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EVRI has fired one of its couriers, suspected of igniting a Glasgow customer’s parcel and leaving it in the middle of the street outside of their home.

Liz Rudden complained to the company formerly known as Hermes after being shocked by the events last week.

The package has been identified as damaged.


The package has been identified as damaged.Credit: Deadline
Liz complained about the courier.


Liz complained about the courier.Credit: Deadline

She claims that her husband Andy left the house after finding a courier struggling to find a parcel in the back of the van.

Liz said the driver became aggressive when Andy said the items that were replacement parts for Indesit washing machines were small.

Andy returned inside and a few minutes later was notified that the item had been delivered.

Images included in the notice showed a parcel that had fallen to the ground.

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But when Andy immediately went out to retrieve the item, he found a fire in the middle of the street.

Andy said he suspects the angry courier deliberately set fire to the parcel after being annoyed by a previous interaction because no one was around.

Liz complained to Evri, who started the investigation, and on Monday revealed that the driver had been “removed” from his role and would no longer work for them.

They also offered Liz £50 as a sign of goodwill.

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“The courier sat outside for five minutes to find the parcel,” Liz said.

“The driver was very aggressive when my husband went out and said it was the little parcel he was looking for.

“The parcel went away a few minutes after my husband came home.

“I checked the tracking and found that it was shipped with photos.

“It wasn’t on our drive or garden.

“My husband went out and went about seven meters down the road, and there was a package that was on fire.

I posted the ASOS return parcel and realized I had made a huge mistake and sent another one too.

“So there was no one on the street, so the driver set the fire and my husband was outside as soon as he saw the picture on the tracking page.

“This is not what I expect from the person responsible for delivering to people’s homes.

“And to be honest, I’m a little nervous about this article coming home because I often do deliveries from Hermès (Evri).

“The supplier is shocked by this and they don’t want this to happen again, so we’re sending a replacement through Royal Mail.”

After filing a complaint with Evri, Liz received an email on Monday apologizing to the driver.

They said, “Good morning, Liz.

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“Thank you for taking the time to investigate what happened to the driver. We can confirm that the driver has been taken out of business and is no longer delivering Evri.

“I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and would like to offer you a gesture of goodwill of £50 as an apology.”

Hermes became EVRi earlier this month as part of a complete rebranding to improve customer service.

The new brand will make a significant investment in customer service, including a new customer service team based entirely in the UK.

A spokesperson for Everyi said, “We can confirm that the courier is no longer shipping on behalf of Every.

“We apologize to the customer and paid the price in good faith.”

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