don’t. And I was more than anything because of the quality that I took it!!! I was between the Ritter markant and this one, and I ended up deciding on this one because of the extra tray, and look!!! So keep an eye on sailors. keep this in mind so as not to take bad surprises like me!

After 3 months of use to slicing fresh bread, the pusher that protects the hand broke in half. I was lucky to keep my hand intact. I know we’re only getting money, but not in defiance of safety. I’m going to look for a real slicer, not a plastic gadget.

Great purchase, would definitely buy again.

Bought this machine to cut up a catering size salami, did this no problem, have also used to cut bread, fantastic for the price, very easy to use and clean.

Domo Food Slicer –         Safe to use

I inherited an almost identical machine from my mother in law, which must have been at least 25yrs old, and was looking for a replacement. I was so glad to find this one which has the identical two point on off mechanism, essential for safety. It is a little more flimsy, but fine for slicing bread and cold meat, and easy to use and clean.

Plastic frame cracked the first time i used it. Otherwise does the job it says.

You need a bit of strength to assemble some parts, but tightness is good for a machine that needs to be safe. Be careful with cut width adjustments – may be fragile. You need to supply your own stand and receiving dish/plate to fit. Only worth getting if you have a fair amount to do – unless you are fond of washing which is really important.

For me great, just arrived I tried it and it is comfortable, slices well, even thin slices of ham and salami, of course it is not professional so it may be not very robust, but at that price it is for a use Home design is perfect, besides it cleans very well and cluttered little space.

Much better results than expected perfectly regular slices from home baked 8 grain bread. 14 perfect slices from each loaf with virtually no crumb. The machine is very light and easy to clean – does the job.

I bought it to cut bread, the cut did it smoothly, but the crumbs were scattered everywhere and it was very cumbersome to collect everything. The plastic is of very poor quality, a part broke right on it. Also if the piece of bread is very wide it does not fit with the protector and you have to cut without it, with the risk it poses. I’ll take the board and the knife. Of course Amazon processed the return without any problems, as always.

Easy to use excellent item slices at a turn of the dial.

I was going to return this item as i find it awkward to use as i’m right handed and i think it more for a left handed person however i no longer have the box so can’t return for a refund.

Does what it says folds away easy a good section of thicknesses to choose from &easy to clean.

Good product, and will slice many things.

to cut a 750 gram bread baked from a Moulinex bread maker The engine is perhaps a little weak to cut the crust The engine dropped this 24 11 2019. I hope the warranty has worked, I no longer use this device whose engine heats up abnormally after the first cut of the same bread as before. The power of the engine is insufficient.

This needs two people to operate, two hands to hold the switch and push the food through. Another person to remove the sliced food from the machine otherwise it jams it up. A bit fiddly to clean so not worth using for only a few slices. Otherwise very useful particularly for larger quantities.

Great slicer, but unfortunately the ‘pusher’ slide was smashed beyond repair ( although i did try) i wonder if i could get a replacement ‘pusher slide’??.

Excellent, easy to use, take apart, clean and put vack together again. Not at all noisy and not too heavy, folds up quite small for storage, definitely recommend this. Complete with uk plug, all ready to use.

There is nowhere where it says it is a two prong plug. Luckily amazon can get me an adapter before christmas. As i didn’t know what it meant when it said 120w so wasn’t sure if i could use it in england. I rang a friend and they assured me that it can be used here. They lost a star for not being honest.

Product arrived damaged, exactly the plastic part that you see in the photo of the other reviews already present. Contacted the dealer for an item replacement or just a replacement of the damaged part and never received a response. I can’t make the return because there is no right to a refund.

[VideoID:35562C26A9B0263AB4DF4C1382A371C I loved it! A very good price for a basic product in materials but it fulfills its function perfectly. We make a lot of wholemeal homemade bread, and cut it perfectly how you can see in the video.]

Perfect for cutting a few slices of raw ham. I wanted to cut enough for an aperitif, the slicer roasted. Good for 2 or 3 people, if need to do more, in several times. pity, I threw mine! It is cheap, easy to clean but just for short time use.

I bought this mainly to slice cheese but it didn’t do well. Cleaning after this was not easy as the cheese was smeared into every orifice it could find. Trying to remove the foldable tray was very fiddly and the plastic is sharp on your fingers.

Spot on very good quality many thanks.

For me it is perfect and does what i want. The only comment is for those who want thicker bread. Be sure the maximum quoted is thick enough for youi would say it is good value for money.

It arrived brokenplease exchange.

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