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NICOLA King clashes with David Metcalfe next week, overwhelmed by her recent attack.

Speaking about filming the scene, Emmerdale actress Nicola Wheeler said she had a hip replacement before acting.

Nicola struggles to cope after being attacked by a group of teenage girls.


Nicola struggles to cope after being attacked by a group of teenage girls.Credit: ITV
This puts her in a conflict.


This puts her in a conflict.Credit: ITV
Actress Nicola Wheeler has spoken about filming the scene after a hip replacement.


Actress Nicola Wheeler has spoken about filming the scene after a hip replacement.Credit: ITV

After being robbed and beaten by a group of teenage girls in a recent scene from Yorkshire-based Soap, Nicola King grapples with the trauma of her attack.

This not only makes her unable to stand outside and leaves her alone, but also causes a car accident with store owner David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden).

When Nicola realizes that no one is coming to pick her up from school, she gets upset and takes the wheel.

Overwhelmed by the thought of her attack and as spoilers confirmed, Nicola steps on the accelerator and crashes into David.

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David is angry with her and demands insurance details, but Nicola is terrified and runs home before locking the door.

In an interview with The Sun, actress Nicola Wheeler spoke about the scene and revealed that she did all the stunts herself.

This was despite the fact that she underwent hip replacement surgery.

“I don’t know if I should say this because Emmadale could be in trouble,” she told us first.

“I literally came out of the locker room and they handed me some car keys and said, ?'”

Nicola added: “For reference, I only replaced my hip! I am completely healed. Don’t worry. They didn’t bring me in early.”

She also confessed that she was afraid to film the scene because of a previous injury.

“I thought, what if I didn’t hit the brakes,” she said. “It was actually pretty scary,” she said.

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“I was probably a few miles away. [from Matthew Wolfenden]But ‘what if my foot slips, what if I actually hit the back of his car?’

“And I was in a car I had never driven before and it had a very sensitive accelerator, so when I stepped on it it rushed!”

Luckily for both actors, the scene went smoothly and neither was injured.

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But how will Nicola react after her attack?

Emmerdale airs weekday nights on ITV.

Nicola clashes with David Metcalfe.


Nicola clashes with David Metcalfe.Credit: ITV
Nicola struggles to be left alone next week.


Nicola struggles to be left alone next week.Credit: ITV

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