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Contrary to the title of a good product, it does not have Wi-Fi and can be seen well in bright environments. suggestion!

Excellent quality/price ratio. It’s a really great projector. The only thing is that there is no audio output to connect to the amplifier. The sound to the amplifier must be connected from the video source.

Perfect in every way and excellent brightness even in non-dark environments. Really interesting quality price. very fast shipping. The projector is very bright. When I access the image I can see the pixels despite the hdmi. Unfortunately there is no audio output, but the speakers are quite powerful. If you want to watch movies on an external speaker, then you might want to consider buying an HDMI audio extrapolator.

I’ve always liked the Epson brand and the eb-e01 projector is a good example of that. Great looks and great performance, always a fantastic combination. In addition to the projector itself, there are two power cables. It is thought to be a British cable and a European cable. (Don’t throw away the European power cable thinking you’ll never need it, as you can use it as a replacement cable if you lose it. Then just buy the plug adapter you need. Rather than finding a UK-only power cable, It’s a much cheaper solution. ) You can also get a remote with the 2 AA batteries you need. Completing the package is a CD with a quick start guide and full documentation. What you can’t get is a vga or hdmi cable to connect it to the device, but luckily I always have a spare. Setting up the projector is quick and easy. Basically, if you’ve set up your projector before, you don’t even need to refer to the Quick Start Guide.

Bought it for our Probus Club. Just plug and play on a variety of devices.

Great for screenings at church Great for lighting up I bought 2 for religious needs

Superb brightness for home cinema, great satisfaction for professional presentations. It matches the lighting I was looking for.

Good product, great workmanship, not very bright, good image quality. Not suitable for my use. I like this projector. suggestion.

  • Very quiet and bright colors
  • excellent for money
  • Excellent projector.

Epson Eb-E01 3lcd, 3300 Lumens, Easy Alignment, Up To 18 Years Lamp Life, White & Amazon Basics High Speed, Ultra Hd Hdmi 2.0 Cable, with 3d Format Support and Audio Return Channel, 0.9M

Experience bright, high-quality images in your home or office with our easy-to-use XGA models with 3LCD technology.

The quality of this projector with a slightly cheaper cinesate is unparalleled. The images are really sharp, the colors are very natural, and the trapeze setting works very well. Since there are so many parameters to work with, I think the quality can be improved a lot more than the default settings. So I am very happy with the five stars.

This is a nice projector. I use it for work/Powerpoint presentations. Lightweight and very compact. Excellent picture quality and bright enough for use in well-lit offices or classrooms. If you’re looking for a cinema experience, pairing the x51 with decent speakers is a good idea. Then you will have everything you need.

Some may be concerned about the lack of audio ports, especially since the built-in speakers aren’t great, but I have an HDMI splitter, which means that my soundbar and firestick will work using the solo HDMI port. It is very clean even with the curtains open in the summer.

It is installed on the ceiling of our practice room and shows a quiet and good image. Easy to install and easy to mount. It’s only been a few months, so time will tell.

A great projector for educational purposes such as live conferences, video classes, and more. Excellent brightness for perfect daytime use in bright environments. good value for money. It is not suitable for home movie projection, which requires the highest performance that only a high-end projector or screen can guarantee. It’s not a short range, so to get a large image (100″) you’ll need to place the projector at least 3 meters away from the screen. There are nice and simple controls for trapezoidal adjustment, but I recommend placing them properly. Instructions on how to place them on the Epson site can be found.

The team is pretty mediocre. It makes a lot of noise about the average of the projector and the image quality is very normal. The price-quality ratio is not very good.

It took me weeks to choose an overhead projector for my living room. The brightness is really great. The quality is excellent, even in a well-lit room. Everything is adjustable and adjustable. I highly recommend this overhead projector.

We bought for soccer club for banquet hall. The picture is great even when the light comes in through the window. Previously we had to close the curtains and close the doors and it was hard to see back then, but this is great. Bought this for £500 compared to buying this for £100. Ask yourself. Do you want to spend only £100 on a 300″ TV?

  • Very quiet and bright colors
  • excellent for money
  • Excellent projector.

Epson Eb-E01 3lcd, 3300 Lumens, Easy Alignment, Up To 18 Years Lamp Life, White & Amazon Basics High Speed, Ultra Hd Hdmi 2.0 Cable, with 3d Format Support and Audio Return Channel, 0.9M

I use this to present training sessions to clients. I haven’t tried the bluetooth connection yet, but I’ve set it up for an easy-to-use and simple connection. Good picture quality and decent sound from the built-in speaker. Lightweight and useful carrying case included. All expected adjustments to keystone, color, etc. I have used it twice so far and have no complaints.

A video projector turns out to be a good business buy. It offers excellent contrast and zoom, even when the light is on. The lamp life is also very good, about 6,000 hours. The only drawback is that the projector does not have self-adjustment of focus, which is done in this model via a lever near the lens. However, the Epson EB-E01 projector is satisfactory in both quality and price, despite being an “entry level” version. We reserve the right to update reviews after using the product.

Good morning, the projector is installed in the church and works very well. Mainly used in daylight, but always has excellent visibility. Connected via PC with HDMI cable with FHD resolution. It has excellent ability to install on the side with an image that is always close to the screen. Recommend to purchase.

Very nice picture, but I’d like to take a closer look since I can’t connect to external speakers.

Use the best projectors on the market today.

I’ve been using it for less than a month and it seems to be a good product. So far I would recommend it

Unable to load media. This projector is the best I have ever used. I’ve tried a couple of different things before and jumped on the chance to try it when it became available. I’m really amazed at how much better it is than the previous two. The picture quality is excellent. It’s sharp, natural, and requires minimal configuration to get up and running. The other two I’ve tried are fairly unknown brands, but with Epson quality and aftercare are guaranteed. It is also less likely to cause problems with repairs or required parts. Installation was simple, but the instructions were in German. I had to search online to figure out exactly how to focus.

I am relieved to finally have a worry-free projector. I needed a projector with wifi, so I bought an eug projector for the same price. All I had was problems with the projector. Because Wi-Fi was the same as mobile internet, it couldn’t stream internet content. So I could see the downloaded bits from channels like bbciplayer. Ugg was also very noisy. I finally snapped when the eug got a black bubble in the center of the screen. In short, I got a reply that the LCD screen and fan need to be replaced. I had to take out all the last parts of the projector to fit the parts, but the projector didn’t work. I decided to go back to the Epson because my previous two projectors worked great.

Epson Eb-E01 3lcd: Perfect Picture

Features and Specifications

  • Enter your model number to make sure this is correct.
  • Create big-screen experiences: From box sets to business presentations, grab everyone’s attention.
  • Bright in ambient lighting: the same high white and color light output of 3,300 lumens
  • Affordable, high-tech equipment: Enjoy this XGA projector.
  • A long-lasting solution: 18 years of entertainment
  • 24K gold-plated contacts provide better corrosion resistance and improved signal transmission.
  • Multi-stranded, high-purity copper conductors improve signal integrity and minimize resistance.
  • 100% coverage of high-density polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride jackets to block external signals.
  • Metal braid and two-layer aluminum-mylar shield protect against external signal interference, ensure reliable transmission and reduce signal loss.

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