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EMILY Atack gave fans a sneak peek inside the refrigerator, making them wonder just how “normal” the refrigerator is.

The Inbetweeners star, who rose to fame as Charlotte Hinchcliffe in the E4 comedy, posed in the kitchen for takeaway.

Emily could be seen putting in takeaway sushi while packing the fridge with food.


Emily could be seen putting in takeaway sushi while packing the fridge with food.

A star sipping from a bottle of Oyster Bay


A star sipping from a bottle of Oyster Bay

Emily, 32, posed for a series of snapshots in her lavish London apartment in an orange mini dress and cowboy boots.

The star, boasting a huge kitchen, could be seen unpacking takeaway sushi with the refrigerator door open.

Eagle-eyed fans zoomed in to see what Emily was keeping inside her refrigerator, including cans of Coca-Cola and cans of oat milk.

Other items in the refrigerator included various chutneys, beer cans, bottles of pickles, and what appeared to be chunks of cheese.

“Hey MTV, here’s something from my fridge… Variety of mango chutneys and supermarket lager. Welcome to my crib,” she captioned the snapshot.

Elsewhere, her followers have commented on how the actress is drinking Oyster Bay white wine.

glam attack

Emily Atack looks great on a sunny afternoon with her friends at the London Beer Garden.


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Heading to the comments section, her fans praised the actress for how “normal” the contents of her refrigerator are.

“Flora Butter and Oyster Bay!” One fan said, “Beer, Coke, Milk, Wine – 4 food groups!”

Friend Jake Quickenden added, “Chutney and beer really can’t go wrong.”

Emily wowed fans with a new series of snapshots of her friends enjoying the spring weather in London.

The Inbetweeners actress, who rose to fame for playing Charlotte Hinchcliffe in the comedy series, shone while looking into the camera.

Emily posted a series of snapshots on Instagram over the weekend to document what she’s been up to lately.

One snap saw her posing in the sun with a cup of tea in the back yard of her luxurious London apartment, which she moved into this year.

Others have caught her drinking with friends outside the bar, sipping a large glass of wine and nibbling on a cheese board.

The third snap saw Emily posing with a large pint of Guinness as she went out on St. Patrick’s Day last Thursday evening.

Last week, Emily had to applaud her “pervert” for sending her dirty messages on social media.

The Inbetweeners star said on Sunday she chased after prey after photos of her in a taxi were shared on a porn website’s Twitter account.

Emily wrote on Instagram: “Oh ok, this picture is now up on Twitter and on the website of a real fake taxi.

“Great. No, it’s really good. You’re trying to have a wholesome Sunday and you’re being attacked by perverts who accidentally ask you if you want to go the wrong way into the woods.

“Go and iron the boys’ uniforms, you bastards.”

Eagle-eyed fans snore inside Emily's fridge.


Eagle-eyed fans snore inside Emily’s fridge.

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