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Ideal size, perfect operation, sturdy and well designed. The only downside is that all the fasteners on the zip closure exploded during transit, so if you want to use the carry-on bag, you’ll have to have it repaired by a seamstress to replace the zipper.

Bought the basic to air conditioning the car, but when the product arrives there is a defective but functional battery compartment. Nevertheless, I try to turn on the air conditioner, but when I put the gas cylinder in, the scale shows 21 kg (the cylinder is actually 12 kg) and when I start emptying it with gas the weight does not decrease. Also, the remote control that came with it didn’t work properly either. So, take into account the price and do not undertake any obligation to return the requested.

Item is already damaged everywhere and battery tray oxidized Very good Very sturdy Good quality Balance very satisfied

The rechargeable battery is 1.2 volts, so use only 1.5 volt alkaline batteries and do not operate. The scale seems to work as is, but unfortunately it is missing the battery that should be included according to the package, and the description included that the charging valve is connected to the scale plate via a non-BlueTooth cable, but it doesn’t. I explained how to adjust the car filling, the zipper on the transport bag is broken and it is placed individually in the package. The carrying strap of the bag is made of plastic holes, which makes it too weak for mounting. By itself, the device is pretty fun to use in the workplace, but not on mobile. The display also has pixel glitches or diagonal stripes, but it should be considered a cosmetic defect.

Elitech 100kg Cordless Refueling Electronic Refrigerant Scales for Hvac and Auto Ac, Refrigerant Charged Weight Recovery Scales, Freon Scales with Filling Valve, Lmc-310


Elitech LMC-310 100KG Wireless Refueling Electronic Refrigerant Scale HVAC and Auto AC with Carrying Case and LCD Display


“Lamp”: Press to turn on the backlight, it lasts for 10 seconds. To keep the backlight on all the time, press and hold for 3 seconds and the buzzer will sound once as an indicator. Press again to turn off the backlight.

Other features:

1. Power-on self-test: Lasts less than 2 seconds.

2. Container deduction from full range (100 kg).

3. LCD displays numbers from high digit to low digit. Digits that exceed the digit range are not displayed.

4. Auto Off: The scale will automatically turn off if the platform’s weight has not changed for 10 minutes.

weighing work

The maximum weight of the scale is 100 kg.

1. Remove the scale from its packaging and place it on a hard, flat surface.

2. On the side of the scale, draw a spiral line for the handheld device.

3. Press the “Power” button on the handheld device and a buzzer will sound indicating that the self-test is complete.

4. Press “Units” to toggle between “Kg”, “Oz” and “Lb”.

5. Press “Zero” to zero the balance.

6. Place the refrigerant tank in the center of the scale and zero again (tare) to mark the refrigerant weight.

7. Observe the change in refrigerant weight during charging in real time and recover over-range indication.

Elitech Data Loggers, one of eight Eitech divisions, offers disposable/multipurpose temperature data loggers, temperature and humidity data loggers, NFC data loggers, wireless data loggers and refrigerated truck data loggers. Data loggers can form a complete monitoring network. All loggers are simple, easy to use and effectively reduce malfunctions. Data may not be timely dated on Elitech-Cloud and may be viewed and downloaded by users.

Elitech has passed ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, TS16949:2009 and OHSAS18001:2011 certifications. Elitech products have passed the testing machines of group pulse generator, frequency drop simulator, electrostatic discharge tester, ROHS tester, lightning surge generator, etc., and have obtained CE, UL and VDE certifications, including RoHS, WEEE, EUP, REACH, etc.

Founded in 1996, Elitech Technology, Inc is dedicated to the R&D and manufacturing of products for the refrigeration and refrigeration industries and provides remote cold chain solutions. It has 8 business units, 2 overseas sales and R&D institutions. Elitech has over 170 professional engineers who develop over 100 new data logger products every year. Elitech owns 80 approved patents, including 30 software patents.

Elitech 100kg Cordless Refueling Electronic Refrigerant Scales for Hvac and Auto Ac, Refrigerant Charged Weight Recovery Scales, Freon Scales with Filling Valve, Lmc-310

Elitech 100kg Wireless Refueling Electronic Refrigerant Scale For Hvac And Auto Ac:

Features and Specifications

  • 【SMART MEASUREMENT】Remote operation and confirmation is possible with a wireless handset (Bluetooth), and it is also possible to check and manage it through the “Elitek scale” app on smart devices.
  • 【Charge Value Included】 Comes with a new filling valve for automatic HAVC filling and recycling. Besides that, it has several essential functions such as clear (filling), automatic power off, battery level display, unit switching (KG, LB, oz.) .
  • 【High accuracy and resolution】Maximum weight 100kg, max ±0.05% of reading High precision, max 5g resolution
  • 【HEAVY DUTY AND TOUGH】Equipped with thick aluminum walls to maintain the robustness and accuracy required for HVACR sites, and rubber foot pads to cushion the impact of everyday use. It also comes with a carrying case and can be used with any refrigerant.
  • 【Low power consumption】Low power consumption design, long battery life; All you need is standard AAA and AA batteries.

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