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EMMERDALE fans have spotted a huge clue which proves Andrea Tate is still alive and has been working with Leyla Harding to take down Meena Jutla.

Andrea is believed to be dead after she was attacked in the maize maze in October 2021.

However, her dead body was never seen on screen, so some viewers of the soap are convinced she is still alive and think she could have laid low until it’s time to prove how evil Meena is.

One fan wrote: “Yes, I know Meena’s trial will be very serious and difficult. …

“Also, this whole Meena/prison guard thing won’t go far – somebody is gonna catch them. Also pretty sure Leyla is working for Meena/Andrea.”

Another chimed in saying: “Next week looks so good it’s finally Meena’s trial hopefully it’ll be the end of the line for her and she’ll finally go down for her crimes.

“Meena has got away it for long enough. I think Andrea is really Alive and will come back as a shock twist to take the stand #Emmerdale.”

While a third said: “Anyone have any theories about who Leyla was on the phone to in @emmerdale there’s something telling me Andrea is alive.

“The whole Charles& Manpreet thing at her grave, Manpreet saying Meena “won’t know what’s coming” then someone leaving Hazel’s in a hurry?”

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  • EastEnders hunk Matt Lapinskas shows off

    Hollyoaks have wasted no time in putting their hunky new signing to work – by getting ex EastEnders star Matt Lapinskas down to his pants.

    The Tony Moon hunk is filming scenes in Mallorca for Luke Morgan’s tragic stag do after joining the cast of the Channel 4 soap.

    And it’s set to be a saucy storyline with Matt stripping off for filming this week.

    Matt told the Daily Star Sunday: “I love the scripts. I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into it.

    “I’ll be causing some trouble – the storyline is very intense.”

    It comes after it was revealed EastEnders legend Glynis Barber is joining the Channel 4 soap as a new supervillain.

  • Fans of EastEnders in shock as Ben witnesses homophobic abuse

    EASTENDERS fans are all saying the same thing after Ben Mitchell witnessed some homophobic abuse last night.

    The convicted killer – who is played by actor Max Bowden in the BBC soap – saw a bigot shout vile abuse at new Albert bar manager Lewis and seemed to want to follow him.

    Fans think Ben had a lucky escape from following the men and getting into a fight.

    One wrote: “I’m not a fan of Ballum but I think they did good in showing the different sides in dealing with the attack.

    “Ben is scared of even holding hands, of being targeted again and Callum is simply saying ignore them.”

    A second said: “Proud of Callum! Although to be honest, his tolerance of Ben is mega high.”

  • EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell exposed

    EASTENDERS’ Ben Mitchell will be exposed as a vigilante after making a fatal mistake with one of his victims.

    The murderer – who killed Heather Trott over a decade ago – let his temper get the better of him again in recent scenes on the BBC soap.

    The Albert Square local – who is played by actor Max Bowden – let his violent streak back out in the wake of the attack.

    Ben is heckled by a group of men on a night out, and later tracks down one of the men, called Steve, the following day.

    Seeing red, Ben dragged Steve into the gym’s alley until he is unconscious before he was caught red-handed by a stunned Sharon.

    While Ben and Sharon thought his secret was safe, it looks to be uncovered this week as CCTV of the attack is found by Jack Branning.

    A guilt-ridden Ben will go and visit Steve in the hopes it would keep him quiet, and begs Sharon to help him keep the attack covered up.

  • Corrie spoilers: Nicky left devastated as her past is exposed

    CORONATION Street’s Nicky Wheatley will be left devastated when her prostitute past was exposed to her pupils.

    The former sex worker – and the ex of Daniel Osbourne – managed to get herself a new job as a teacher at Weatherfrield.

    However, aware that Daniel is hanging around his ex at the school, jealous girlfriend Daisy suggests they all meet up for drinks to get to know one another – and try to put the past behind them.

    But Daisy – played by Charlotte Jordan – has other ideas, and secretly plans to set Nicky up with her ex Ashley to keep her out of the way.

    When she turns up to the bar to meet Daniel and Daisy, she is left horrified when she sees Ashley across the room.

    Read more about the spoiler here.

    Nicky flees the bar after she'd recognised by AshleyCredit: ITV
    Nicky flees the bar after she’d recognised by AshleyCredit: ITV
  • Looking ahead to next week on Albert Square, everything comes crashing down on Harvey

    After weeks of viewers knowing Jean’s experiencing a manic episode, Stacey’s attempts to tell Harvey fail.

