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Owning a vacation home not only gives you freedom and flexibility, but it can also be a great opportunity to enter the tourism industry.

Did you know that if your lodge or caravan is in a desirable and scenic location, you can potentially benefit from a subletting? It can also help cover the operating costs of a vacation home.

curious? Then learn more about subletting your vacation home.

What is Resale?

Renting a lodge or caravan is essentially renting real estate to someone else for a short period of time. This can range from a few days up to two or three weeks, and is usually when you don’t plan on using it.

Some holiday parks, such as the lodges with Away Resorts, for example, offer managed rentals as part of their ownership. This usually makes the process easier and the service can offer to manage all bookings for you, allowing the owner to earn an income and contribute to operating costs.

Earn from your villa

The amount you earn through subletting is not fixed and varies by location and type of villa. But, of course, you want the best possible income. If you want to use managed rental services here, your chosen vacation operator can help.

If you are considering buying a lodge or caravan with a fleet in mind, location is a key factor to consider. People can and will pay and more for the best vacation park locations, whether they’re waking up in the tranquility of a lush green forest or the sunshine and breeze of the coast.

Choosing the right place can have a huge impact on how much money you can earn from your squadron. This is an easy task as you can find many lodges and caravans across the UK located in amazing destinations.

When to rent a vacation home

You may choose to own a cottage for your own adventures or for subletting purposes. Either way, the timing of your reservation is important.

Most people plan to travel during school holidays, public holidays weekends, or the summer of July and August. If you’re using the property yourself, it’s a good idea to keep your vacation home free during these peak booking hours.

How to prepare a cottage for a squadron

When subletting a vacation home, you should start with the guest in mind. Your facility should look and feel comfortable and provide your visitors with the best possible vacation experience.

Consider neutral decor that keeps things clean and tidy and creates an inviting, comfortable and positive vibe.

Subletter Rules and Regulations

Having guests stay in a lodge or caravan can be fun and exciting, and the bonus income from owning a vacation home is welcome. However, there are some considerations, especially when it comes to health and safety regulations.

Your property must have an up-to-date and relevant certificate in order to be subletable. Appliances must be well maintained, furniture must be flame retardant and sturdy, and a fire risk assessment must be performed. Please make sure the property is equipped with smoke alarms and fire blankets are installed in the kitchen.

Depending on the resort, park operators can help with certification details.

Jumping into the sub-business can be an amazing experience, and with this guide you will know everything you need to know about renting a vacation home.

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