Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

The world these days seems to revolve around materialism. Always have the latest necessities ‘needed’ right away. But the euphoria of these new purchases is temporary. In fact, they often leave quickly upon arrival. No matter how high-tech gadgets or shiny bracelets we may be, we are never completely satisfied with material things. There’s always an upgrade and there’s always a version you don’t own yet.

It all depends on your phone, social media, and the ads you subconsciously take in as you scroll. As a result, we live in a world full of things we don’t really care about or need. So, what makes us truly happy? What can fill that void that cannot be clearly seen with fancy materials? The answer is simple. Investing in memories.

Memories are the best gifts we can receive. Think about what you would catch if your house was set on fire. Most likely not flashy accessories or expensive shoes. Instead, you will grab something of sentimental value: something connected with your memory. So, if you are considering treating yourself or someone close to you as a gift, why not make it a meaningful gift in any case? Framed photos of special moments are more than just a voucher.

You can create a special gift with the help of brands like My Pictures, which provide the photo frames of your choice in slim frames with timeless aesthetics. You can also choose a color that matches the shades in your photo, such as the classic pure black or white, warm wood tones or chic vintage silver.

In addition, these framed photos are digitally printed on premium paper for sharp resolution and vivid colors. The result is a print of incredible strength that instantly brings back those memories.

Another reason why investing in memory is so important is because of the capricious tendencies of modern devices. Have you ever had your phone stolen or broken while on vacation? If you have one, you can immediately recognize that one of your main concerns is losing all your precious photos from your travels. Of course, the cost of buying a new phone is quite a burden, but unlike the pieces of memories trapped inside the phone, the phone itself is easily replaced. That’s why it’s important to develop your photos into something you can hold in your hand, such as a canvas print.

My Picture allows you to decorate your home and walls with the highest quality photo canvases that you can personalize to your desired finish, size and edge. All canvas prints are stretched on a wooden frame, but for an additional fee, you can opt for an external premium frame to give your photo canvas an even more special presentation. These “shadows” or “floating” frames leave gaps around the folded edges of the canvas, so the entire print remains visible. You may have seen this amazing design in some contemporary art gallery before!

So, before showing off on other material items, think about what you will be truly grateful for years from now. Fortunately, we have the code so you don’t have to spend a fortune on your memory investment! Your Coffee BREAK15 Excluding MixPix photo tiles, is offering a 15% discount code on already discounted products. The code is valid until December 31, 2022, and you can use it whenever you want to make your memories last forever. Whether for a personal keepsake or a special gift, a framed photo or canvas print will never lose its value.

Fashion trends are temporary. Invest to last.

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