    Harvey drops a bombshell on his daughter, Dana, next week in EastEnders.

    Meanwhile, Jean’s going all out for their engagement party but things get real for Harvey when Neil approaches him with a burner phone.

    And Jean’s granddaughter, Lily, is alarmed by Jean’s behaviour, caused by her bipolar, and asks Stacey if she’s okay.

  • This week is all about Meena this week on Corrie

    After the spectacle Meena gave last night, the show continues today.

    Liam was unable to keep his cool and give his testimony as Meena played the victim.

    His daughter was murdered at the hands of Meena, but being a master-manipulator means she’s foiling the court with ease.

  • Eric might be new to the village but he’s not new to acting

    Angus Castle-Doughty is a newcomer to Hollyoaks but is by no means a newcomer to our screens.

    He joined the cast of Hollyoaks in March this year.

    Prior to this though, Castle-Doughty was a member of the Shadow and Bone cast.

    As he joins Hollyoaks, he brings with him a dark secret soon to be exposed.

    In the meantime, based on his social media he seems to have become comfortable with his new cast.

  • Cobbles legend teases imminent return

    During an appearance on Lorraine, Rula Lenska teased she may be returning to the soap.

    Dame Maureen Lipman and Rula Lenska were interviewed on Lorraine and hinted the return of Lenska’s character, Claudia Colby.

    She’ll likely be on our screens again as soon as in a few weeks!

  • Kelly Condron pays tribute to the Hollyoaks cast and crew

    The actress behind Zara Morgan took to Instagram after some of the crew went to Mallorca.

    Condron acknowledged the people behind the scenes and paid tribute to them.

    She said: “We as the cast get to be the faces of the show, but our crew are the real heroes.”

  • Imran continues to fight for custody making life difficult for Abi on Corrie

    He flat hunts to be closer to Alfie and tells Toyah he wants them to raise Alfie together.

    Elsewhere, while Faye is excited to start a family, Craig confides in Beth he’s not ready.

    Meanwhile, Mrs Cranshaw makes a pass at Daniel, but how will he respond?

    And later, Summer is non-stop causing Billy to voice his concerns.

  • What’s on this week?

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    Hollyoaks – Channel 4 – 6:30pm
    Emmerdale – ITV – 7:30pm
    EastEnders – BBC One – 7:30pm
    Coronation Street – ITV – 8pm

    Hollyoaks – Channel 4 – 6:30pm
    Emmerdale – ITV – 7:30pm
    EastEnders – BBC One – 7:30pm

    Hollyoaks – Channel 4 – 6:30pm
    Emmerdale – ITV – 7:30pm
    Coronation Street – ITV – 8pm

  • SPOILER – Sam Mitchell is coming back!

    She hasn’t been on the show since 2005.

    Having been away for so long, the actress behind Sam Mitchell, Kim Medcalf, was interviewed by Digital Spy about what it was like to be back on set.

    She said: “My first day back was honestly such a dream.”

    When asked about what’s in store for Sam this time around, she didn’t hold back.

    Medcalf explained: “There’s obviously going to be a lot of trouble.

    “She’s going to cause lots of drama in typical Sam Mitchell style.

    “Trouble follows her in her wake.”

  • There’s a new person on the scene going by Suzy Merton.

    She was introduced as a love interest for Vanessa, but it seems she’ll be part of Leyla’s storyline too.

    With Meena’s trial developing, there’s reason to wonder whether Suzy’s new arrival will have an impact on the trial.

  • SPOILER – Jai finds the new demands from Kim too much to handle

    Despite being under pressure at the centre, Kim’s continued to taunt Jai over selling his shares.

    Kim warns Jai needs to step up if he wants to stay manager.

    She suggests he betrays his friends to keep his job and Laurel finds out what Jai’s preparing to do.

    It’s not pretty.

  • SPOILER – looking ahead to next week, there’s a lot going on in the village

    Warren seeks revenge on the men that attacked Joel and recruits Felix to help him.

    This may be just the beginning of troubles for Joel as Ethan comes forward with information.

    Meanwhile, Mercedes lose her temperature in front of Bobby.

    Elsewhere Yazz is forced to think about her future, and Mason helps Ella buy a dress from Sweater Thunberg when she can’t afford it, how how?

  • EastEnders’star lined up for MBE

    Strictly Come Dancing winner & EastEnders star Rose Ayling-Ellis is being lined up to receive an MBE as part of the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

    The EastEnders actress, who plays Frankie Lewis in the BBC soap, won Strictly with pro partner Giovanni Pernice last year as the first deaf person to contest it.

    She is now in the frame for a gong for services to the deaf community, thanks to her ballroom triumph on the BBC’s Strictly. Her performances – including one with a silent section – sent enrolments for signlanguage courses soaring.

    Sources reveal Rose has now been singled out for an honour. One said: “Her success on Strictly shone a light on the deaf community in a way that surpassed everyone’s expectations.

    “Not only did she raise awareness about the challenges deaf people face, she was a true inspiration for them – particularly young people.

    “She really did break down boundaries.”

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  • EastEnders Spoiler: Sharon Watts throws drink in Sam Mitchell’s face

    EASTENDERS’ Sam Mitchell won’t get a good reaction when she returns to Walford with Sharon Watts throwing a drink in her face.

    The notorious only daughter of Peggy Mitchell will again be played by actress Kim Medcalf in the BBC soap.

    And she will make her comeback on April 19.

    The BBC have revealed a first look at her return showing Sam stood in the Square with her bags having arrived from the airport.

    She ends up in the Albert and doused in a drink as a furious Sharon rages at her.

    But fans are convinced they have spotted a clue about her return already.

    Could a surprise return bring better days for the Mitchells?

  • Emmerdale star Jessie Elland reveals glam makeover

    Emmerdale star Jessie Elland revealed a glamorous makeover at the Once Upon a Smile ball in Lancashire last night.

    The actress – who plays Chloe Harris in the ITV soap – looked incredible in a long red slinky dress for the charity event.

    Jessie and a number of other Emmerdale co-stars including Joe-Warren Plant, Katie Hill and Jack Downham gathered together to attend the event at The Point Lancashire County Cricket Club on Saturday.

  • Emmerdale spoilers: Manpreet is under pressure to get her point across in the Dales

    Meena relishes in Manpreet’s discomfort in court.

    The defence rips into Manpreet attempting to expose her as a seasoned liar which gives Meena nothing but pleasure.

    Meanwhile Marlon is relaxed by April’s visit, and Rhona is impressed by April’s attitude.

  • Corrie fans shock after Kelly turns down HUGE inheritance

    CORONATION Street fans are in shock after Kelly Neelan turned down £380,000.

    Her mum Laura died of terminal cancer after confessing to killing her ex Rick in an effort to make sure Kelly would inherit Rick’s estate. 

    And in last night’s episode Rick’s solicitor visited her to tell her about what she could expect to inherit from him.

    Fans couldn’t believe that Kelly would turn down the cash.

    One wrote: “Kelly wasn’t expecting that!! Why isn’t she taking the money?? That’s crazy!”

    A second said: “£380 thousand?! Holy cow!”

    Another added: “Kelly is breaking Me heart.”

  • Ashley Taylor Dawson posts an eyewatering video on Instagram

    For many of us, we’re happy to be working from home but would love to take a holiday.

    It may be work, but I don’t doubt that it might be nicer to be working by the sea with the sun on our backs.

    Ashley Taylor Dawson, who plays Darren on Hollyoaks, posted a video to Instagram with the caption “The office today….”

  • What’s on this week?

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    Hollyoaks – Channel 4 – 6:30pm
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    EastEnders – BBC One – 7:30pm

    Hollyoaks – Channel 4 – 6:30pm
    Emmerdale – ITV – 7:30pm
    EastEnders – BBC One – 7:30pm
    Coronation Street – ITV – 8pm

    Hollyoaks – Channel 4 – 6:30pm
    Emmerdale – ITV – 7:30pm
    EastEnders – BBC One – 7:30pm

    Hollyoaks – Channel 4 – 6:30pm
    Emmerdale – ITV – 7:30pm
    Coronation Street – ITV – 8pm

  • Priya Sharma set for clash with Belle Dingle

    This week, Belle gets wind that Priya is upset with her.

    This comes after she begins to dream of a life outside the eponymous village, undoubtedly inspired by her former boyfriend Ellis Chapman.

    Life in Yorkshire is all Belle has ever known since her birth in Wishing Well Cottage.

    As she begins her journey in meditation teacher training, Al apologises for attempting to steal her ideas and the pair begin a partnership.

    Belle establishes some ground rules and Al is impressed by her savviness – could they embark on an affair?

    Priya was once engaged to Al but broke things off after she found out he had been cheating on her with Debbie Dingle, proving that infidelity is part of the businessman’s bad habits.

    This also wouldn’t be the first time Priya and Belle are fighting over a man as both have had their own romantic pasts with Ellis, Al’s son.

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